Hainan photovoltaic industry responds to the EU's "double opposition" After the United States, the European Union launched a “double anti-dumping” (anti-dumping, countervailing) stick to Chinese PV manufacturing companies.

On June 4, local time, the European Commission announced the preliminary results of anti-dumping investigations on China's photovoltaic products and decided to impose a temporary anti-dumping tariff of 11.8% on China's photovoltaic products from June 6 to August 6. If China and the EU cannot reach a solution by August 6, the anti-dumping duty rate will rise to 47.6%.

As one of the four major production bases of Yingli Group, it is also the most important new energy industrial base in Hainan. The Yingli Hainan Base in Shiziling Industrial Park of Haikou is inevitably involved.

The development of a green and clean photovoltaic industry is one of the important ways to compose a beautiful Chinese Hainan chapter and construct an ecological civilization in Hainan. How Hainan's photovoltaic industry responds to the EU's "double reaction" has attracted much attention.

The Butterfly Effect:

The European Union’s "double counter-intuition" affects Hainan, thousands of miles away. "A butterfly in the tropical rainforest of the Amazonian Amazon River Basin in South America occasionally flaps a few wings and can cause a tornado in Texas in the United States two weeks later." It is about the most common interpretation of the butterfly effect.

Hainan is an important production base of China's photovoltaic giants. The butterfly effect of the European Commission's ruling in a paper will inevitably affect the photovoltaic industry in Hainan beyond the border.

"Hainan's photovoltaic manufacturing companies are mainly Yingli and Hanergy. The latter's target market is mainly in China. Therefore, about 99% of the shipments in the previous April came from Yingli," said Haikou Customs.

"This move will have an extremely negative impact on domestic PV manufacturing companies and drive up PV production costs. It will not only damage China's PV industry, but also affect European consumers and upstream and downstream industries." This morning, the headquarters Wang Zhixin, head of propaganda department of Yingli Group in Baoding, Hebei, said in a telephone interview with a Hainan Daily reporter.

Haikou Lion Ridge Industrial Park, one of the four major production bases of Yingli, is also the seat of Hainan Yingli New Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group.

According to the data, Hainan Yingli's PV module shipments exceeded 450 MW in 2012, accounting for more than 20% of the Yingli Group's total, and doubled year-on-year. Yingli Group’s PV module shipments (sales) increased by 40% year-on-year to more than 2,200 MW, ranking the first in the world.

Under the background of the reduction of financial subsidies by many countries in Europe in 2012, the “double reverse” in the United States, and the slowdown in the growth of the global photovoltaic market, this achievement by Yingli fully demonstrates the global competitiveness of our high-tech enterprises.

"Obviously, it is precisely because of the hard work and hard work of the 500,000 PV industry workers in China that the cost of photovoltaic modules has been declining, and photovoltaic power generation is getting closer and closer to the public," said Wang Zhixin.

According to the latest statistics provided by Haikou Customs today, from January to April this year, Hainan exported 870,000 solar photovoltaic modules, an increase of 37.2% year-on-year, worth US$130 million, a slight increase of 3% year-on-year, accounting for the export of high-tech products of Hainan's foreign trade during the same period. 43.3% of the total value. The main export targets are the EU and the United States.

Hainan Daily reporter learned from the relevant parties that the current Yingli Group Hainan base has reached 4,000 employees, Hainan Yingli's annual design capacity has reached 600 megawatts, this year's Hainan base production and operation is more normal, workers usually go to work to take "three shifts Or "four shifts" approach.

"The EU ruling definitely brings about adverse effects, but we are confident that the impact will be reduced to a minimum." Hainan Yingli relevant person in charge said.

Calmly deal with:

Actively develop emerging markets such as Southeast Asia In the face of the EU's high stick, the domestic PV companies have not yet stood still, but are looking for solutions in advance. Yingli is one of them.

“Despite the current plight of the PV industry, the EU’s decision is by no means the last straw to overwhelm China’s PV manufacturing industry.” Wang Zhixin believes: “The EU's preliminary ruling will certainly bring about adverse effects, but the success or failure depends on the company itself. The Group is actively exploring potentials and increasing efficiency, striving to open up new markets and reduce dependence on the European market."

Yingli Legal Director Fan Zhenhua once stated that the Group's share of revenues in different regions has been adjusted this year. The proportion of European products in the company's products has decreased from over 60% in the past to about 40%, while the domestic market has steadily expanded and the emerging markets have developed. It is also relatively fast, but even with the average tax rate of 47%, the "double opposition" has a relatively large impact on the company.

Wang Zhixin revealed that in the first quarter of this year, the reliance of Yingli on the European market has dropped to 53%, and is expected to decline to around 40% in the whole year. Meanwhile, the Group is exploring emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and South America to diversify its dependence on a single market. Risks reduce the negative impact of the decline in European sales on the photovoltaic industry. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Yingli Green Energy Singapore Co., Ltd. will provide components for Malaysia's largest photovoltaic project.

In addition, with the gradual decline in the cost of power generation, the development of emerging markets is very rapid. Contributions from emerging markets have risen from 2% the previous year to nearly 10% in 2012.

At Yingli Group Hainan Base, since last year, the company has used its brand advantages to control and integrate upstream and downstream resources to increase bargaining power and expand market share, with a view to reducing the adverse impact of European and US trade policies by virtue of its own scale, complete industrial chain and technological R&D. lowest.

Hainan Yingli relevant person in charge revealed that the company is accelerating the breakthrough in key technology innovation and industrialization process, and continues to increase the investment in R&D of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell technology, monocrystalline silicon growth, and high-efficiency low-cost N-type silicon solar cells and equipment. And speed up industrialization. “Panda” N-type high-efficiency batteries have achieved an average photoelectric conversion efficiency of 19%, which is more than 1 percentage point higher than that of ordinary solar cells. The cost is lower than that of similar companies by more than 30%, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of the products.

At the same time, all members of Hainan Yingli carry out new materials, new processes and cost reduction activities. The “two reengineering” projects that optimize production processes and cost management, and the “two new and one down” activities to promote new materials and new processes, have all achieved good results. Such as polycrystalline solar cell silver paste optimization project to promote the results of innovation, Zhengyin each piece of battery to save 20%, back to save 40% of each piece of silver, comprehensive calculation, saving 0.143 yuan per watt of battery, annual cost savings of more than 100 million yuan.

As one of the Group’s four major parks, Hainan Yingli also innovated its battery design last year, following the 0.2% increase in the photoelectric conversion rate the previous year. Hainan Yingli Technician Zhu Zhiwen said that last year there were 32 scientific research projects approved, 10 were promoted and the benefits were more than 200 million yuan.

The pace of innovation is far from stopping.

Entering the southern gate of Hainan's Yingli plant, the R&D office building that has begun to take shape has already taken off its “green clothes”, and the blue glass curtain wall has been exposed. This is the company's first photovoltaic building integration project. It is equivalent to a small photovoltaic power station and will meet the building's electricity demand after it is completed.

From manufacturing to “smart” manufacturing, Yingli took the first place in global shipments of PV modules last year when the industry “was lamented”.

Internal transformation:

Deep adjustment does not change the bright future of emerging industries China is a major photovoltaic manufacturing country, and the photovoltaic industry has always taken the path of purchasing equipment, expanding production capacity, and processing exports. China's photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years and has formed a complete solar photovoltaic industry chain. From the perspective of industrial layout, the domestic Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, Pearl River Delta, and central and western regions have formed distinctive regional industrial clusters.

Photovoltaic manufacturing, which has been rushing forward for nearly a decade, has collectively “wintered” since 2011.

A long-term embarrassing fact is that before 2009, the domestic photovoltaic market was still a blank space. The products produced by photovoltaic companies were all dependent on exports. Until recent years, the situation of Chinese photovoltaic companies “wall flowers bloom outside the wall” began to slowly change.

Li Xiaogang, chairman of Hainan Tianneng Electric Power Co., Ltd. believes that the "double reverse" policy of Europe and the United States has forced the adjustment of domestic industrial policies to be more in line with the actual development needs of the photovoltaic industry. Affected by the inertia of industrial development, domestic photovoltaic manufacturers have been exporting for a long period of time. It has not entered the internal transition period until the last two or three years due to changes in external conditions. “This kind of transformation is very painful, but it is very necessary. As long as it is right, the photovoltaic industry will usher in a bright future.” He said.

According to reports, from the fourth quarter of 2012, the demand for photovoltaic market has started to change. Under the “double reverse” situation in the developed countries of Europe and the United States, the domestic policy of promoting photovoltaic applications gradually emerged.

Wang Zhixin said that the state attaches great importance to the development of the photovoltaic industry. In December last year, the State Council executive meeting identified policies and measures to promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. The introduction of the New Deal will greatly stimulate the demand in the domestic market and promote the development of the industry.

Ms. Miao Liansheng, Chairman and CEO of Yingli Green Energy, stated that the stable development of the public utility market and the rapid development of the distributed power generation sector will most likely make China the largest solar market in 2013. It is expected that Yingli’s domestic components will be exported in 2013. The volume will increase by more than 40% from 2012. The growth of Yingli’s domestic market mainly comes from the supply of components of large-scale photovoltaic power plants in the northwestern provinces.

According to Liang Shaoming, Director of the High-tech Department of the Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China, as the world's largest producer of photovoltaic modules, currently exports its products mainly to Europe and the United States, and is easily limited to people. "The potential of the domestic market is so huge that we must cultivate the domestic market so that the photovoltaic industry can have a future."

Li Xiaogang disclosed that this year the company will strive to build more than 80 MW solar photovoltaic power generation projects and wind and solar complementary demonstration projects in Haikou, Lingao, Chengmai, Yangpu, Tunchang and Sansha. After these projects are put into production, they can provide more than 110 million kWh of green power for Hainan each year. As of the end of 2012, Tianneng Power had nearly 50 MW of solar photovoltaic installed capacity in Hainan.

A number of industry experts said that although the photovoltaic industry currently faces industrial restructuring, overall, it does not affect the pace of development of the industry. Looking from a large perspective, the development prospects of the photovoltaic industry are clear, and deep adjustment will not change the long-term vitality of emerging industries; while the decline in product prices will reduce the cost of power generation, and the long-term benefits the development of the industry.

It is predicted that during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, Hainan’s electricity consumption in the whole society is expected to increase by 14% annually, and in 2015 it will reach 30 billion KWh. The maximum load for unified adjustment in 2015 will reach 4.7 million KW, more than doubling from 2010.

“In the long run, renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower is an important support for Green Hainan.” Li Xiaogang revealed that the company will gradually expand its photovoltaic power plants and distributed photovoltaic power generation applications in park enterprises, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. Scale, providing clean energy support for the rise of Hainan's green.

According to reports, in the future, with the launch of distributed photovoltaic projects, Tianneng Power is also responsible for the investment and construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in Hainan. At present, Tianneng Power has applied for a period of over 200 MW of distributed power to the National Energy Administration. Photovoltaic power generation demonstration project.

“As a result of the macro-environment and national industrial policies, the current development of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects is unfavorable.” Li Xiaogang said that as a new energy source, photovoltaic power generation represents a development direction, and only breakthroughs have been made in energy storage technologies. At the same time, the full consideration and consideration of the interests of all parties in the photovoltaic power generation industrial chain on the guidance of the national policy will make photovoltaic power generation usher in a bright future.

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