The working mode of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and extended range electric vehicles is very similar, both can be input by the power battery to drive in pure electric mode, and when the power battery capacity is close to the set lower limit, they are transferred to another A power source continues to provide the energy required by the vehicle.

But there is an essential difference in the working mechanism of the two.

The extended-range electric vehicle is an electric vehicle developed on the basis of a pure electric vehicle. The reason why it is called an extended range electric vehicle is because the vehicle has added a range extender, and the purpose of adding a range extender to the vehicle is to further improve the cruising range of the pure electric vehicle so that it can avoid frequent parking and charging as much as possible.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles are evolved from hybrid vehicles. It inherits most of the characteristics of hybrid vehicles, but replaces the power batteries of hybrid vehicles with larger specific capacity (energy contained per unit mass). Energy battery, so that the power battery has enough energy to ensure that the vehicle can travel a certain distance in a pure electric mode with zero emissions and no fuel consumption.

From the perspective of driving, no matter whether the extended range electric vehicle works in pure electric mode or extended range mode, its wheels are always driven independently by the motor. If the plug-in hybrid car works in hybrid mode, the engine will Together (after dynamic coupling) participate in driving the ranks of the wheels.

From the perspective of system selection, the extended-range electric vehicle must be a serial hybrid type, and the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle can be a parallel hybrid type or a hybrid hybrid type.

From a performance perspective, only extended-range electric vehicles can realize the full potential of pure electric vehicles. How to understand this sentence? It can be understood that the power battery and drive system of the extended range electric vehicle must be perfectly matched at the beginning of the design to achieve the established performance indicators (such as maximum speed, maximum grade, etc.), range extender (combination of engine and generator ) Does not affect the design performance of the vehicle. The plug-in hybrid car because the engine is also involved in driving, the matching requirements of the battery and the drive system will not be very high, for example, the plug-in version of the Prius hybrid is only equipped with a 5.2kWh lithium-ion battery.

From the perspective of electrification degree, the electrification degree of extended range electric vehicles is undoubtedly higher. The specific performance is that the percentage of electric power in total output power is 100%, while plug-in hybrid vehicles are less than 100%.

The extended range electric car is more pure than the "bloodline" of the plug-in hybrid electric car, because it was a pure electric car before the range extender was added. The deployment of the range extender will basically not affect the power system structure of the original vehicle. The predecessor of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is a hybrid electric vehicle, so it retains more traditional mechanical parts. The structure is more complicated than the extended-range electric vehicle, and the cost is slightly higher. In other words, to determine whether a car is a plug-in hybrid car or an extended-range electric car, the essence is to see whether the engine of this car will have a direct mechanical connection with the wheels.

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