On February 26th, according to foreign media reports, the 2012 Global Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) will kick off in Barcelona on February 27th. At that time, large companies such as LG, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, ZTE, and Huawei will showcase new products. TechCrunch, a technology blog, introduced the main highlights of new products from several major mobile phone manufacturers on its website, including:


LG will release seven smartphones with the new Android system, including:

OpTImus 4X HD: Android 4.0 system, 4.7-inch display, 1280 * 720 resolution, 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. This product is expected to become LG's flagship phone.

OpTImus 3D MAX and OpTImus 3D Cube: OpTImus 3D / Thrill products of the same series, 4.3-inch 3D screen, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, support NFC (Near Field Wireless Communication) technology, body thickness 9.5 mm. The difference between the two is that Optimus 3D MAX only has 8GB of memory and is equipped with a NOVA IPS screen; while Optimus 3D Cube has 16GB, and the screen technology has not been mentioned yet.

L-Style series: equipped with Android mobile phones, it needs to launch three models for high school and low end, and some "art elements" will be added.

In addition, a LG mobile phone with Mozzila mobile operating system is also worth looking forward to.


Nokia's first Windows Phone phone has helped Nokia become the number one Windows Phone supplier. The company is also expected to launch one or two new devices at this MWC.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the beginning of this year, the Lumia 900 mobile phone has attracted much attention. It is expected that Nokia will launch a European version of the Lumia mobile phone during MWC (does not support LTE). At the same time, it is rumored that Lumia 610 is equipped with the Windows Phone Tango operating system, which is cheaper for users in emerging markets.

This week Nokia also launched a teaser video, suggesting that a camera phone will be released on February 27.


Samsung has announced that its flagship phone Galaxy S III will not appear at MWC2012, this news is quite surprising. However, Samsung will still launch multiple new models at MWC2012. .

The recently launched 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 and quad-core Exynos series mobile processing chips are likely to be exhibited. In addition, there are two smartphones, Galaxy Ace 2 and the Galaxy Mini 2. I believe these products are enough to fill the unreleased gaps in the Galaxy S III.


We already know about the tablet PC that HTC will release this time. HTC will release three new smartphones at the 2012 MWC conference: HTC One X (Primo), HTC One S (Ville) and HTC One V (Endeavor).

The thin and light HTC One X should be the flagship of the series. The HTC One S seems to be slimmer than the former and is positioned as a mid-range model. HTC One V is a music phone, which makes the product line more diversified.

In addition, HTC may also launch a tablet computer model HTC One XL at the conference. But HTC has stated that it will fade out of the tablet market for some time.


Windows 8, Windows 8, or Windows 8!

Microsoft plans to release and demonstrate the Windows 8 client browsing version on the 29th. At the same time, Microsoft may also introduce its upcoming Window Phone new products WP Tango and Apollo. Among the two products of Microsoft, Tango hardware configuration is general, mainly for the low-end smartphone market, while Apollo supports LTE and multi-screen.


At that time, Asus will launch the tablet PC Transformer Prime TF700T, as well as the Padfone disclosed by Asus CEO Jonney Shih.

Other manufacturers:

Motorola: Although Motorola and Intel have reached a strategic cooperation relationship, the two sides cooperate to launch mobile phones based on Intel processors, but Motorola said, do not have too much expectations for Motorola's performance at MWC this year.

Sony: For Sony, this is the first time it has participated in MWC after being separated from Ericsson. Sony is expected to exhibit a more compact smartphone Xperia U; it is still unclear whether Sony's own Windows phone will be exhibited.

ZTE: This conference will launch eight smartphones. At present, ZTE is vigorously expanding its high-end smart phone market. Both Android and Windows mobile phones go hand in hand. Industry insiders believe that ZTE's conference is likely to shine.

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