LED fluorescent tube promising

According to the LED Lighting Market and Forecast Report, the latest report of NPD DisplaySearch, LED tubes will have an international market share of 6% in 2013 and will rise to 22.3% in 2016. In 2013, FL lamps will output 230 million units, which is expected to increase to 791 million in 2016.

NPD DisplaySearch LED analyst Steven Sher said: "LED lighting provides innovative lighting devices, and effectively reduce energy consumption. Especially in areas where electricity is scarce, LED fluorescent lamps will most likely be popular, and LED lighting equipment will be widely used worldwide ."

The output of LED FL lamps continues to increase in Japan, the United States, and Europe. As a market newborn, LED FL is clearly not the consumer's first choice, but its market continues to grow for the following reasons:

LED FL lamps are considered environmentally friendly because they do not use mercury during their production.

The LED FL lamp can save 50%, the power factor is between 0.9-0.99, and the T8 FL is only 0.7.

The service life of LED FL lamps is longer than T8 FL and is expected to be 5 years or 30,000 hours.

LED FL lamps are ideally suited for retrofitting vintage lamps that are used in offices or basements today, as these areas often require 24 hours to turn on lights, and energy savings are critical.

Previous issues regarding the large radiation angle and color quality of LED FL lamps have been resolved. However, the challenges still exist, especially the high cost issue, which has become the most important issue in the promotion of LED FL lamps as an alternative to old-fashioned lamps, because old-fashioned lamps are, after all, less expensive. However, LED manufacturers are trying to narrow the price difference between the two. One way is to design a power module that is suitable for most LED lighting products.

In 2013, some power supply module manufacturers designed a new product for the MR-16, A-Lamp and LED FL lamps, which reduced the cost of these products by 10%.

Sher added: “Many different types of LED FL lamps have been introduced on the market, including different shapes, power ratings, lengths, colors, and lighting characteristics. However, due to the lack of standard specifications, it is difficult for consumers to choose the most suitable one. The products they need."

The NPD DisplaySearch LED Lighting Market and Forecast Report analyzes the LED lighting market by region, brand, technology and operating model. The report also provides industry-specific analysis of supply chain, order, and brand product development trends.

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