Married for many years, has long been an old wife's old wife, who have long paid no money to spend Valentine's Day, we pay attention to affordable live, money is spent on the baby body. I didn't want to make fun of Valentine's Day gifts, but on February 13th, the phone just broke. This is not clever!

Iphone for many years, before marriage, girlfriend (now my wife) spent "heavy" sent me a 3GS, then the network is not so developed, iphone nor licensed, only to the computer city to buy parallel imports, 3GS I have been using By 2014, everything was fine, except that the home button was a bit difficult to press. The system was too slow. It was finally eliminated by the times, and replaced the US version of 5c. It was used again on February 13, 2017. Bad screen.

During this period also want to change a mobile phone, from iphone SE to iphone 7 release, has not started, in line with the principle of saving, want to wait until iphone 7s or iphone 8 and then change the phone, the result 5c this throw screen black, all kinds of push phones are Yes, it is impossible to light up the screen. You can't see anything because you can hear it. You can only use the headset to answer the phone. Considering that the screen of 5c has been changed twice, the price of the whole block is equal to half the US version of "new" 5c, so... I bought 7 plus.

Now I have missed the feeling of 5c in the past few days. Plus, it's just too big! If you weren't looking for a dual camera, you should buy an iphone 7 ah. Only the following figure will commemorate my 5c.

Iphone 7 plus official buy links are as follows.

Buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - Apple (China) Buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus now. Buy it online at Direct link

I bought a matte black, first, all white mobile phones I reject, only matte black and bright black optional, bright black is just a hot release, is now just bought, the reason why I did not buy bright black is not Because it is easy to wear, but because it is too easy to leave fingerprints, dirty to the point where you do not wear a mobile phone set can not see, the same two black mobile phones in the hands of a comparison is too dirty.

The following is pseudo out of the box, because there is no mobile phone, and if it is not used out of the box, it will be lost for too long.

Airbund included? Don't tease it. The headphone cable is hidden in the box.

Since the iphone 7 has added a waterproof function, the 3.5mm headphone jack was removed, and instead the Lightning interface was used, and an adapter was included.

Take a few shots against your cell phone. All black is very nice. I personally can't stand a man using a white cell phone.

Iphone 7's home button became untouchable, the front looks beautiful, touch id recognition quickly, use down to unlock a very high success rate. Before the phone did not have fingerprint recognition, home ipad, but not very useful.

The bottom of the machine, canceled the headset hole a lot of symmetry, the bottom becomes a dual speaker? This is not the case. The iPhone 7 plus is indeed a dual-speaker, but the dual speakers are one on the top and one on the bottom. The openings at the bottom of the two speakers are actually a speaker. The other end of the iPhone 7 plus has a talking microphone.

Since the iPhone 6 era, the machine's power button has been moved to the right side, the machine has become large, and then pressing the power button on the top is awkward.

The left and right sides of the machine are the mute button and the volume button.

The back looks very handsome, but even a matte black is a fingerprint collector.

I simply printed an iphone on the back and my appetite.

The key point is that the biggest upgrade of the iphone is a dual camera. It can use the portrait mode to simulate the effect of background blur such as SLR. The flash also changed from the original dual LED to four LED lights.

The machines are all finished, and I don't have any waterproof function. No one will take the mobile phone all day. Ios system also did not look much, and 128G should be the best selling iphone, and it is not easy to fill, I strive to use iphone 10 and then change the new phone!

By the way, the iphone shoot video can support 4k, of course, about 350mb a minute is also very much to eat mobile phone capacity, I have gopro, under normal circumstances is not to use the phone to shoot video, even if the shot 1080p is enough for daily use.

Samples are one, after all, is the background blur that the software calculates, the transition is not natural, but it is still decent.

Well, the drying of the sun is over, and the summary is concluded.

The price is expensive, even if it has been released for a long time, even if the price has been "diving", but the major e-commerce channels still have to 6500 or so, I still feel expensive to buy a mobile phone;

Lens upgrade, portrait mode can play, but also hope that the small screen iphone can also use dual cameras;

Fingerprint recognition rate is very high, unlock fast;

Although the home button can't be pressed, it has a very good feel, and you can use it immediately.

The 3.5mm headphone jack was removed, and the accessory factory can earn one more ticket;

With accustomed to a small machine, taking such a big phone is really not suitable;

Used these days, glad that they did not encounter the current gate.

After the completion of the article, thank you all and look forward to everybody rewarding you and help me return to blood

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