The size of LCD TVs is getting bigger and bigger. Nowadays, many families have upgraded their 55-inch products, but if they want to meet the needs of larger sizes, I believe that there is no way to satisfy LCD TVs. Although the LCD TV can also do more than 100 inches, but the size, the price is very expensive, you can even buy a good family car. Basically no ordinary people will consider such an LCD TV. Therefore, the projector becomes a large size choice. Many projectors are familiar, but now there are such products for laser TV. What kind of product is this? Why can this product also meet the large size?

The principle of laser TV

In fact, laser TV is a kind of projector. This is not the special kind of comparison of this kind of projector. The special place of this kind of projector is embodied in two places: the first is the lens. The lens used in the traditional projector, even the short-focus lens of the fisheye, needs a long projection distance to realize the projection of the large screen. . The lens of the laser TV is a projector optical path system using a reflective ultra-short focus. This allows a screen size of about 100 inches to be achieved at a distance of half a meter.

This light path system is actually well understood. Through a special process, a reflected light path can be produced, so that a large-sized picture can be projected in a short distance. Of course, this is not as simple as putting a few mirrors in the light path. Because this optical path needs to ensure that the brightness of the picture cannot be greatly attenuated, and at the same time, the color of the picture is normal, and distortion cannot be produced, so only advanced optical processing can make such an optical path. Of course, only the light path is not enough, and the laser light source must be configured at the same time. So why do you have to use a laser?

Why use laser

The traditional projector uses a light bulb source. The brightness of this light source is not very high, so the environmental requirements are high, which is why the cinema has been black lacquered, and the brightness becomes high and the picture becomes unclear. It is impossible to use such a light source in the family's condition, because the brightness of the living room is still relatively high. Therefore, this projector system must use a high-intensity light source, so the laser is the first choice. Laser light sources are new sources of light that have emerged in recent years.

In addition, the conventional light source has a large heat generation, and a large number of fans are arranged for heat dissipation, so the noise is also very large. High-brightness projectors, such as the size of many engineering projectors, are designed to accommodate more light bulbs while also ensuring heat dissipation. At such high temperatures, the life of the bulb is only 2,000 hours. For home use, this time is too short. While satisfying high brightness, the laser also solves many problems such as low energy consumption and long use time, and thus becomes the basis for the development of laser television (parameter picture article).

Laser TV size

So what size can a laser TV achieve? From the current situation, 100 inches is almost the limit. Although it is possible to adjust the distance to achieve a larger size, once the user configures the oversized screen to be too expensive, the projection size is too large, and the brightness of the screen is reduced. Thirdly, the projection distance is increased, and the projector is also a problem. It is obviously very inconvenient in the middle of the living room. So the author thinks that 100 inch is a practical size. Buying a laser TV now, the specific use of the problem is actually not much, I believe that this product is more suitable for young people.

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