Washing machine upgrade, three out of face It is understood that from October 1 this year, the energy efficiency rating of the five major categories of home appliances has been upgraded. The current level 1 energy efficiency products of drum washing machines have only just reached the threshold after the implementation of the new standard, and the existing 2 to 5 products will all be eliminated. Washing machine energy efficiency rating standards increase, at least 30% of the washing machine on the market is facing elimination of low-end brands face reshuffle "The new energy efficiency standard for washing machines is very strict, and it is a challenge to many manufacturers. Especially small and medium brands, technology can not reach, in this A reshuffle will face the exit.” Mr. Wu, a brand southern channel agent, told the Information Times reporter that if the new standard is strictly implemented, the small and medium-sized brands will be a disaster.

According to the introduction, after the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards, the existing Tier 1 products will be reduced to 5, that is, just to achieve market access indicators, and the existing Tier 2 to Tier 5 products will no longer meet the listing requirements.

The reporter learned that after the New Deal came out, the state allowed one year to sell its inventory. Haier Group's Guangzhou Industry and Trade brand washing machine sales responsible person said that this means that in the coming year, the washing machine market will have a wave of price promotions to clear inventory.

Whirlpool channel agents in Guangzhou pointed out in an interview with reporters that low-end products are mainly concentrated in the three or four-tier market, but at the same time these areas are generally agents, inventory has been pressure on the channel, the agent can handle the price reduction Hard to say.

The responsible person of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association stated that it is estimated that more than 60% of the drum washing products on the market will be out of the market, and more than 50% of the washing machines will not be able to sell, which means that there will be large quantities of washing machines. High small brands will face elimination in the new round of industry reshuffle.

Policy interpretation of the original level 1 energy efficiency washing machine into 5 levels in July this year, the National Standardization Management Committee announced that from October 1 this year, will enable flat-panel TVs, inverter air conditioners, washing machines, range hoods, water heaters and other five types of household electrical appliances New energy efficiency standards. Among them, range hoods and water heaters are the first to introduce energy efficiency standards, while the efficiency standards for flat panel TVs, variable frequency air conditioners, and washing machines are substantially increased on the previous basis.

According to home appliance industry experts, the biggest change in the new standard is the dramatic increase in energy efficiency.

Washing machine energy efficiency is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 a total of 5 levels, taking the drum washing machine as an example, the old standard in the 1st level of energy efficiency (power consumption 0.19kWh/cycle/kg, water consumption 12L/cycle/kg, The ratio of washing to 1.03) will be changed to 5 in the new standard, and the energy efficiency of Level 1 in the new standard will be increased to: 0.11kWh/cycle/kg for power consumption, 7L/cycle/kg for water consumption, and 1.03 for washing ratio. Level 2 to 5 energy efficiency products in the standard will all be eliminated.

Lu Jiebo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, told reporters that the EU's A+ level emphasizes power consumption. “In domestic washing machines, the A+ class power consumption will save about 58% compared to similar products. Level 1 in the new national standard setting Energy efficiency products have reached this point completely, and are even higher than their counterparts in some indicators such as life expectancy and noise."

The gradual upgrading of mid- to high-end markets is a bad thing for low-end and mid-range brands, and it increasingly highlights the necessity of occupying high-end markets.

Since the implementation of the new standard for more than 20 days, the reporter visited the local market and found that the mainstream brand product line has been adjusted rapidly. Take Guangzhou Gome as an example, Haier, Siemens (129.89, 2.25, 1.76%), Hisense, Samsung, Little Swan and other major brands have already After completion of the paving, the proportion of the display within the brand is approximately 40%, and the proportion of the new standard products within the overall washing machine category is approximately 15%.

“Into the late autumn, the attention of washing machines has increased significantly. Consumers are no longer only asking for washing machines to be clean. Large-capacity, heat-sterilizing and multi-functional washing machines are more popular among consumers.” The responsible person of Guangbai Electric told reporters that 6~ 7 kg large capacity drum washing machine, 4,000 yuan is the best-selling price segment.

Statistics from Gome's retail terminals show that the retail sales of more than 7 kg of washing machines and more than 8 kg of drum washing machines have increased from 40.62% in 2012 to 52% in 2013. Mei Dunjian, Marketing Manager of Gome Guangzhou Branch, believes that 7kg and 8kg washing machines will become the mainstream products for market demand in the later period.

Aowei Consulting's monitoring data also showed that in the three weeks after the National Day, the sales of drum washing machines was 1.151 million units, which was a year-on-year increase of 25.0%.

Yu Liangxing, president of AVC Consulting, pointed out that there are various indications that consumers have increased their recognition of high-end products, and the market's product mix is ​​constantly being adjusted, and new energy efficiency levels are also boosting industrial upgrading.

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