Robot technology and enterprise information technology are two key technologies for domestic manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency and technological level. The former is aimed at technical problems, while the latter is aimed at management issues. It is an important way for manufacturing industry to carry out technological innovation and increase profits. With considerable economic benefits and application value.

1 Introduction

Intelligent robot technology in modern manufacturing integrates sensing, control, information processing, artificial intelligence and network communication. Its functions are increasingly powerful, its structure is more complex and perfect, and its number of sensors and actuators is constantly increasing. increase. As the underlying network of the industrial control field, the field bus is oriented to various devices on the production site, which can connect a single distributed field robot device into a networked control system capable of communicating and cooperating with each other, and on the other hand, through the enterprise The internal LAN enables plant-wide transmission and sharing of production data. At present, the network control system based on fieldbus technology is becoming the main solution for large and medium-sized enterprises in China to realize industrialization with informationization.

2.Lonworks Fieldbus Technology

2.1 Fieldbus

Fieldbus is a system based on networked control, applied to the production site, and realizes bidirectional serial multi-byte digital communication between microcomputer-based measurement and control equipment. It is an open-ended, digital, multi-point communication underlying control. The internet. It is oriented to production control equipment, and uses short-frame mode to transmit data. The network speed is usually up to several k~10Mbps, which has good real-time performance. Fieldbus technology provides an effective way to construct a network-integrated, fully distributed control system.

Compared with distributed control, fieldbus technology has the advantages of openness, networked information sharing, intelligence, high dispersion, functional autonomy and high reliability, which can greatly save hardware quantity and investment, and is easy to install, expand and maintain. . The current fieldbus technologies mainly include Foundation Bus Foundation Field-bus, PROFIBUS (DP, PA, FMS), CAN, Lonworks, Industrial Ethernet, etc. Each bus is in network protocol, transmission rate and distance, application and site. The number limit and other aspects have different characteristics.

2.2Lonworks technology

Lonworks (LocalOperatingNetworks) fieldbus technology is an advanced open networked control technology introduced by Echelon. It is simple in structure, easy to route, easy to expand and add new features. For different functional requirements of users, it is only necessary to select different control nodes, use their development platform, write corresponding programs, and connect to the control network to complete, physically do not have to make any modifications to the network structure. Lonworks is one of the most widely used fieldbus technologies in distributed monitoring systems such as production sites and intelligent buildings.

Lonworks supports a variety of transmission media and network topology. When using a transformer-coupled interface FTT-10 transceiver and a twisted-pair bus structure, it can reach 78kbps/2700m and can extend the transmission distance through a relay router. The Lonworks network has up to 64 nodes and can be extended by bridge routers. The data transmission of each intelligent node is connected in the form of network variables under the support of hardware and network such as a neuron chip, and each node can set up to 62 network variables. The data structure defined by Lonworks' standard network variables can solve interoperability problems with different manufacturers' products. Thousands of companies have launched Lonworks products.

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