[Text / Gaogong LED Xiong Yuheng] At present, CSP is really hot, at least in the concept of fire. However, it is not difficult to find that CSP talks a lot about the packaging companies, and there is little mention among upstream chips, equipment companies and accessories companies. It is more appropriate to describe the development status of CSP with a loud thunder and a small rain.

Not long ago, when I visited a certain equipment company, I heard this saying, "The scale of CSP is outbreaking. It can also be regarded as the life of traditional packaging companies." In fact, it is said that CSP can reduce costs. However, the added equipment investment will also bring invisible pressure to the packaging enterprises, and may also cause some of the traditional packaging equipment to be idle.

What is the value of a CSP packaging line? "At present, domestic CSP equipment is still immature, CSP equipment can only rely on imports. A (South Korea) 100KK monthly capacity CSP production line, the price is more than 20 million yuan. According to the current market In the case, investment and return are totally inconsistent. Who dares to vote?” Wu Yongsheng, general manager of Xinguanglian, mentioned.

With Wu Yongsheng holding the same point of view, there is also Yu Shuiming, the sales director of Bangding Alloy Line. "CSP is now like a fly on a glass. The future looks bright, but there is no way out (at least in 2016). And CSP needs the cooperation of the upstream and midstream companies to make a breakthrough, relying solely on packaging companies to fight alone. It is difficult to get long-term development."

At the same time, he also mentioned that many companies have slowed down in the development of CSP packaging projects, and some enterprises have even gone halfway. The reason is that the current CSP technology is not mature, the market is not mature, and no one wants to do the experimental sacrifice of the white mouse, they want to take a look at the products and the market mature, ready to go.

Domestically, it seems that the aftermath is not shocked, but foreign countries are completely different situations. It is understood that in 2016, more than 70% of Korean TV backlights will use CSP packaged devices, and the market prospect looks good.

"This also sends signals to domestic enterprises. Domestic CSPs will also be used in high-end areas such as backlights. After all, they can still sell for a good price. However, this market volume is limited after all. If there is a lack of support, everyone will invest in CSP. It seems very cautious, and it is a good proof that the various packaging companies are not thundering," said Liu Zhongyu, director of sales at Tongfang Semiconductor.

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