On February 24 (Barcelona), at the 2016 MWC show, Lei Zhankui, vice president of Huawei's global technical services department, said in an interview with Netease and other media that the operator's pipeline is still a gold pipeline, and the future virtual reality will be It is the killer of traffic consumption.

Under the impact of OTT, telecom operators are gradually becoming the danger of pipeline. But Lei Zhankui believes that the pipeline of telecom operators is still the gold pipeline. Because the future video business, especially 4K video, will greatly expand the pipeline, the value of the pipeline will increase. "Video services will become the basic business of operators like voice services. After the video, virtual reality will be the killer of traffic consumption." Lei Zhankui said.

Although it is a gold pipeline, the problem facing telecom operators is that high gross margin is no longer, its operating capacity is declining, and operators are in urgent need of digital transformation.

Guo Ping, CEO of Huawei, said in an interview with the media that the telecommunications industry will face technological changes and business model changes in the next 5-10 years. In the digital transformation, operators will play a core role. Huawei also hopes to help operators transform their digitalization.

Lei Zhankui talked about a view shared by the US operator AT&T about the digital transformation at the Pakistan Expo: employee skills are the biggest obstacle to the digital transformation of operators. But whether the operator wants it or doesn't want it, it needs to be transformed.

In order to help operators transform, Huawei's carrier business has been driven from product-driven and service-supported to dual-drive products and services. Based on the dual-drive strategy, Huawei will implement ROADS experience-driven operational reconfiguration and ICT infrastructure reconfiguration with operators and industry through consulting and system integration services.

Intelligent Street Lamps are also called intelligent lighting or smart street lights.It adopts the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system, so as to realize centralized control, operation and maintenance information and intelligent lighting of street lamps.The most advanced versions of Intelligent Street Lamps have been designed to create a happy atmosphere in roads, streets, squares and other places.The design of intelligent street lamps can only be designed by a wide range of discussions and environments that provide an aesthetic consistency.intellgent lamp

Intelligent Street Lamp system

The core functions of intelligent Street Lamp include Intelligent lighting,Smart city applications,The information publishing system,Intelligent security,Charging pile,Distributed monitoring sensor system.

intelligent street lamp

Product feature


Sensor norise

Air pollution sensor

Temperature/humidity sensor

Brightness sensor

Municipal construction monitor


Special crowed monitor

CMC monitor

Community security monitor

Municipal facilities monitor

3.Communication Services

Micro base station

Street lights embedded WIFI hot spot

4.Video Monitor

Security monitor

Vehicle monitor

5.Emergency Broadcast

Active of the external field radio monitoring center

6.Intelligent Lighting

Cellular cooling technology

Based on the luminance uniformity of light distribution

Intelligent single lamp/center controller

Variety of modular design lamp,holder is optional.

7.Information Release

Advertising exposure

Current politics news

Information release

8.Charging Column

Electric car

Electric bicycle

street  lamp

Intelligent Street Lamp

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