Looking back in 2016, more and more APPs have been downloaded from mobile phones, some of which have been uninstalled within a few days, and others are worth using. Looking through the apps in mobile phones, there are always a few excellent new apps in each category that are worth using all the time. Considering that more and more applications are now available, homogenization can be worth downloading and it has been used up to now. In the new year, I will focus on introducing these high-quality applications that I have tested and used in 2016 and share them with you.

These applications are: Kaka Health, Wish List, Seed Habits, Kitchen Stories, Hanx Writer.

2016 mobile apps worth using

Kaka Health: Healthy weight loss is not a dream

Kaka Health

Kaka Health is a lightweight, healthy weight loss application that visualizes difficult-to-measure food calories, understands their daily calorie intake in an intuitive and clear way, and then takes appropriate exercise to ultimately achieve balance calories and healthy weight loss goals. .

After use, you will find "a moderate KFC 328 kcal, you need to jog 47 minutes"; "a cup of 100 ml of skim milk has 31 kcal, you need to go fast 10 minutes"; "a piece of 50g of beef has 63 kcal Need to walk 32 minutes." With this app, there is no need to worry about losing weight before or after eating. Simple UI design, convenient record of personal diet and exercise, through the circular map intuitively see today's intake situation, to determine how much you can eat or how long it takes to exercise.

Wishbooking: A timeline accounting software that makes bookkeeping easy

Wish accounting

We consume every day, and we all want reasonable spending. As the saying goes, "You don't care about money." The first step in managing your finances is to clarify your consumer bills and take further action. However, there are electronic bills and paper bills. If I allow Alipay, WeChat and some papers to analyze the consumption of a certain period of time, I think it will be crazy.

After downloading and using a lot of billing applications, the wish list was finally selected. Wishbooking is a simple bookkeeping software. On the one hand, through the recording of income and expenditure, daily consumption will be presented at a glance in the form of a time axis, and in conjunction with the color circle diagram, the proportion of its various revenues and expenditures will be fully displayed, so that the monthly budget can be reasonably controlled; on the other hand, The desire bookkeeping focuses on the development of bookkeeping functions. Not only does it have rich account classifications, photo and text account notes, but it also recently launched an intelligent bookkeeping function to intelligently identify Alipay and WeChat consumer bills.

Seed habit: planting a seed to help you develop good habits

Seed habits

In life, we will have many small goals, such as "early sleep and early rise"; "stick to running"; "drink eight glasses of water a day" and so on. When he had just set his goals, he still had ambitions. The result was not yet a week away and he could not persist. The reality is such a squeaky feeling. It is too difficult for a person to go on the road to stick to the goal.

Don't worry, seed habits will help you find a group of people with common goals, monitor each other, encourage each other, and share it. Insist on recording the daily life and witness the efforts with the growth of young saplings (Reminder: No sign for 7 days in a row. The saplings will die.)

Record the habits you want to stick to, set daily reminders, and dynamically share your daily habits with the corresponding community. Then, when the saplings grow into big trees, the habits are naturally developed.

Kitchen Story: Everyone Can Be a Food Maker

Kitchen story

Everyone can not refuse the temptation of food, but the premise is that we have to find or make food. I am not a rich person, nor can I be satisfied with casual delivery. The natural kitchen becomes a part of life. Already had enough to search for a certain food production method from Baidu, those various answers are not comprehensive. Recently, in the application of the kitchen story, I liked the exquisite cuisine and the detailed production process.

The kitchen story is used as a mobile recipe application and is a German-developed one dedicated to satisfying those who seek food. The app has a rich food category, food tips, cooking necessities, and a selection of food production processes. It also updates according to the timeline. Rich graphic and video content makes people want to create each food. .

Hanx Writer: An Enthusiastic and Feelings Input Method

Hans Writer

Perhaps everyone has seen a retro typewriter, but with the progress of the times, it has basically disappeared. The actor Tom Hanks participated in the design of the typewriting application Hanx Writer, which fully simulated the operation of the typewriter, and even the interface design was highly restored. It offers three different types of typewriters for the user to choose from, including sound and keyboard.

Although there are many in-app purchases in the application, there is also a need to change the color of the keyboard. It is not known how many users are willing to pay for this. However, the ultimate experience of downloading will make people fall in love with this exquisite and delicate design and realistic sound effects.

This is the mobile app that I loved in 2016. Good application: Kaka Health, Wish List, Seed Habits, Kitchen Story, Hanx Writer. I hope everyone will meet more quality applications in the new year.

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