With the continuous improvement of radio and television transmitter technology, the working conditions of each component of the transmitter can be automatically monitored and controlled. Collect and store the operating data of the transmitter equipment and display the data in various forms to facilitate the check-in staff to monitor the working status of the equipment; manually and automatically generate data reports; abnormal and fault alarms and automatic records; log-in personnel management, record equipment Maintenance information; data is stored in a database to provide complete query and report functions; control the transmitter to switch on and off, and adjust the operating parameters of the equipment. Real-time monitoring of various parameters of various equipment such as transmitter room environment monitoring, remote control and telemetry. Diagnose and deal with faults, record and analyze relevant data, so as to achieve the purpose of fewer people or unattended, and centralized monitoring, centralized maintenance and centralized management of equipment.

In the past, the host was directly connected to the device through a converter, as shown in Figure (1).

Generally, the number of serial ports that the host comes with is very limited, and the number of devices that can be controlled is also very limited. However, in many applications, the host needs to have a large number of serial ports for connecting multiple serial port devices, so that the host can control these devices. In some cases, the number of serial ports may reach tens to hundreds. If you follow the previous approach, you need to configure a large number of hosts, and there are great defects in system maintenance, management, real-time monitoring of the computer room, and system wiring. This not only wastes resources but also cannot achieve centralized management.

1 Overview of the new system

With the development of the network, the application of the IP network based on the TCP / IP protocol has been widely popularized. The serial port device Hutone Model1608 is used to immediately connect the existing serial device to the Ethernet, and the TCP / IP-based network is used to achieve various points. The real-time monitoring of the equipment of the device achieves a safe, concise and effective transmission method and realizes centralized and convenient management. The system is mainly a solution based on the existing Ethernet. Since the transmitter monitors more data in real time, using multiple serial port servers to directly connect each transmitter device or a small number of devices to network together can shorten the time for the system to query the transmitter each time. The equipment room environment monitoring system equipment such as air conditioner, temperature and humidity sensor, soot probe, voltage stabilized power supply and other equipment are connected to the multi-serial server through RS485 hub to achieve networking, as shown in figure (2).

2 Hutone Model1608 Data Transmitter Software and Hardware Technology Overview

Hutone Model1608 data transmitter is a serial-to-Ethernet product of Beijing Rongcheng Intercom Communication Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly completes the Ethernet TCP / IP protocol and the fieldbus RS-232, RS-485, transmitter and computer room environment equipment at the network layer. The conversion of RS-422 and other protocols completes the interconnection between Ethernet and fieldbus networks, and realizes the data exchange between Ethernet and fieldbus networks. In this intelligent system, the existing network and Hutone Model1608 data transmitter are used to organically integrate various serial port subsystems in the broadcast TV transmitter room. Using Hutone Model1608's TCP / IP Server / Client Ethernet-based communication method of intelligent computer room control technology, it can integrate multiple functions such as transmitter monitoring system, environmental monitoring, access control system, etc., and centrally manage the control system through the radio and television broadband network system .

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