Last year, the word virtual reality suddenly entered the eyes of all of us. The release of multiple virtual reality devices has made us feel that we are one step closer to the world of imagination.

In fact, Facebook, Google, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft have been coveted for this field. As real estate giants such as Ford, Toyota, and Marriott have begun to focus on this field, virtual reality is getting hotter and hotter. It is about to become a part of ordinary people's daily life, and the virtual world's "tipping point" is coming to the fore.

Virtual Reality

Virtue Reality is a combination of multiple technologies, including real-time 3D computer graphics technology, wide-angle (wide-view) stereo display technology, tracking technology for viewers' heads, eyes and hands, and tactile/force feedback, stereo , network transmission, voice input and output technology.

Virtual reality devices are hardware devices used in virtual reality solutions. There are roughly four categories: modeling devices (such as 3D scanners); 3D visual display devices (such as 3D display systems, large projection systems (such as CAVE), head-mounted stereo displays, etc.); sound devices (such as 3D sound systems and Non-traditional stereo) and interactive devices (including position trackers, data gloves, 3D input devices (3D mice), motion capture devices, eye trackers, force feedback devices, and other interactive devices).

First generation equipment: Sensorama

Virtual reality: the same situation as dreams

Virtual reality is not a new technology product. It has already begun to take shape as early as the 1960s. Sensorama is such a device, users need to bury their heads in a large device like a copper plate machine, and then watch the image. The originator of the virtual reality concept in the true sense is VPLResearch, founded by computer scientist Yang Sheng Liner. In 1989, he presented the virtual reality device EyePhone at the Texpo Telecommunications Conference. This cumbersome helmet is very similar in appearance to today's virtual helmet Oculus Rif, but the former also needs to be equipped with electronic gloves or even a full set of clothing to complete the control.

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