According to the laws of the past, after the Spring Festival, the color TV market will usher in an off-season sales season, especially before the May 1st sales peak. The TV prices of various brands will not change much. However, from the second half of last year, due to the continuous price increase of LCD panels, many television brands have recently chosen to increase their television product prices. In particular, it is a severe test for TV brands that are cost-effective. After all, the pricing of these products is close to the cost line, and the pressure of rising costs is self-evident.

Seven high-end LCD TVs recommended
Although the LCD panel price increase is for the entire TV market, but due to limited sales of high-end products and a relatively generous pricing space, you can digest the pressure of rising raw material costs, so the increase is greater are the low-end TV products. Looking back at the recent high-end TV market, the prices of some large-size products do not even increase, but it is definitely a good time for consumers who want to purchase TV products in the near future.

After all, when it comes to a penny, the high-end TV products not only have excellent quality, but also have outstanding performance in terms of picture quality. The price war has become a thing of the past. With the upgrading of the consumption structure and the constant optimization of product structure, the price adjustment of color TV has become a trend, and the market consumption will gradually return to rationality. In 2017, quantum dot TVs, OLED TVs, and 4K/8K ultra high-definition televisions, which represent high-end trends, will become the trend, and the TV market will also develop toward the trend of large screen and high-end. Today, the author will bring you several high-end high-quality TV products. Your friends who plan to purchase may wish to pay attention.
Shocking quantum dot screen Samsung UA65KS8800 (Click here for details)
The Samsung UA65KS8800 TV adopts Samsung's second-generation quantum dot technology, which can significantly improve the color purity and stability, enhance the color difference performance, and at the same time extend the life of the TV panel. The peak brightness of the TV can reach HDR1000 nits, providing higher brightness and darkness contrast for the image, setting a new standard for TV brightness. Now the series 65-inch UA65KS8800 in the Gome online price 16999 yuan.

Samsung UA65KS8800 QD TV adopts 360° innovative design, truly achieves a 360° no dead angle design, exquisite and noble, and achieves the highest technical integration barrier in the industry. The entire machine is slim and thin. The world's first frameless curved surface design provides users with an unprecedented immersive look and feel.

Superb industrial design
Samsung KS8800 TV uses ultra-thin surface design, not only the appearance of the unique shape, but also enhance the depth of viewing and three-dimensional sense of viewing, like a three-dimensional screen-like visual impact, allowing users to experience immersive global journey.

Curved screen brings more intense immersion
In terms of smart experience, the Samsung KS8800 SUHD second-generation Quantum-dot TV admires the simple beauty, quickly loading popular applications, and the interface can be performed with ease, enabling users to open a fun and smart experience. This time, Samsung and Mango TV can cooperate to watch Hunan Satellite TV's superb variety of hitting variety shows online. Netcoms and self-produced online dramas have everything. Co-workers have more than one million hours of massive digital video content, and they can also imagine hot movies.

Samsung UA65KS8800

[Reference price] 16999 yuan [Dealer] Gome Online
Leapfrog 4K game TV cool open 60N2 (Click for details)
With the rapid rise of the younger generation of consumers, consumers are no longer solely evaluating the quality of television, and the appearance has become an important criterion for the purchase of television. As the center of family entertainment, it has a great influence on the whole family style. Appearance adhering to the cool design of the previous generation of cool TV, the all-metal alloy technology also doubled the fashion sense of this TV. This design concept is also an important direction for the future development of television. Among them, 60N2 is priced at 4799 yuan in Jingdong Mall.

Cool open 60N2 TV adopts forward soundbar SoundBar, one-button Bluetooth function, ultra-narrow full metal frame, CNC precision polishing, etc., while Eiffel's high-end base design is more fashionable. The "super" word is mainly reflected in the two core advantages: big content cloud game + good hardware.

Cool open 60N2 TV
Cool open 60N2 uses online transmission technology, including over 2000 size games, more than 200 mainframe games, Super Street Fighter 4, Lehman, Far Cry 2, Batman and other major console games can be played, you need a separate 10M + light The network, the game is loaded through the cloud, you can run without burning TV configuration, the better the network, the smoother, the game controller adapts to the universal version.

24 core processor
Cool open 60N2 TV uses a new upgraded Cool Open System 5.5, flat interface style operation is more simple and convenient, color is very young, the overall visual effects make people relaxed and happy. And in the actual hands of the author, the response speed is agile, and almost no caton is encountered. Integrate high-quality resources such as film and television, games, shopping, travel, sports, and health, especially in the game.

Cool open 60N2

[Reference price] 4799 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong
ULED Super Large Screen Hisense LED55MU8600UC (Click for details)
The Hisense MU8600 TV series is divided into two mainstream sizes, 55” and 65”, and the overall look of the TV is still very simple. The overall use of light gold with a black screen gives a sense of youthful fashion. With the high color gamut technology, the color gamut has been effectively improved. Ordinary color gamut technology is that the blue LED lamp illuminates the yellow phosphor, inspiring a white backlight, which effectively enhances the color expression and color gradation. Which Hisense MU8600 series 55-inch TV products in Jingdong Mall price 9299 yuan.

MEMC is a display technology that can effectively enhance the details of the motion picture. Unlike other brands, the Hisense MU8600 TV adopts bi-directional 4KM EMC+ technology, which enhances the display effect through vertical two-way scanning, thereby expanding the search scope, such as the CBA game. In the high-speed sports scene, the phenomenon of smearing and ghosting can be reduced to a level that is hardly noticeable to the human eye, and the player's action details are more expressive. When watching sports TV subtitles, there will be no jitter.

Hisense MU8600 series TV
Why do I say that 4000R is the golden curvature, 4000R curvature is the best curvature of surface television recognized in the television industry. It has the same curvature as the eye lens. This curvature allows every point of the TV to be exactly equidistant from the eye. It is the most comfortable viewing TV curvature. In the performance of presence, surface design does have a wider sense of screen extension. When viewed at close range, the extension of the visual areas on both sides of the curved surface makes the telepresence feel better than the flat-panel TV.

Has many quality enhancement techniques
In terms of content, Hisense MU8600 TV, iCNTV (Future TV Co., Ltd.) and Tencent Video TV End brings a wealth of content, so some of the more popular TV dramas and movie theaters can be on-demand on Hisense TV. It will also be automatically updated. The ad hoc intelligent recommendation engine pushes content according to the user's browsing habits, making it very user-friendly.

Hisense LED55MU8600UC

[Reference price] 9299 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong
55吋4K Four Colors HDR Skyworth 55G7 (Click here for details)
Skyworth has long maintained its leading position in color TV technology. In the face of technical disputes in the color TV market, Skyworth has grasped the general trend of the industry and continuously innovates and breakthroughs in technology. Skyworth 55G7 adopts the high-end HDR technology jointly developed by Skyworth and LG Display. - 4-color HDR. At present, this TV is priced at 7,699 yuan in Jingdong Mall. Interested friends may wish to look at it.

Skyworth G7 Chinese Dream Series
The design of Skyworth G7 originated from China's modern industrial design aesthetics, its visual simplicity is constantly innovating, and its functional design is in the same line. The slim, artistic design concept can even completely dilute our understanding of traditional smart TVs, and let consumers think that television is not just a viewing tool. It can also be done so stylishly and so stylishly. The design concept will also interpret the future direction of smart TV.

Four-color HDR technology
The total number of Skyworth G7 processors is as high as 25 cores in the industry, which is different from the ordinary inherited computing methods. The G7 uses eight independent computing chips to perform their duties, resulting in a comprehensive improvement of various function effects and guaranteeing quality and speed. . And the use of industry benchmark quality technology - 4-color HDR, HDR chip decoding and 4-color screen control chip reading code, effectively reduce the loss of picture quality in the decoding, more realistic to restore the actual picture.

Massive film and television content
For television, both hardware and content are standard and are indispensable. The television industry has always followed a hardware-based approach, but the value of content can no longer be ignored. In particular, exclusive, distinctive content is very attractive to users and can enhance users' willingness to pay for viewing. Not long ago, Skyworth announced that it would like to buy one or two years of Tencent video or iQiyi Qiguo VIP member service on the basis of the original content for consumers who purchase high-end TVs.

Skyworth 55G7

[Reference price] 7699 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong
Large screen quantum dot flagship TCL Q65X1S-CUD (Click for details)
The TCL X1 is equipped with the world's top display technology, such as Yue Quan QD display technology, brilliant image quality processing engine, Dolby Vision HDR, and Local Dimming partition backlighting, to achieve a huge leap forward. One 65-inch TV products in the official TCL Mall price of 25,999 yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.

XESS creatively uses the 4000R gold visual curvature screen with the same curvature as the human eye to provide users with a stunning immersive viewing experience. Whether it is like HBO's genuine American drama, exclusive cinema new movie, or sporting events and game-playing consumers, TCL's surface TVs have a lot of high-quality free content that cannot be viewed. The viewing requirements will allow users to enjoy the visual feast during the National Day.

Quantum dots display material
Another major breakthrough for XESS TV is to directly increase the peak brightness to 1500 nits, which makes the OLED products with a peak brightness of 600 nits overshadow. The human-readable range of brightness is from 0.00001 nits to 20000 nits, while the display brightness of traditional TVs is only 0.117 nits to 400 nits. In addition, TCL has taken the lead in challenging the higher standards and will fully satisfy the HDR solution with resources, hardware, and software. Finally obtained DolbyVision certification standards.

Carrying life with quality and taste
In the open test of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Radio and TV products not long ago, it was proved that T1-based televisions are mainly X1. The major performance indicators are much higher than the industry average, including X1 color gamut coverage (DCI-P3). The highest values ​​in the database, the peak brightness exceeding the industry average of 77.9%, and the color brightness exceeding the industry average of 26% have broken the current industry level.


[Reference price] 25999 yuan [Dealer] TCL Mall
Japan original panel Sharp 70-inch flagship TV (Click for details)
Sharp is known as the "Father of LCD" reputation, a good brand image and excellent product reputation has long enjoyed a good reputation. At present, China’s TV industry is facing an Internet transition. Traditional TV brands can only serve users better by keeping up with the Internet age. Sharp TV, the international giant, took the lead in breaking the pattern, fully accessing the Internet TV era, and launching 4 Internet TV products. One of the 70 inches in the Sharp Mall sells for 16999 yuan.

The TV products on the market are actually very deep water. A TV and TV use Samsung screen, AUO screen and BOE screen at the same time. Consumers are hard to prevent. Sharp 70-inch Internet TV ensures that each LCD panel imported from Japan is used, and the quality is not in doubt. . In addition, Sharp's decades of TV R&D experience and high level of product manufacturing capabilities have always maintained a high level of quality in the industry. I am afraid that none of the television brands would dare to admit it.

Japan original LCD panel
The operating system of Ali YunOS for TV has long been ubiquitous. This is the system used by the nation’s top-selling Lynx box. Its maturity, reliability, ease of use, and abundant resources are the reasons why people love the YunOS for TV system. Sharp 70-inch Internet TV can watch Youku and Tudou's all video resources, and donate 32 months of membership services (worth 2128 yuan). In addition, it also brings together China TV and Ali Entertainment content. Obviously, Sharp's entry into the Internet camp is well-accepted.

Theater sound effects
Through the above introduction of Sharp's 70-inch Internet TV, this TV has reached a high level in the industry in terms of brand influence, product design, picture quality performance, multi-channel surround speakers, smart chips, and massive video content. A new high-end Internet TV product with no shortcomings, for the potential high-end consumers who are concerned about the quality of life, can buy this product at this price after the double 11 and strongly recommend that consumers do not miss it.

Sharp LCD-70TX85A

[Reference price] 16999 yuan [Dealer] Sharp official mall
Photographic master flagship Sony KD-65Z9D (Click for details)
Sony's flagship new 4K HDR TV Z9D series not only equipped with a dynamic backlight system - Master Edition technology, X1 Extreme image processing chip, and the most 100-inch specifications, has become the most historical size of Sony TV. One Z9D series 65-inch TV products in the Jingdong Mall priced at 27,999 yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.

Sony Z series TV equipped with Sony Backlight Master Drive backlight technology, so that the highest TV can even reach 4,000 nits of brightness, the past traditional LED TV peak brightness is generally less than 500 nits, and other companies launched this year, the highest HDR TV brightness It is generally around 1000 nits. Sony is also equipped with a 4K HDR image processing chip X1 Extreme on the Z9D series. According to Sony's official data, the chip's real-time image processing capability is 40% higher than the previous-generation 4K image processing chip X1, which can provide users with more precise, more detailed, more realistic display effects and an unprecedented visual experience.

Sony Z9D series TV
The Z9D series TV is equipped with the "Backlight Master Drive" technology, which changes the layout of the common side-entry backlights on current LCD TVs by using a high-density direct matrix backlight. The precise control of the screen brightness. Sony also significantly reduced light scattering on traditional full-matrix LED TVs by concentrating scattered LED light to one point, resulting in higher color contrast and wider color gamut.

4K image processing chip
It is reported that the 4K HDR image processing chip X1 Extreme can also improve the SDR standard dynamic range content quality of the HD specification to a level close to the native 4K HDR. It uses Sony's image database to perform noise reduction processing. Through pattern comparison, dual database processing technology using "dual database processing" is used to remove unnecessary noise in each frame of the image and finally achieve 4K-level definition.

Sony KD-65Z9D

[Reference price] 27,999 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong
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