Lehman shares announced on the evening of the 15th that the company intends to acquire 100% equity of Shenzhen Huashi New Culture Media Co., Ltd. for 780 million yuan. Lehman and Vision New Culture will use the media resources of different channels to provide comprehensive advertising to customers. The service will extend the sports media resource customers to the subway TV resources, and the subway TV resource customers will be promoted to the sports media resources to achieve market synergy.

According to the disclosure, before the transaction, VisionChina Media Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen HD Digital TV Industry Investment Co., Ltd. held a total of 100% equity of Huashi New Culture Media Co., Ltd., which is VisionChina Media (NASDAQ: VISN) The holding subsidiary, whose main business is to provide metro TV media advertising services to advertisers nationwide. Huashi New Culture promises net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses in 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively, not less than 60 million yuan, 80 million yuan and 100 million yuan.

Up to now, VisionChina Media has divested its metro TV media advertising business and injected it into its holding subsidiary, ChinaVision New Culture. The acquisition of Huashi New Culture can help Lehman Sports to break through the development bottleneck and rapidly expand its market share. Huashi New Culture's rich customer resources can provide strong support for Lehman to seize and operate various sports resources, and realize rapid development through resource rapid sales.

Lehman shares introduced that the company is currently implementing a dual-main business strategy of high-tech LED and sports industry development. On the one hand, the LED industry brand and channel competition is intensifying, and the industry competition environment is gradually intensifying, the company continues to optimize and integrate LED business. Strengthen brand building and further enhance the company's competitiveness in the LED industry through the combination of capital operation; on the other hand, the company also actively increases the development and marketing of sports media resources to promote the growth of sports industry revenue.

Since 2011, Lehman has become the strategic partner of the Chinese Football Association and the official sponsor of the Super League Football League. Since the beginning of 2013, VisionChina Media has become the only mobile TV strategic partner of the Super League. Lehman shares and CTS have cooperated with the Super League. Both parties have accumulated good resources, are familiar with the operation of the league, and have a common understanding of the huge commercial value of Chinese football. This restructuring is an important layout for Lehman's development in promoting the development of sports industry. Through the integration and coordination of resources between the two parties, the layout of Lehman shares in the football industry chain will form an interconnected value chain, and the future development space will have unlimited possibilities. .

For the acquisition, Lehman believes that the company can lock in high-quality users through subway advertising and open the B2C business space. Metro advertisements cover hundreds of millions of urban middle-class cities in the north and south of Guangzhou and Shenzhen and more than ten second-tier core cities. This is the core strength of Chinese consumption. Through nearly 100,000 subway screen terminals of the new culture of China Vision, Lehman shares can push its 12th Internet products and other Internet products to the audience, thus quickly obtaining a large number of high-quality users. In the future, the subway network will also become the push platform for Lehman sporting goods and services. Combined with mobile Internet products, it will become a powerful promoter of Lehman's B2C business.

In addition, Lehman shares also said that the acquisition of Huashi New Culture will likely encourage the company to enter the upstream of the media industry chain - content production, in order to obtain its own IP. Metro office workers are also the largest audience of sports content. While mastering the subway network, Lehman does not rule out the integration of domestic and foreign football game resources, and produces sports-related programs for the subway audience. Through content production, Lehman Sports will have its own IP and deep development.

Analysts pointed out that this acquisition of Huashi New Culture is another major capital operation of Lehman's shares following the previous series of sports layouts, providing synergy for the company's sports industry development and closely fitting Lehman's strategy of developing sports industry. The layout and rapid improvement of the income and profit level of the company's sports media business have far-reaching strategic significance for its future development.

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