Bofu International Plaza

Hunan's tallest building - Changsha Bofu International Plaza

Bofu International Plaza is located in Xinghanmen, covering an area of ​​about 70 acres, adjacent to Furong Road, Xiangchun Road, Caiyu North Road, and Sanying Street. The project will take advantage of the complex of the core area of ​​Changsha CBD and Financial Street to form an ecological chain of high-end office buildings, international apartments, international retail and entertainment center resources interaction and advantage sharing. At the same time, it will bring together the powerful consumption energy of 400,000 people nearby, and it will be with Furong. The Plaza and Wuyi Square form the “Golden Triangle” of the core city of Changsha. According to the plan for the next 5-10 years of Changsha City, the project is located in the center of the four major business districts—Hexi Binjiang Central Business District, Furong CBD, Central Financial City, and New River Delta. It has the unique location advantages and market foundation of “Leader Business Circle”. .

With a total construction area of ​​nearly 300,000 m2, the project is based on the principle of “comparing international standards, creating the first business height in Hunan” and “promoting lifestyles and creating a new era of Changsha complex”. The net land area is 39,000 and the total construction area is 369,000. The building area above the ground is 258,600. The project consists of a 218M ultra-high 5A office building, a 150M super high-rise commercial apartment and high-end residential, street shops, podium business, underground supermarket, 718m high-rise office building of 97,000, 150m super high-rise apartment 40,000. The center has a commercial building of 37,000, a commercial street of 10,000, a large underground retail store of 18,000 underground, and a garage of 92,000. It integrates large-scale brand department stores, women and children's boutiques, catering and entertainment, and business and leisure.

Bo Fu International Plaza architectural lighting design, lighting design theme: "freehand Xiangshui"


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