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First, product procurement channels:
This sample purchase was purchased through Jingdong Mall. The following is the authorization document.
Jingdong Mall Oup Authorization
Second, sample publicity
Every brand has spared no effort in propaganda, but is the actual production of the product doing its best? The answer was subsequently revealed. First look at the promotional image:
Op light bulb 1Op light bulb 2
The two pictures in the promotion, I have not understood: the overall light is 240 °, is the use of a 200-degree high-performance PC mask?
Third, the packaging articles
The package is packaged in a color box, indicating that the product can replace the 25W incandescent lamp. A detailed explanation of the product life has also been made. The life calculation method is based on an average of 3.5 hours per day, which is different from Philips' average daily usage of 2.7 hours.
3 Op light bulb packaging
Like Philips, the box is marked for 15 years and is interpreted as being based on Opus' implementation standards and laboratory test data. What is the standard for business execution? unknown.
Fourth, the performance parameters
First look at the overall lighting parameters:
4 Op light bulb performance parameters
The spectrum is as follows:
5 Op light bulb spectrum
The whole lamp lights up the picture:
6 Op light bulb lighting effect
According to the data, the basic parameters are all in line with the requirements. The color temperature is 2700K, which is closer to the incandescent color temperature, and the luminous flux will be lower than 3000K. The PF value is greater than 0.5 and is commendable. From the photo of the light, the angle of light is not as large as 240°. According to the spectrum, the red phosphor and the yellow-green phosphor and the blue-light chip are still used for white light preparation, and all the colors are somewhat reddish after photographing.
Five, the whole lamp dismantling
7 Op light bulb dismantling
1, the box
2, lampshade (PC material)
3, the lamp body
4, plastic screw column
The PCB on the lamp body is fixed by two screws. The screw fixing column adopts a separate plastic piece. In order to prevent the ceramic lamp body from being damaged due to the extrusion of the screw and the ceramic lamp body, the connection between the power supply and the PCB is directly welded by the power supply PCB. Use leads.
Six, the parts description
8 Op light bulb structure
Lampshade: It is made by injection molding of PC material, and it is easy to unscrew through the combination of glue and lamp body ceramic parts. The surface of the lampshade is smooth and has a matte-like matte effect, which mainly makes the light output softer, but has a great influence on the luminous flux loss. Through actual tests, the light transmittance of the lampshade was 0.94. Meets the corporate propaganda of 0.92.
Lamp body: The lamp body ceramic material is sintered. By observing the ceramic materials used, it is inferred that the Al2O3 component is relatively high and the quality is good. The heat generated by the LED is directly transmitted to the ceramic lamp body through the PCB and the thermal grease , and then the heat is exchanged between the ceramic and the air.
Lamp holder: The E27 lamp connector interface is of international standard size. The material used is iron-plated nickel (copper-plated nickel is recommended), which may be considered for cost reasons.
Seven, the core components ---- light source components
9 Op light bulb light source assembly
LED: Using SMD 5630 device, it is internally packaged with two chips, a blue chip and a Zener diode chip. Based on device characteristics and chips, it is preliminarily concluded that the LED device supplier is LG Korea, and the corporate promotion is in line. The number of LEDs is only five, and the driving current is 160 mA each, and the power supply is too large. LED soldering foot temperature under actual test lighting: LED positive temperature is 79°, LED negative temperature is 85°, natural convection environment, ambient temperature is 20°.
10 ohm bulb PCB
PCB: A double-sided fiberglass board with a thickness of 1.0mm is used. The heat is transmitted to the underside and the contact surface of the lamp body through the PCB via process. The contact surface is coated with thermal grease, which is unevenly coated and affects heat dissipation.

The LED test data is as follows:

Eight, the core components ---- power components
According to the propaganda, the power supply has its own patented technology.
13 Op light bulb power supply unit
The recommended place for this power supply is the direct connection to the light board, eliminating the need for a cable. According to the company's propaganda, this power supply has a patent. The IC is not used for constant current on the power supply. Careful observation shows that the current topology is similar to the RCC circuit. It is found that the power conversion efficiency is not high and the device is used more.
Nine, summary
On the whole, as a domestic independent brand of Op, product design is remarkable.
Product aspects: the use of core components LED, PCB and ceramic selection is worth learning in domestic enterprises. However, the product design margin control needs to be more stringent and cannot be used beyond power. Whether it is imported electronic components or domestic components, overclocking will inevitably lead to a reduction in life.
Propaganda: Using the brand of its components to enhance its added value, this is a performance of self-confidence. For example, PHILIPS never said that other components are used, but only emphasizes the ability to design independently.


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