The annual Double 11 Carnival is about to open. The performance of the “big one-vote” campaign is still very eye-catching. The Tmall flagship store has launched a series of concessions and the price has dropped by 1,300 yuan. Different from other companies' use of promotional forms of flicking, micro whale television products are the new product on August 13th, which is rare. Many netizens said that they were very happy with the 250,000 yuan of 55-inch 4K TVs, but they also wanted to know if the TVs were good or not. How did the media evaluate micro-whale TVs? Xiao Bian has compiled some of the comments of professional media for your reference.

Micro whale 55 吋 4K flagship smart TV has a good appearance and quite texture design, built-in Hi-Fi-class sound effects and rich resources content is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this TV, which can definitely bring users good Living room to enjoy. During the double 11 period, the freezing point price is 2,897 yuan, which is very cost-effective for other TV products of the same price. Whether it is intrinsic or external to television, micro-whales have shown enough sincerity.


As an Internet smart TV, the work and choice of micro whale TV are all excellent TV products. The hardware price of 3799 yuan + service fee of 398 yuan for two years (a total of 4197 yuan) is enough to indicate that micro whale is passed Paying content to explore new profit models is similar to LeTV. Overall, as the first debut of the company, this product has done quite well. Regardless of the product's workmanship and the presentation of the LCD panel, it reveals its sincerity.

"High face value also has to fight strength!"

Although the price of the micro whale TV is low, the materials and process are absolutely superior. It is carefully crafted by iF, Red Dot and IDEA winning teams. The 6.8mm ultra-narrow frame design, super-stylish metal frame, and mash-up base design all give the whale TV a premium value. ... Little Whale TV is not only a broadcast platform for premium content, but also a producer of premium content. Believe that after seeing the sales data of Tmall, some Internet TV brands must start a new round of public relations policies again!

"One resource for music and painting is king"

There are audio screens, there are decoding and rich video resources, coupled with a good operating experience and first-class design, Microwhale's first TV is basically complete ... for a price of 3799 +398 two years For the service fee of 55 TVs, what I want to say here is a word: value.

"Excellent experience, amazing!"

In the beginning, Xiaopeng always thought that the appearance of the micro-whale TV was nothing more than disrupting the price of the TV market. Nowadays, the smart TV is nothing more than seizing the market with large-sized and low-priced products. Everyone is 4K and 3D. The whale may be "this is like this" but in the absence of hope, after contact, Nima - - the details of the various materials will undoubtedly give a mouth to the same type of product and malicious commentator. This is a television produced for the real user, what fake 4K, bad screen, etc. Comments go to the trash.

In general, the media's evaluation of the Whale WTV55K1 is good. The dual 11-micro-whale TV provides consumers with a direct drop of 600 yuan. According to the process to participate in the activities can get up to 1300 ultra-high cash back, preferential efforts only This time, you must pay attention to buying a TV!

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