In the past two years, smart projections have begun to spread slowly. Family-style, portable, and pocket-types have always been an endless stream. Projection has always given us a feeling that they are very expensive equipment. Since projection began to slowly enter the price of the people, it has begun to receive a lot of consumers. attention. Speaking of Miji, I believe everyone's impression is “projection”. In November 2012, Miji launched a new generation of smart projection Miji Z1, which has attracted a lot of attention from consumers, the price is close to the people, high-definition playback, and subsequently introduced a variety of projectors. , Slowly began to lay the status of “very rice company” and became a well-known projector manufacturer in China. In 2015, three smart projections were launched in succession: Z4X, Z4 AIR, and Mango, which correspond to different use environments. Z4AIR is mainly used for portable office use, while Mango is a pocket projector that can be used with a belt. Both models have built-in batteries, which can not only avoid the trouble of the plug-in line, but also can directly change into the mobile power mode and charge the device. Speaking of the three projectors with the highest facial expression value and characteristics, it is a home-use intelligent projector that is “Zi-meter Z4X”, and I prefer the first one among these three individuals.

"Qi-Z4X", whether it is quality or sound quality, after the experience is indeed shocking, the appearance of a combination of white and black, such as a vinyl record player, in the lens with a high transmittance coating lens, with a WXGA 1280800 resolution Rate, compatible with 1080P, 2K and 4K, the largest projection 300-inch giant screen. In terms of configuration, it took a 4-core 1.5GHz CPU, 2GB DDR3 memory, and 16G space storage. Compared to the same configuration on the current market, the Extreme Z4X is still relatively affordable in terms of price. Speaking of the built-in sound, it is also one of the projections that I am more concerned about. However, the Z4X is a sound system that is tailor-made by Harman Kardon. When playing movies or listening to music, it exceeds its own expectations and can be purchased without audio. Under the circumstances, it is sufficient to meet the listening needs of our viewing. When we do not watch movies, we can also use it as a Bluetooth stereo, and we can also switch songs through gestures. This is a function that cannot be seen on a projector. After a brief understanding, I believe everyone like me, can not wait to want to see this bring us the quality and sound quality of the high-end new products - Polar meters Z4X.

Polar rice Z4X out of the box appearance details

The outer packaging is in a very concise manner. The white background is circled with colored lines. In the middle, there is only a simple “Z4X super meter super non-screen TV”. There is no additional description. It is the same as the packaging of the past. The feelings given to people have indeed changed a lot, and the whole is simple and comfortable.

The outer packaging adopts black as the background, and the combination of white and black also integrates the overall color of the product. The back side does not introduce some parameters in the "ZIP-Z4X", only the partners and the company's ranking are simply marked through the scan. The following two-dimensional code can also directly focus on the micro-channel public WeChat account, you can see more about the introduction of the Mi Mi projection, simple and comfortable packaging can see that the polar rice has been changing, has always brought about different changes.

Picking up the front cover of the outer package, “ZeXi Z4X” has been displayed in front of us, with a protective film in the middle, and a brief introduction to the boot and gesture operations, together with a thick black sponge, can ensure that during transportation, The product is not damaged.

“Zezi Z4X” said that my personal preference is to use a vinyl record design in appearance. This design can not only integrate home furnishings, but also become a beautiful decoration for home furnishings. . The small circular ribbon in the middle is a touch power switch, which can be turned on with just one tap, while the red bar underneath the vinyl record controls the 3D gesture. When we play music, we can wave it. Can switch songs, function is small, but practicality is very high, but also have to admit the extreme Mi team's intentions for details

The rear surface of the pole Z4X adopts a circular black disc design. In order to perfectly dissipate heat, a cooling hole is added in the disc, so that heat can be effectively dissipated during playback, and stable viewing can be maintained. The three circular movable screws, in addition to being non-slip mats, can also be directly unscrewed, mainly for hard drives or mounting brackets, the best match between black and white, to raise the overall value of the many, Also see that the polar rice has been changing and has been bringing new surprises

In addition to the attractive appearance of the projection, the lens is also very important one, the size of the projection, the degree of imaging depends on the lens, and the "Zi Mi Z4X" lens uses a high transmission coating lens, the largest projection 300-inch giant screen, The clarity and color saturation of the WXGA 1280800 resolution are very satisfying. The only place that I really liked was to increase the design of the slider. I had experience with a projector that did not have such a slider design. It was easy to get dust into the lens and the lens protection was also worrying. "Zi-meter Z4X" has a slider design, and is also a combination of power switch and dust, just plug in the power, slide the slide to watch, convenient and fast.

In addition to the projection projection, the sound is also a place where I pay more attention to. I like the projection without external sound, you can feel the auditory experience brought by the film, can achieve both the picture quality and sound quality are satisfied, I believe this is a lot Where consumers like it. As a high-end new product of the pole, the “Zilami Z4X” can't be ignored for the built-in audio system. The same speaker used in the Harman Kardon crystal is used. The Harman Kardon professional team adjusts the sound enough to shake our hearing. No need for external audio, you can satisfy your own audio feast

In terms of heat dissipation, the Z4 AIR before the extreme meters has experienced, and the heat dissipation is very good. For the Z4X, there must be good heat dissipation. In the interface provides a very rich interface, LAN, USB2.0 3.0, two HDMI high-definition interface, DC IN, AV, headphone and RESET restore factory button, this rich interface, can be inserted in accordance with their own needs When it comes to the USB interface, the meter is the most satisfying to me. I was very satisfied with the power supply. I had experienced a projection earlier because the power supply was insufficient when I plugged in the mobile hard disk. I had to buy a Y line plug for double power supply. And when Z4X is inserted into the mobile power supply, it can read the contents of the mobile hard disk, and during the playing process, no phenomenon of stagnation or disconnection of the hard disk occurs. This is a place worthy of praise.

The Z4X is equipped with a 15-button remote control. The basic remote control functions we use are all integrated on it. Like the adjustment of the focus, the remote control can be used to complete the operation. The remote control uses a 2032 button battery for power supply. The model button battery is also relatively easy to buy in the market. The simple and practical remote control is easy to get started. No matter if the elderly or children control the remote control, it will not be difficult.

In order to increase enough storage space, built-in solid state hard drive bay, just unscrew the three screws on the back of the Z4X, just turn down, you can open, in the hard drive support, is a 2.5-inch hard drive, and the hard drive bay is equipped with Independent hard disk interface, just direct the hard disk to the interface, you can plug into it. This is convenient for us to want to see a movie or a series of dramas. People outside or on the road can open a Thunderbolt directly and they can download it remotely. When they return home, they can watch it and increase their storage space. This is also one of the personal favorite designs.

In order to adapt to different playing environments, with the support chassis, but the floor stand must still be purchased separately, with the floor stand, you can adjust the position, height, according to the needs of the family, can now be adjusted, the current official website of the official website also has special meters In the projection floor stand sale, a friend in need can also go and see

Extreme Z4X supports active 3D, and 3D glasses also presented a pair. At present, active 3D glasses use the charging method, and this gift is also a charging method. The built-in polymer lithium battery can be filled once. Play 30 hours, and in the outbound effect, compared to the market's active 3D effect is much better, the use of advanced LCD shutter technology is indeed different.

Extremely well matched Z4X accessories, a simple and easy-to-understand manual, two-year Mango TV members, power adapters, and remote control screws for three brackets, with a neat use of accessories.

Extreme Z4X System UI Experience

The system UI of Z4X is developed based on Android 4.3. It is relatively low in Android's current version. Now it is basically more than 5, and people have to guess that 4.3 is not stable? In the actual experience process, no matter whether watching movies or listening to music, there are no cases of stuck or stuck, and the fluency is also very good. As a whole, the system UI is simple and easy to understand. A brief introduction to the system UI, for the sake of beauty, using a screenshot

After booting, the first to see is the welcome screen of the rice, followed by some simple graphic operation tutorial, generally we will encounter the problem of focusing when projecting, the display is very vague, just by the left and right focus of the remote control, you can adjust Satisfactory clarity. The system UI is kept very concise. The band is rarely used by third-party applications, and we basically need to see it. For example, movies, music, games, applications, and the like are basically attached. And through the Thunder remote, you can also directly download to our remote meter Z4X, of course, must insert a hard disk, only have enough space for download. Press the left direction key to the front, you can also call up menu options, such as mobile hard disk, built-in storage, HDMI and AV for quick selection, simple and convenient

In the area of ​​film and television, it offers quite a few things, including power supplies, serials, and anime. The hottest TV station is now Mango TV. Whether it is a variety show or a series, it is also a TV station that many people have been chasing. Of course, Mimi chose to cooperate with Mango TV and presented two years of Mango TV members. With members, you can directly watch all the video resources on Mango TV, and it is still free. This is what many people like. Newly released in the film synchronization is still relatively good, but 3D resources are less, I do not know if it involves copyright issues, of course, to provide more 3D resources is certainly the best. So many resources are enough to meet our daily viewing needs

This music chose to cooperate with Baidu Music and provide a large number of free music resources. When we do not want to watch movies, we can use the Z4X as a Bluetooth stereo to play music, manipulate it with 3D gestures, and wave it to do it. The songs are switched up and down, and you can listen to the next song directly without a remote controller

The resources for applications and games are a little bit less, of course, I hope that the follow-up can add more application games on the MiZi Z4X, so that you can download and use them directly without downloading third-party butlers. This is also a very good way.

System settings can be used to project some settings, including WIFI, photography settings, and user login. Bluetooth is supported. Devices such as gamepads can be connected via Bluetooth connection. Playing games on the big screen is also different. Feel

Extreme Z4X comes with 16G space, and adds an independent hard disk slot, you can directly into the hard disk, for download HD movies or remote download, are very good way since the free gift of up to 2 years of mango TV members In addition to viewing all the resources of the Mango TV, the VIP library still has to watch. It has to be said that Kami is very good at this point, and even two years of membership are presented. I think it is very good value.

Extreme Z4X projection experience

Extreme Z4X is equipped with an ultra-high-precision electric focus. If the white wall in the home is large enough without the purchase of projection cloth, it can be projected directly onto the wall. The picture above me is directly projected onto the wall, and is clearly visible. Degrees and color saturation can be seen in the expressiveness of the Z4X projection. If you do not have such a large white wall at home, you can purchase projection cloth. Currently, there is a projection cloth for purchase on the official website. However, if the projection ratio is better than that of a white wall, the degree of concentration is better. This depends on the environment of your home. The

The above photos were taken with a camera. For the sake of aesthetics, they were simply cut and did not add any adjustments. The Z4X has a resolution of 1,280,800, supports 1080P playback, and is compatible with 2K and 4K videos. From viewing power to animation, both sharpness and color, the Z4X performs at its best. In the home to achieve intelligent theater, I believe that the polar meters Z4X, enough to meet your viewing needs, quality and sound quality are very good

These are some of the wallpapers provided by the self-provisioned Jay Rabbit Pictorial, which are also shot with a camera, and are simply cropped. The color reproduction degree of the Z4X is apparent from the wallpaper. You can feel this highly transparent coating lens Color and sharpness, as a high-end new projector, in less than 3,000 cases, can achieve this quality and sound quality, I believe you will also be tempted

In order to be able to have a better interaction with the game, increase the Bluetooth function, you can directly connect the Bluetooth game watch, directly enjoy the kind of shocking sense of painting on the big screen game. Both wired and wireless Bluetooth gamepads can connect and play

The mobile phone client can also display on the same screen through the mobile phone. It must be in the same local area network. The video and pictures in the mobile phone can be directly projected on the screen with the same screen. When we take a beautiful picture, Funny videos can be shared directly with everyone on the big screen

Projecting in a well-lit environment is much better than expected. Before you experienced a projection, the projection was well-lit and the result was very poor. The polar meters Z4X projected during the day, still clear, but projection, it is still suitable for use in the case of light and dark, so that individuals feel more suitable

Extreme Z4X mobile client experience

In order to enable multi-faceted interactions, the mobile phone client is provided with a more convenient operation experience, and the client can download the QR code on the manual or through the official website. In the same local area network, you can connect and provide a virtual remote controller on the mobile phone client. You can go to where the operation is. Slide to the left, you can also see more features displayed, with the screen, applications, mobile phone resources, and in the application is displayed on the third-party applications installed on the meters, you can open or uninstall, if you can increase the distance in accordance with third-party applications , I believe it will be a more convenient function

Open the mobile phone resources can directly browse to the resources inside our mobile phone, pictures, music, video and other files, can be directly projected on a large meter screen. Swiping to the right also brings up different keystrokes and functions, such as touch keys, screenshots, and mutes. There are many functions on the end of the mobile phone, you can directly put aside the remote control, you can directly control the polar meters Z4X. The addition of the client is indeed a lot convenient, of course, I hope to add more features on the client, so that the client is more complete

The Z4X is a home projector that uses a retro-style record player design. The black and white combination brings out different retro feelings. This design is more easily accessible to our family. From every detail of the Z4X, we can feel that the pole rice has been changing, and it has been giving us a different projection experience to enjoy. Only from the quality and sound quality can feel the power of this projection, whether it is configuration or function, far more than some smart projection on the market, a large number of resources enough for our daily watch, with two years of membership gifts , let you watch no barriers, do your emotions by the cinema shock caused by the 300-inch giant screen. If you want to have the shock of cinema at home and don't want to spend too much money, I believe the Z4X can create the home theater you want.

Zilmi Z4X is currently available for sale. It can be seen in all major shopping platforms. Jingdong, Tmall, and Zami official website can all be purchased. In addition to presenting two years of Mango TV members, there is an additional value. 198 yuan of 3D glasses, and the price is only 2699 yuan, you can put the meter Z4X move home, to create a personal home theater, interested friends may wish to understand, do not see, see a startled!

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