Network equipment manufacturer Nokia Siemens and mobile phone manufacturer Qualcomm will showcase the cooperatively developed HSPA + MulTIflow technology at the Global Communications Action Conference next week. This technology enables mobile base station edge users to access neighboring base stations within one second, thereby obtaining twice the data flow of a single base station and doubling the speed of 3G.

The demonstration will include Nokia Siemens ’base station and Qualcomm ’s USB dongles prototype. Nokia Siemens said that in addition to doubling the speed, the response time will also be increased by 50%, but did not announce the corresponding parameters.

Multi-stream systems require upgrades to network equipment, modems, and smartphones, but some require only software upgrades.

Nokia Siemens and Qualcomm hope to establish a 3Gpp standard by the middle of the year, and commercial launch will wait until the second half of 2013.

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