At the international consumer electronics exhibition CES held in Las Vegas, USA, Baidu artificial intelligence products secretly reached a strategic cooperation with Xiaoyu at home, and secretly released the DuerOS artificial intelligence operating system, while Xiaoyu’s video intercom released at home The device will be equipped with this operating system, and the two parties will work together to bring a new experience of artificial intelligence support to individual users. When introducing the artificial intelligence product, Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda said that 2017 will become the first year of voice interaction. Above the feng shui, the secret is obviously starting to move out of the enclosure. At the end of 2016, the TV of Guangshi Guoan was enacted. The box, which was launched in 2017 with a high-profile appearance at CES, quickly entered the field of life services. It can be said that the secret is a gesture of warrior.

2017CES: the vent of artificial intelligence, Baidu secret amplification

Published in 2015, it is the landing product of artificial intelligence in Baidu R&D. It is positioned in the personal assistant, based on Baidu artificial intelligence background complex algorithm and recommendation technology, using voice and other interactive methods to help users arrange daily life, service ability professional Practical, powerful.

2017CES: the vent of artificial intelligence, Baidu secret amplification

This time, the secret is "attached" in the attitude of DuerOS at the small fish at home. The small fish is a tangible robot at home. It is a smart home product that directly provides services to users. Users can use the voice, touch screen, face recognition and other methods to direct the robot to provide services, such as playing music, listening to news, sending and receiving information. Use life services, etc. Users can even chat with them, using small fish to control some smart home appliances in the home.

2017CES: the vent of artificial intelligence, Baidu secret amplification

The term AI has been born for more than 60 years, and there have never been hardware products that provide services to individuals. Most of them provide services to enterprises or provide services like individuals. The strategic cooperation between the secret and the small fish at home has filled the gap in this respect, and its significance is not overwhelming.

Although people know that artificial intelligence will one day enter the homes of ordinary people, but they always turn around in the service of enterprises, and the situation of not using the consumer side will ultimately give people the feeling of building a car behind closed doors. The development of science and technology needs to find a broad application market for technological achievements, accelerate the pace of technological research and development through market feedback, and then expand the market through technological advancement to form a virtuous circle. Disjointed with the consumer application situation, certainly not conducive to the pace of artificial intelligence. But now, it is a small lotus that is sharp and sharp.

The entry of artificial intelligence into the personal application market is not as simple as it seems. In addition to speech semantic recognition, resource aggregation classification, accurate recommendation technology, and big data capabilities are also guarantees for providing a good service experience, such as voice recognition and face recognition. It can improve the security of the service, and all of this requires a lot of computing power, all of which can only be implemented in the cloud. If you can't do it, the hardware device can only be used to put songs, browse news, control a switch, etc., and can do limited things.

After the small fish has access to real artificial intelligence in such hardware, there are too many things to do, such as ordering a user for a takeaway, booking a movie ticket, booking a restaurant, taking a taxi, shopping for an e-commerce, etc. The scope of service is not limited to Information, but extended to the trading field. From information to trading, the experience is a big step forward, and the technical content involved has gone one step further. When ordering a takeaway, it may be the right way to help the user make the most appropriate choice, and letting the machine make this choice requires a high level of technology.

The artificial intelligence in the personal application market is really beginning, but this does not mean that the machine can be very comfortable, experience the service very well, there will be many technical details, but fortunately, some original The hidden problems are placed on the table, and technology research and development can be solved one by one according to these exposed problems, making the machine more and more useful. This is like machine learning and adapting to people's accent. As long as the machine and people can continue to maintain contact, the recognition of speech semantics will become higher and higher, and thus achieve the integration of human-computer interaction.

Of course, after artificial intelligence has landed personal services, there are still many problems to be solved in addition to technical problems, such as the establishment of service standards and the formation of experience. Which services still need human factors to participate at this stage, which choices cannot be completely handed over to the machine, and what needs to be reconfirmed before the machine decides. This requires a standard to define it. After all, artificial intelligence technology has not yet reached the point where users can do whatever they want, or step by step. This may be one of the reasons why the small fish does not give up the screen at home, giving the interaction insurance.

As for the shaping of the experience, it is always necessary to have the experience and the ultimate experience. It is like why the computer uses a keyboard. It has been used by everyone for decades. This is a standard. Later, some people think that the touch screen is better to use, so The standard for keyboards is loose, and new touch-screen standards are beginning to be established. In terms of artificial intelligence, it also faces such a problem. As long as artificial intelligence has not developed to the point where the user can think of something, the initial experience of artificial intelligence must be there, even if this experience will be developed by the technology in the future. Overthrow, as long as it works.

The standard and experience of artificial intelligence, currently defined by the dialogue artificial intelligence operating system DuerOS, only set the standards and experience, the obstacles in the development of technology will be much less, research and development can be less detours. DuerOS can be regarded as an export of Baidu artificial intelligence, including massive data, information and service ecology, natural language interaction, cloud artificial intelligence brain and powerful machine learning capabilities. In fact, many technologies are available in the network services provided by Baidu, but they have always played the role of unnamed heroes, and are not easily perceived by users. This time, integrating so many technologies into DuerOS provides services that can bring users A more intuitive experience of artificial intelligence.

2017CES: the vent of artificial intelligence, Baidu secret amplification

More features of the secret are still in rapid development. What is certain is that DuerOS will not only be carried on the robot at home, but will be deployed to more and more hardware through an open cooperation mode. On the device, it becomes ubiquitous.

Baidu artificial intelligence is fully deployed in software and network applications. The future task is to deploy on hardware, including a variety of robots, set-top boxes, in-vehicle equipment, office equipment, and living equipment. DuerOS will play a role in empowering hardware facilities or the Internet of Things, giving it the power of artificial intelligence to make machines smarter, and this empowered networking device has a combination of names, smart internet, It coincides with the forward-looking prediction made by Li Yanhong.

Life services appear to be a vertical area, but the user needs are very large, which is very suitable as a market driving force for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence starts from the family, to education, medical, industrial, financial and other vertical industries, until it changes human life in all aspects. The history of artificial intelligence in the past 61 years, many things seem to be close at hand, but the actual operation is like watching the moon in the water, until the secret of the small fish at home, which makes some seemingly unreachable prospects become clear at once. Get up and let people see hopes that are not far away from us.

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