Academician Yang believes that the analysis of the advantages of new energy vehicles is to analyze the energy costs of electricity and oil, and to include new energy vehicles, including pure electricity and hybrid, in this system.

Academician Yang Yusheng, who has been keeping a close eye on the electric vehicle industry, once again pointed out in a speech that there are problems with domestic electric vehicle subsidies and price accounting. As early as last July, Academician Yang Yusheng has clearly pointed out that the unit subsidy price has exceeded the production cost of the battery, which has led to chaos in the electric vehicle industry: enterprises are forced to launch, batteries are installed too much, and technology development is not taken seriously. And the deformed terminal market. Academician Yang believes that the analysis of the advantages of new energy vehicles is to analyze the energy costs of electricity and oil, and to include new energy vehicles, including pure electricity and hybrid, in this system.

The following is the full text of the speech by Academician Yang Yusheng, with a total length of about 8,000 words -

Comrades, I have been conducting nuclear tests in Xinjiang for 27 and a half years, so I am an expert in nuclear testing. Later, because I was almost sixty years old, I was asked to go back to Beijing. When I returned to Beijing, I chose an academician. I retire, so I will do some battery work. After ten years of battery life, I will be exposed to electric vehicles. Therefore, I think about how to develop electric vehicles from the perspective of batteries. So I started to understand how electric vehicles are going. .

In the past ten years of contact, it has become more and more difficult to understand that electric vehicles are very important and very difficult. They have paid close attention to the relevant routes and related policies of some electric vehicles in our country, and have also expressed some opinions. Some opinions have also received some opinions. With the support of comrades, there are also a few people who disagree with my point of view. I think this is very natural. However, practice is the only criterion for testing truth. From these years, I feel that some of my views still stand the test. As for the issue of subsidy policy, I was concerned about it about six or seven years ago, just before and after the Shanghai World Expo. Two years ago, the World Expo was held in Shanghai. A 12M pure power bus sold for 1.6 million. After less than a year, it went to Shanghai and sold 1.9 million. At the beginning of the year of the World Expo, it was 2.2 million in Shanghai. It sold 2.6 million in the three months before the opening of the World Expo.

From that time I felt that there were too many problems in the subsidies and prices of electric vehicles. Because a 12M bus requires about two tons of batteries, according to the price at that time, the entire battery may be around 800,000. Then why did you mention 2.6 million at a time, and an ordinary bus is about 500,000 yuan, with a state subsidy of 500,000 yuan, and a local subsidy of 500,000 yuan, and 1 million yuan. Why do you have to make up so high? From this point on, I started to pay attention to this issue. Therefore, I have been calling for 12M pure electric buses to sell 2.6 million. I have said this in a lot of meetings, which probably touched some people's interests. But I always think there is a problem with this subsidy. But I have to say something today. We have a lot of official comrades to discuss with us today.

However, I have participated in many occasions. I often encounter this situation. The meeting invites these officials to issue policies. Please ask them to speak first. After they have finished speaking, they will leave. Then you will not talk about what you will say later. He also I didn't want to hear it, he couldn't hear it, so I published some articles and made some comments, which didn't work. Later, I slowly figured it out. It’s not just this, because there are a lot of officials, especially in the four central ministries, who think they are experts. He is more expert than you. He thinks deeply about your problems. Comprehensive, why do you want to listen to you when you say such a layman? Therefore, throughout the years, I have always felt a lot about the policy issues. You can double up or point a little Yang Yusheng or Academician Yang Yusheng. There are many reports.

However, although the effect is not good, I think it is still necessary to talk, so this time Professor Gu invited me to attend the meeting, I said that I participated. Let's discuss how our country's electric cars should develop. Therefore, the "reform subsidy policy and the development of electric vehicles" that I am talking about today actually feel that our state subsidy policy must be changed. I want to talk about three questions below. The first is a 15-year review of electric vehicles. The second is how to change the subsidy policy for electric vehicles. The third is to use mature batteries to develop 13-five marketable electric vehicles. This is the three questions I want to talk about.

I. Review of the 15 years of electric vehicles

First, my country’s fifteen-year development of electric vehicles is a mixed assessment.

Half of the so-called hi is the key technology has made great progress, initially established the industrial base of key components and complete vehicles. By the end of 2015, China’s cumulative sales of new energy electric vehicles may reach more than 400,000. I am talking about 497,000 cars now. I have doubts about this number. I think Director Yan may agree with me. Because the number of cards on the cards and the number of sales are not enough, there are 70,000 cars in the first ten months of this year. In fact, there are many imaginary numbers in the back of the cheats, so I said that I can’t take this thing with me. . But at least our electric car is developing relatively fast, and we have tried a lot of running modes, but we should also see the problems, so I said mixed.

Some people disagree with my evaluation of the half-open, I think this is not the main problem. One problem is the tens of billions of central subsidy costs, plus a similar amount of local government subsidies, which are not effective in driving the formation of the electric vehicle market. Second, many pure electric buses are premature. It could have been exercised for 150 kilometers or 200 kilometers, and soon it became 80 kilometers or 50 kilometers. Some of them simply could not move, so how many of these 497,000 vehicles will survive in the future, and how many "armpits" are there. I think it is still worthwhile to count, and this phenomenon is spreading. I think this spread problem, last year’s sudden growth, sold out the unqualified batteries in the warehouse for many years. Going out, life is not only long, but also dangerous. Therefore, the problem of this "armpit" and premature aging will continue to spread, and the second battery is not installed. The third problem is that after many people have obtained preferential policies, they use the plug-in car as a fuel car and sell the battery, so this is also a kind of deception. The fourth is that Beijing and Shanghai have hundreds of congenitally inadequate fuel cell electric vehicles that are now in dormancy, and some have modified lithium-ion batteries, which actually reduces the price because the price of subsidies is different.

Second, the experience of electric vehicles in the past 15 years

I have a long article on this issue. I want to briefly talk about the outline here.

The first is that the development route is vacillating and not sure. This is the first lesson. The general summary is that the five-year, five-year plan has changed three points. During the fifteenth period, the fuel cell electric vehicle was the focus, as the first place. At that time, following President Bush, Bush believed that this was the ultimate light energy source. By the time of the 11th Five-Year Plan, hybrid electric vehicles became the key support vehicles, and some companies and some Japanese companies wanted to cause Japanese technology, and even bought Japan to assemble. At that time, Prius was more mature. Later, after discovering these signs, many of us opposed the hybrid car, because this was actually followed by the Japanese, and Japan had a patent. At that time, Toyota’s patent was more than one hundred. The death of the car seal, and then the level of electromechanical processing in our country is difficult to do a good job of this new core gear. So I feel that we should do our country's own electric car. So by the time of the 12th Five-Year, pure electric power is the focus. Because the focus of this three five-year plan is on that swing.

The second lesson is that battery levels are not used as a basis for developing an electric vehicle development route. I also saw this problem. I just talked about Prius, who now sells 8 million cars. He uses Ni-MH batteries with a specific energy of 50 watts per kilogram, but because he has core technology, new gears and important technology. It is electronic control, and the control is very good.

Therefore, through these two technologies, the fuel power and electric power have been excellently matched. Therefore, this car can save 35% to 40% of fuel, so there is not much battery. There is this nickel-metal hydride battery to use it, and the role of the battery is fully utilized, but we don’t have it in the country, so here I mainly talk about car comrades. However, at that time, the lithium-ion battery reached 890 watts per kilogram, nearly twice as high as the nickel-hydrogen battery. This battery is not used well, but it is pure electric. If you use this battery to engage in pure electric, you will definitely encounter it. A series of questions. Therefore, the battery level is not used as the basis for formulating the development route of electric vehicles. In fact, it is out of our most fundamental design.

The third is high subsidies without requirements. The subsidy to the enterprise is very high but there is no requirement. What do you want to do, so it does not play a role in the marketization of electric vehicles. Now that the subsidy policy is not clear, the car will not be traded immediately. The car factory will not accept the order now. This is not the most recent one. It has happened twice. This is the third time. It is not based on the market and looks at subsidies. Looking at the policy and deciding what to do, this thing is very bad.

The fourth problem is the departure from the reality of large urban-rural differences. Focusing on electric vehicles in big cities and repeatedly suppressing micro-small low-speed electric vehicles is a big lesson.

The fifth is to confuse the technical research phase or industrialization phase of electric vehicles. Research and industrialization are two phases that are related, but there are differences in the middle. There are two different stages. Our Ministry of Science and Technology speaks three verticals and three horizontals. The three verticals just mentioned that the three five-year plans changed three key points. I give an example of an image. It seems to be like Rubik's Cube. The three verticals are constantly changing there. In fact, it can be transferred. However, the Ministry of Science and Technology is very active in industrialization. In fact, the Ministry of Science and Technology is actively involved in industrialization. I took the three stages of the research phase into the industrialization, so it caused things to be messed up.

The sixth lesson is that you are not enthusiastic about new things and are slow to reflect. The management level can't keep up with the development of the objective situation. Our corresponding policy measures are not matched. The mini-cars develop so fast in several provinces, and there is no corresponding policy supporting regulations. Such mini-cars do not require a license, and do not require drivers to test. Traffic rules, in this case, some car accidents occurred, people were hit, and he hit the people, and finally all came down to the low-speed electric car is not safe, this is not reasonable, the higher the speed, the less Safety, how the lower the speed, the less secure.

But in fact, it is management that has not kept up, so look at what is the consequence of our implementation of the world's highest subsidies.

One of the consequences is that the car manufacturers will eventually receive the highest subsidies for pure electric buses, and the battery packs will be highly subsidized and ultimately have low safety. Just now the host spoke for the auto company and said that chasing profits is their nature. I think this is also true. The gentleman loves money and has a good way to do it. Only when it comes to making money, is it understandable that the old-fashioned policy is a gentleman? Or the entrepreneur is not a gentleman, and this can't be said, it will hit a big film. However, there is no requirement for enterprises in the policy, which is a big loophole in the high subsidy policy.

The second consequence is that automobile manufacturers only want to have no obligation of interest, and do not want to reduce costs to build a market. Instead, they deliberately raise the price of the car. They simply do not consider the transition of electric vehicles to non-subsidy, and have high subsidies. I used to In a report, it was mentioned that it was lying there to eat meat, and it was fat meat. Why did he have to exercise so much heart, so he had no obligation to do so, and his rights and obligations must complement each other.

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