Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in Zhejiang Power Grid Shows Results Eliminating S7 and S8 high-energy-consuming transformers and replacing it with low-loss series transformers of S11 and above is an ongoing work of the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company in recent years. This work has been accelerated since the pilot energy-saving service model of “government and enterprise cooperation and promoting energy saving” was piloted in Ningbo last year. From January to April this year alone, the company added 37,600 kV of new grid reactive power compensation equipment.

In recent years, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power has continuously strengthened its management of energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition to accelerating the phase-out of high-energy-consuming transformers, it has continued to carry out major technical and technological changes for lines and distributions within the company, carried out main network reconstruction and expansion projects, applied energy-saving fittings, and implemented The line diversion project and the improvement of the line power supply capacity project will effectively reduce the loss of the distribution network. In 2012 alone, it achieved a saving of 345.05 GWh. The company also strengthens research on energy-saving technologies, promotes technologies such as micro-oil ignition, and promotes energy-saving and emission reduction in production operations. From January to April of this year, the power generation and operation of the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company cumulatively reduced sulfur dioxide by 2,169,900 tons. Among them, the promotion of the transfer of power generation rights instead of electricity generation is equivalent to saving 124,000 tons of standard coal.

State Grid Zhejiang Power also vigorously promoted the construction of an energy-saving service system, established Zhejiang Zhedian Energy-Saving Service Company, established a provincial-level electric energy service management platform, established an energy efficiency service network, carried out in-depth promotion of social optimization of power consumption modes, and comprehensively carried out publicity and promotion of social energy conservation. service. As of the end of May, Zhejiang Zhedian Energy-Saving Service Co., Ltd. has signed 53 energy-saving service contracts. The annual energy-saving capacity of the contract reached 25.62 million kwh.

State Grid Zhejiang Power also actively promotes the development of new energy and provides electric energy supply services for the promotion of electric vehicles. As of the end of May, Zhejiang had a total of 82 distributed photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of 389,100 kilowatts. State Grid Zhejiang Power has provided quality services for 29 grid-connected projects with a total capacity of 69,500 kilowatts.

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