Open Smart Age - Smart Bluetooth Music Ceiling Light

Smart Bluetooth music ceiling lamp is a perfect combination of Bluetooth + speaker + ceiling lamp. Compared with the traditional monochrome or two-color ceiling lamp, smart Bluetooth music ceiling lamp is more fun and more interesting. Let's take a look at the reasons why the smart Bluetooth music ceiling lamp is more interesting for us.

First, diversification and intelligence of light color temperature and brightness

The light source of the smart Bluetooth music ceiling lamp consists of two parts, a main light source and an ambient light source. The main light source can be adjusted white light, warm light, neutral light; atmosphere light source is RGB colorful atmosphere light, you can adjust various colors, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and these adjustments can be Mobile phone APP control, control in hand, very interesting. As shown in the picture, there are rainbow light effects, breathing light effects, flashing effects, candlelight effects, etc. There are so many light effects that there is always one for you, no matter if you are a romantic time for two couples or you are singing with a large group of friends. Even a single person enjoys a cup of coffee.

Second, music function

Smart Bluetooth music ceiling lights not only dimming but also play music. In addition to playing local music on the mobile phone, there are also connections to the Internet, online music playback, QQ music support, shrimp music, cool music, cool dog music, and Spotify, Last.FM. If you want to listen to any song on the Internet and you want to hear it, don't worry about the song you want to hear. No longer afraid of massive songs occupy mobile phone memory.

Third, regular light and sleep assistant

Do you hate the alarming sound of an alarm clock every morning, but can't find other, more ideal alternatives to get you up every day? Are you still wasting power bills for forgetting to turn off for the sake of listening to songs sometimes? Now that you have a smart Bluetooth app, you don’t have to worry about all these. With the timing light, let it give you the first warm sunshine every morning, sleep assistant, you can turn off the lights regularly, do not worry about listening to music to sleep and forget to turn off the lights, you can play the story to the children before going to bed, are Good choice. You have a story. I have a smart Bluetooth music ceiling light.

Summary: Smart Bluetooth music ceiling light, it is not a simple lighting fixture, it is a collection of entertainment, practical, convenient integration of multi-functional products, in order to achieve smart home, we have been working hard. I hope that the smart home system will become better and better, giving everyone a better, more convenient, more interesting and more homely home. If you want to know more about the story of "it," please contact us. We are the Xinxin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. the company.

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