Project Name Road Crane and Truck Crane Repair Service Project
Item Number-DQYT-0012900
I. Tender conditions
This service project has fulfilled the relevant approval and filing procedures as required. The funds have been implemented and the tendering conditions are met.
II. Overview and scope of tender
The project has fulfilled relevant approval and filing procedures as required. The source of funding has been implemented and the conditions for tendering have been met. Open tendering is now underway.
2.1 Project Name: Road Crane and Truck Crane Maintenance Service; 2.2 Planned Investment: RMB 300,000 (tax included); 2.3 Service Period: February 17, 2017 to December 31, 2017; 2.4 Implementation Location: Recruitment Tender agency company; 2.5 Bidding scope: Downhole operation engineering company in 2017, the number of lifting vehicle repair is 12, including road cranes, truck cranes, etc. The main projects are road cranes and truck crane engines, chassis, tops and other maintenance And routine maintenance and other content, the specific maintenance content is determined according to the actual situation. For a detailed description of the scope of the tender, see Chapter 4 "Technical Standards and Requirements" in the tender document with tender number A2016F00154.
III. Bidder qualification requirements
3.1 This project does not accept bids from the Consortium; 3.2 The bidder must be a qualified legal person or other organization, have a valid business license, and the business scope meets the needs of repair and maintenance projects for drilling and special vehicles. 3.3 The bidder must have a valid road transport business license, and the business scope includes the maintenance of the second type of vehicles;
IV. Acquisition of tender documents
Bidding Document Release Date: December 30, 2016 08:30:00

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