The global LED audio-visual culture leader Liard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiu Shi International Event Management Co., Ltd., which has experience in the operation and management of first-class international sports events, announced that the two sides have reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. As a designated supplier and strategic partner of LED display for long-term events, Liard will provide leading technology and quality products for the top international events of the event, upgrade the layout of the stadium, optimize the visual effects, and provide more attractive to the audience. The joyful viewing experience.

The international events hosted by the event are the top brand events in Shanghai. With the world's top lineup, high-level competition and excellent service, they have won the love and recognition of domestic and foreign audiences. Over the years, the long-term event has been dedicated to optimizing the viewing experience, so that the audience on the scene can not only feel the atmosphere of the event, but also clearly understand the progress and movement of the event.

Joining hands with Liad's friendship will undoubtedly further help the long-term event to achieve this goal. Tomorrow, at the IAAF Diamond League Shanghai Station held at the 80,000 Stadium in Shanghai, Liard will innovate for the first time to bring the LED ring screen and LED floor screen to the international top track and field events. The nearly 400m2 Liard LED ring screen will be laid around the runway, covering a range of nearly 270°. At the same time, some projects will use the ground-screen LED visual effects equipment to use the technology to coordinate with the sports without compromising the athletes' competition, to achieve perfect visual effects, better present the sponsor's advertising information, and bring the viewers a pleasant and easy scene. Watch the experience and create a warm atmosphere.

For this cooperation, Mr. Jiang Wei, Vice President of Shanghai Jiushi (Group) Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd. said: "This cooperation is a reflection of our cross-border sports like Liard. The outstanding high-tech enterprises of the competition jointly create top-level boutique events, upgrade the layout of the stadium, and optimize the audience's audio-visual experience. We hope that our close cooperation will bring more exciting events to the competition and help the sports industry to flourish."

I believe that through the IAAF Diamond League Shanghai Station and the successful experience of providing the ring screen for the just-concluded 2016 Ocean Wave International Equestrian Championship, Liard and Jiu Shi will start more and more in-depth cooperation. According to the strategic agreement between the two parties, the 2016 Shanghai Rolex Masters and the 2017 F1 China Grand Prix will also use Liard's high-definition LED visual effects products to arrange the venue and upgrade the viewing experience.

Mr. Yu Zhi, Vice President of the Liard Group, said: "2016 is the year of Liard Sports. We hope to use this as an opportunity to develop the sports culture sector and plan the dual development of LED and sports culture industries. The combination of LED products and sporting events will bring an extraordinary experience to the audience, and will also bring about major commercial changes in the atmosphere of the event and the operation of the event. Combine high-tech industry with Chinese sports. I hope to promote the long-term development of China's sports industry."

In the future, Liard will participate in more and more domestic and international sports events. Utilizing the advantages of its own group, integrating sound (sound system), light (lighting system), and electricity (LED system) technology, it will bring a complete solution for the atmosphere of the top event, bringing the top experience of international events to the audience. The on-site impact brought by technology means and enjoy the live fun brought by the top events.


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