The formula for calculating the coordinates of the pile side piles in a circular curve:
X = XZY + 2 & TImes; R & TImes; SIN (L ÷ 2R) & TImes; COS {αα ± (L ÷ 2R)} + S & TImes; COS {α ± (L ÷ R) + M};
Y = YZY + 2 × R × SIN (L ÷ 2R) × SIN {α ± (L ÷ 2R)} + S × SIN {αα ((L ÷ R) + M}.
Note: XZY—Straight round point X coordinate YZY—Straight round point Y coordinate R—Circle curve radius L --- the length of the requested point curve; F --- the required point mileage; H --- the starting point of the round curve (ZY point Pile mileage) L = FH;
α --- Line azimuth;
M --- The angle between the side pile and the route (the direction of advance along the line is 0 degrees clockwise and gradually larger; the left side of the orthogonal is 270 degrees and the right side is 90 degrees);
S --- the distance from the side pile to the middle pile;
"±" --- the curve is deviated to the left and "-" to the right to "+";
When S = 0, it is the center stake coordinate. The use of the first line of highway construction is very good. Remember to add Excel's Radians () function to the formula to convert degrees to radians, which can be used easily and conveniently (Radians () function is only used for values ​​with degrees, minutes and seconds. In the above formula, only α, M use Radians () The function, for values ​​such as (L ÷ 2R), (L ÷ R), etc., does not use the Radians () function, and must be outside the brackets) X = XZY + 2 × R × SIN (L ÷ 2R) × COS {Radians (α) ± (L ÷ 2R)} + S × COS {Radians (α) ± (L ÷ R) + Radians (M)};
Y = YZY + 2 × R × SIN (L ÷ 2R) × SIN {Radians (α) ± (L ÷ 2R)} + S × SIN {Radians (α) ± (L ÷ R) + Radians (M)} Calculate the entire circular curve accurately and quickly from the ZY point coordinates. Pay attention to distinguish between left and right.

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