Wind power industry application prospects of low voltage inverter The wind power growth momentum in the next five years is still strong. It is speculated that the global wind power market will increase to 449 GW in 2015. Global installed capacity of wind power has increased by nearly 20% annually. In 2015, the global installed capacity of new wind power will reach 60.5 GW. The investment in wind power in 2011 has exceeded the 100 billion US dollar mark and has maintained high growth in recent years, indicating that the wind power investment market is still hot. These investments will all be converted into new installed capacity in the coming years. As for Asia, 2013 may surpass Europe.

The wind power industry is still in growth stage in China. The market is not yet mature, so the government is vigorously building it. Recently, the Chinese government promulgated the “Notice on Promoting Renewable Energy Development Issues” and proposed preferential policies for promoting renewable energy power generation projects, especially wind power: if banks arrange infrastructure loans, financial subsidies granted by bank loan projects, The wind power projects made in China have given preferential investment profit margins, and the value-added tax rate for wind power generation has been halved. The import tariffs for wind power components and complete machines have also been given certain concessions. In the new round of power system reform announced by the State Council, it is clearly stated that the environmental protection discount standards for power generation and emissions will be formulated to form a new mechanism for encouraging the development of clean power. This provides opportunities for fair competition for wind power and other renewable energy sources. This will greatly promote the development of wind power and other clean renewable energy power generation.

In addition, special mention is also made in the electricity price reform program. “Wind power, geothermal and other new energy and renewable energy companies will not participate in market competition temporarily. Electricity will be purchased by power grid companies in accordance with government pricing or bidding prices. When the electricity market matures, it will be stipulated by the government. The proportion of new energy and renewable energy in electricity sold by power supply companies will create a special competitive new energy and renewable energy market." These regulations will play an important role in supporting the growth of China’s wind power industry, which is still at an early stage of development. It is believed that with the improvement of the market and the improvement of technology, the frequency converter will have a large market in the wind power industry, but this also puts forward higher requirements for the frequency converter technology.

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