On the evening of September 16, Zhou Ming Technology announced that the three-dimensional LED super TV independently researched and developed by the company has officially entered the mass production stage.

Zhou Ming Technology said that the blinking stereo LED super TV is an important series of sub-projects of the “High-end LED display expansion project” of the Zhouming Technology fund-raising project and one of the company's “2013 major scientific research and development projects”. The super TV is a high-tech product combining the stereoscopic imaging technology and the LED high-density display system. It can see very clear and delicate stereo images without the viewer wearing any auxiliary tools.

According to the announcement, the product can be viewed infinitely within 160 degrees. Because of its stereoscopic viewpoint, its stereoscopic effect is strong, the depth of field is outstanding, the effect of mirroring and appearance is obvious; the 3D picture is pure and clear; its display module adopts intelligent design. It is quick and convenient to produce and maintain, and can realize seamless splicing of any area. It can be widely used in many indoor and outdoor applications such as commercial advertisements, commercial theaters and home theaters, and has a broad market prospect.

At present, the company's production of blinking stereo LED super TV product specifications include: 110-inch, 124-inch, 144-inch, 216-inch, 288-inch, 300-inch high-definition blinking stereo LED super TV and standard-definition blinking stereo super TV, Among them, in special fields, the company's R&D team can be customized according to the requirements of customers, and it can fully realize the unlimited size production of special-shaped products.

The Low Voltage Static Var Generator independently developed by FGI is mainly composed of control panels, energy storage capacitors, reactors, IGBT, inverters, fuses and other devices. The low voltage SVG adopts intelligent algorithm for control, can quickly compensate reactive power, filter harmonics, suppress voltage fluctuation and flicker and can effectively suppress three-phase unbalance, which can well solve the power quality problem of power supply system.

Low Voltage Static Var Generator

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