“The list of customers of Foshan LED Enterprise comes from Huizhou and Zhongshan, but few from Foshan.” On May 15, Foshan Lighting Association held the first Foshan LED Lighting Industry Chain Supporting Conference, some Shenzhen and Zhongshan enterprises. Also went to the site to seek cooperation.

Wu Yulin, president of the association, said that in the era of traditional lighting, big companies like to start from scratch. However, LED development is too fast, and the division of labor in the industry chain has completely changed. Only cooperation can maximize benefits.

Foshan LED companies lack cooperation

In the home appliance industry, this leading company of SMI can support thousands of supporting enterprises. But in the field of LED lighting, Foshan companies are almost always fighting each other.

“Huizhou friends don’t understand very much. Many of their companies are looking for Foshan’s enterprise supporting facilities, but Foshan’s locals do not have such supporting cooperation.” Wu Yulin said.

The insiders commented that it took Foshan Lighting more than 20 years to achieve the current scale of more than 2 billion yuan, but Lei Shi only spent more than 4 billion yuan in a few years. The key reason is that it is good at using the industrial chain to quickly do work. Big.

"LED development is too fast, the industry chain division of labor has completely changed, only cooperation can maximize benefits." Wu Yulin said.

The strategy of vertical integration is still loved by leading companies. After the listing of Guoxing Optoelectronics, the vertical integration strategy was clarified, but from the performance of the past two years, integration has not yet brought advantages to enterprises.

At the supporting meeting on the 15th, several leading companies such as Foguang Lighting, Osram, and Guoxing Optoelectronics introduced their business as the keynote speaker. A business person told reporters that the current price decline of LED and other products is very fierce. It is expected that the price of 3 watt LED bulbs will fall to about 5 yuan at the end of the year. If you do a big job, you may lose money badly.

Wu Yulin said that the cost of purchasing from others is actually much cheaper than what they do. Recently, the Kaisiou lighting he is operating is replacing the LED lamps on the 7th to 45th floors of Baihua Plaza. He originally planned to be responsible for the project himself, but after calculation, he found that subcontracting the project will save half of the cost.

The application market has potential

“Foshan LED industry has the most complete supporting facilities, especially in the middle and lower reaches, and Foshan enterprises are doing the best and the strongest.” Wu Yulin said.

Recently, Shenzhen has revoked the LED industry plan, which has made the prospects of the LED industry questionable, but Foshan enterprises are generally optimistic. Wu Yulin believes that Shenzhen LED enterprises are mainly concentrated in the middle and upper reaches, relying heavily on downstream support, and the speed of industry development is also insufficient. But Foshan LED companies are mainly market-oriented and more flexible. The person in charge of Osram also believes that Shenzhen's cancellation of LED planning is a good thing for Foshan.

It is reported that Foshan Lighting has been using lighting applications since last year, and there is a shortage of supply. LED applications are also seen as the most promising part of the industry.

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