[Text / high-tech LED Zhao Hui] On the last day before the festival, LED listed companies are still moving constantly. Qinshang Optoelectronics, Liard and Orient announced that they will continue to suspend business to promote asset restructuring or additional issues, while Luxiao Technology is lucky to accept I received the application for the issuance of a license for the issuance of the Securities and Futures Commission.

Qinshang Optoelectronics (002638.SZ) : The announcement stated that the relevant content of this major asset restructuring still needs further discussion, demonstration and improvement, and the relevant preparatory work has not yet been completed. In order to ensure the smooth progress of this restructuring work, in order to protect the interests of investors and prevent the company's stock price from fluctuating abnormally, the company's stock will continue to be suspended from the opening on September 30. The company is committed to seeking to disclose major asset restructuring plans (or reports) by November 30, 2015.

Luxiao Technology (002617.SZ) : The announcement stated that the company received the “Notice of Acceptance of Administrative Licensing Application of China Securities Regulatory Commission” issued by the CSRC (No. 152831). The China Securities Regulatory Commission examined the application materials for the administrative licensing of “non-public offering of listed companies” submitted by the company according to law, and considered that the application materials were complete and in compliance with the statutory form, and decided to accept the application for the administrative license.

Ocean King (002724.SZ) : The 3rd Board of Directors of the Company reviewed and approved the “Proposal on the Merger and Merger among the Subsidiaries” and agreed to the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Ocean King Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lighting” The engineering company") merged the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Ocean King Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "lighting technology company") through the overall absorption and merger. After the completion of the merger, the lighting engineering company survived and operated, and the independent legal person of the lighting technology company Qualification is cancelled.

Aoyang Shunchang (002245.SZ) : The announcement stated that the company repurchased 145,200 restricted stocks, accounting for 0.01% of the total share capital before the write-off and the repurchase price was 1.381818 yuan/share. After the completion of this repurchase and cancellation, the company's total share capital was changed to 9736.146 million shares.

Liard (300296.SZ) : The announcement stated that since the company’s stock was temporarily suspended due to the planned non-public offering of shares, the board of directors has requested relevant parties to advance the non-public offering as soon as possible. Accelerate the work of this non-public offering of shares and determine the final plan for this non-public offering as soon as possible. In order to ensure fair information disclosure, safeguard the interests of investors, and avoid causing abnormal fluctuations in the company's stock price, the company's stock will continue to be suspended.

Orient (600666.SH) : The announcement said that since the company's stocks have been suspended since August 24, due to the planned non-public offering of shares, the relevant intermediaries are conducting audits, evaluations and organizing the non-public offering of shares. The preparation of the plan and other related work. In view of the fact that this non-public offering of stocks requires auditing, evaluation and large workload of the assets to be acquired by the raised funds, the auditing and evaluation of related assets are expected to be completed in a relatively short period of time. The specific scheme needs further argumentation. The company's stock continues to be suspended.

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