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In the past two years, the days of flat-panels have been hard to beat (difficult to charge the wrong toothpaste factory), and the market has fallen seriously. At present, the flat-panel market has three points, ipad is dominant, and win board is dependent on productivity and low-cost. . . . . All life is in the troubled times, Android version because of the scarcity of applications (Windows should not be the scarcity of the most you?) Only the strength of the day.

Buy fire for crickets? (Too much gossip can be skipped)

The adult on the mother's birthday, I wondered what gifts to send, I think the tablet is a better choice, the mother had an adult ipad mini2 originally sent by my sister, used daily to see the drama, strolling Taobao, brush friends Circle, chatting with my sister (occupy overseas), but lost her last year's travel and never bought it afterwards. As far as usage is concerned, functional requirements are not strong, and simple entertainment tablets are nothing. Win board directly excludes, after all, there is no productivity requirements, compared to win, Andrews and ios operation is more simple, although my mother is in his early fifties, but it is totally ignorant of electronic products, I own that raping if the stone Shuo win plate I Mom has never used it before. On the price, I am a freshman student, usually addicted to electronics and metaphysics, my mother's budget to buy a tablet is only about 700 yuan, originally thought to go to the trash to see if I can buy a pro son or Dafa or ipad mini2 Hey, but think about it for the mother, after all, how can you send it to second hand! The price of the tablet, basically is not the old style is the village, or some parallel imports, the quality of some of the show I will also fire, plus my mom usually prefer to read, the built-in kindle also draw it, this tablet The price is relatively cheap, watching videos at the same time, reading books can be anything. The US version sells for only 49.9 knives, and the state bank must be 500, but it can't be root, but considering that it may not be tossing or entering the country. I bought it in Jingdong. Amazon's express delivery is not at ease.

[MI] version Amazon Amazon kindle fire tablet to send 500 yuan contents of interest package built-in e-book 7-inch WIFI version of black 529 yuan 500 yuan to what the bicycle Jingdong direct link appearance time

Unopened box, yellow like orange I feel pretty good

On the back of a variety of propaganda, because it is Android tablet, you know

The bottom label, and so on? Packaging can also reflect?

Side headline eye-catching

The overall opening is quite easy (cheap) color (price) easy to pull bar, may be because there is no film, manually experience the pleasure of love machine film it

Pull out one. . . I have to say that Apple's packaging does not know where to go

Do not read the series (it also does not have any content)


Just bought it back for half a day to write (my mother: who to buy in the end) I will skip the activation part, but must be Tucao, even on the tablet can not register a new account, a registration to show network errors, or take My account is logged in.

System interface, the mother to use a few software down, virtual buttons without love, the system is fluent

The main interface, unlike other Android, is that the upper area alone shows the recently purchased book

After the basic interface moves to the left, it is the book interface. After all, Amazon is losing money to buy resources to send hardware.

To the right is the shopping interface, hold back my hand

Simple to simple pull-down menu, anti-Blu-ray mode see below

Huang Chengyi is to highlight the enemy with Blu-ray?

In order to test the performance, take the entertainment rabbit and score two points.

More than 20,000 points, what else can I say? The fluency of the system is certainly no problem, leaving the royal war and the dead pesticides.

There was no problem with the royal war that had never been tested in the test, but the frame rate was a little lower, which made me a bit worried about pesticides. Sure enough, the teaching stage became a ppt, and I wouldn’t let it go.

The multitasking interface is also not a key to clear, it is a slot, but my mom will never use

Summary of use: There is not much difference between the hardware of the tablet and what I expected. It is limited to the state of being usable. To my surprise, the system is imperfect, and the lack of various functions such as one-click removal is one aspect. After all, not flyme and miui, I do not want to differentiate the features, but in the stability of the system, there will be a small bug in registering an account, this should not be. In terms of hardware experience, it is worth drawing, after all, this price, the system is relatively smooth, the test 1080p and 720p video is also smooth playback, with the kindle database, reading, watching videos, micro-chat and other functions is worth its full value .

Recommended users:

Only asking for simple use such as watching videos, reading books, etc.

Start kindle, but think the kindle function is too single

First you need to enter a cheap Android board

Moneyly will want to buy want to buy

I expected the beginning, but did not expect this end

When the manuscript hit half of the time, my dad came home and he bought my mom a ipad mini4. Sure enough, the money is wayward. I look aggressive and I'm really close to myself. Sending gifts to my tablet is also my job. Nothing to say. Then, my mother chose the ipad mini4, after all, the ipad is higher than the fire to do not know where to go. The price has returned to the blood and I knew this one was a bit softer and I could sell it.

Hanging idle and idle fish, everyone is interested in looking at

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