On July 16, 2014, China’s National Certification and Accreditation Administration issued the “Announcement on the Implementation of the Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules”, in which “CNCA-C10-01: 2014 Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules Lighting Appliances” marks the LED driver. The power supply is officially included in the scope of 3C compulsory certification, and this measure will be enforced from September 1, 2015.

Just as the water source is the source of water, the power source is the source of all electrical appliances. If the quality cannot be controlled at the source, the life and quality of the luminaire cannot be guaranteed. In the long run, behind the glory of the LED industry, for example, there are hidden hidden dangers. The timely introduction of 3C certification by the state is to hope to guide and standardize when the scale of the LED industry breaks out.

Ke Gu Power Marketing Director Li Chengwei

Affected by this, the products produced by the power supply enterprises must first pass the 3C certification, and there will be a great improvement in quality and performance to promote the industry. However, the purchase of 3C power supply is not only limited to power companies to comply with industry laws and regulations, but also helps application companies to improve product life, increase product profit, enhance product competitiveness, and guide the healthy development of LED.

Since 2009, Kegu Power has passed CQC certification for all products. In 2014, it became the first LED power supply company in China to pass CCC certification. The products are trusted by customers with no stroboscopic, high efficiency and high PF value.

  • Plastic case power supply
  • Battery over-charge, over-discharge protection
  • Additional current battery charge
  • Pro-wired battery connection
  • Product description: Applicable to all types of Alarm monitoring systems, Access control systems, Building intercom systems

Input voltage: 100-240V AC @ 50/60Hz

Output voltage: 13.8V DC

Output current:  2A .3A. 5A 

Charge current: 1.0A Max.

Ripple&Efficiency: <100mV / >80%

Recommended battery: 12V7Ah , 12V 17Ah

Ups 7ah Main View

Plastic Boxed Access Control Power Supply

Access Control Power Supply, Boxed Power Supply UPS,Power Supply for access control system

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