When I first started to go it alone, I was often introduced by friends to different people. I was particularly impressed by something.

The mobile phone is inevitably a topic of discussion. There are times when a business owner who has seen a few times said: None of my friends’ circles use OPPO VIVO, and none of them use Meizu hammers. Millet Huawei.

I took out my mobile phone and said: I'm the one I use for the iPhone.

"You don't count that, Apple is bad."

I don’t know if it’s because I’m sorry to use something that is too bad, or because I don’t get into the atmosphere of what I’m trying to put on, I’ve also got myself sour, and I’ve got less and less intersection with this group of people. As a primer, mentioning a few letters in vivo can be considered a task.

The mobile phone market in 2016 was a year when the pessimism in the end of the 15th year was not optimistic that there was actually a small outbreak of growth and it was catching up with the consumption upgrade. In the year from the end of 16th, if several different brands were publicly focused on the same period of time, "Return" on the "profit" reversed, it may be that everyone thinks that the market structure has been formed to some extent.

About feelings

What is the relationship between feelings and vivo, they have any relationship with wood.

Feelings and stories are related. This story can be a kind of spirit, it can be a kind of personal personality charm.

Feelings can be consumed, stories tell, fans have gone up, products have been done, but production capacity can't keep up, yields can't keep up, prices don't come up, firmware is unstable, etc. etc. Feelings are probably the main reason to pay. factor. Even if it is iron, it is still bought. It is envied that such a user's brand is happy. If you do business improperly, your feelings can also be consumed. Fortunately, after exploration and growth, such as Meizu and hammers, 2016 was better than before. The balance of perseverance and compromise was found before feelings were consumed.

Vivo is entirely another story. It does not require "sentiment" or even seems to be far away from the Internet. It appears in the TV advertisements with one mind and one heart, and lays down the channels of the 2344 cities. When it comes to vivo, it is more likely to talk. Advertisements, popular celebrity spokespersons, and the product itself seem to have been overlooked. Because of consumer-based reasons, it is also known as the "factory machine." Once I was blindfolded by the brand's plot, I also lazy that the success of vivo is mainly the success of marketing, but neglected that “sentiment” itself is also a kind of marketing, just to see what kind of arguments they prefer to accept or to say their own How to set up a field.

Before the experience of the charm blue metal holding a mobile phone in the workshop swaying to see the women workers are almost an oppo vivo, Meizu in a company of 300 people only me, this scene is that time is that those are the main road cargo I use small I am proud of everyone. It is quite shocking to think about it now.

Has the city expanded beyond the first line. Is this abandoning the first-tier cities? - It should not be replaced by anyone.

For the madness of the first-tier cities, one of the typical manifestations of the general attacks on the countryside surrounding the city - personal feelings is vivo-sponsored Luo Fei's New Year speech. Luo Fei’s audience-intensive area of ​​knowledge products is the first-tier cities and big cities of Beishangguang. In 2016, the speech will be set in Shenzhen in Shenzhen. It is in the research feedback that Shenzhen won the highest votes outside Beijing, and Luo’s likes to be warm and does not want to be cold. Children are set in Shenzhen.

Vivo received the first-ever national TV ratings ratings of the same TV viewers through the sponsorship of the New Year speech, and the vision of vivo marketing vision.

The most prominent of the entire scene is Xplay6, similar to the title sponsorship, which is vivo's flagship of the year, the highest price of a high-end mobile phone. The competition between cell phone models in second, third, and fourth tier cities runs from thousand yuan to 2000-2500 yuan. The Xplay6 flagship model's main target user concentration area should be more focused on first-tier urban cities. As a product of the "horn" role, Xplay5's explorations and beddings are being heard both online and offline, as well as in rural and urban areas. The Xplay6 brought about by the perseverance of high-end products and the steady and steady style of vivo, how is it? I'm very fortunate to get the aunt's favor.

This has become a confession of Apple users with a Meizu plot on vivo, all these are also in the experience of Xplay6 during the turmoil, just for entertainment.

How to look at Xplay6

There is no doubt that no short-circuit, more balanced, and perfectly performing mobile phones will surely grow from scratch, and homogenization of hardware configurations will be inevitable and will become less and less important.

How do different brands make different kinds of mobile phones? Differentiators are behind manufacturers' right to speak in the supply chain, output capability to product ID, accumulation and control of processing technology, and harmonious combination of tolerances, yields, yields and sales. , as well as the ability of the hardware to optimize at the software level.

It can be seen from the headline of the 2016 Mobile Phone Annual Report that one of the most important indicators – retention rate, oppo and vivo is the largest among all brands, and vivo is slightly higher than oppo. Millet and Apple users are the bulk of the influx of users, especially millet inflow users have significantly higher camera requirements. It can be seen from the data of November in the function heat of the mobile phone that the dual camera, fast charge, and hyperboloid screen are ranked one or two respectively. The personal surprise is that the most important first-line experience for mobile phone users is actually whether the picture is clear or not. Really do not know the statistics do not really know. Others do not expand. Interested students can go to the headline data center's annual report today.

Extracting these points from a dozens of pages of reports is mainly focused on the three points that individuals have prepared for Xplay6: Product ID, dual cameras, and music. First of all, in addition to ios in the Android camp so many mobile phones, everyone's system foundation is the same, the depth of the various customization and development of the system is based on the same. From the Xplay6's box and advertising slogans, vivo's focus on Xplay6 is "camera & music" - camera and music playback, and the third point is the product ID of "itself an advertisement."

俺 俺 俺 俺 简称 简称 简称 简称

A high-definition video briefly lists the features of Xplay6

Visual - and visual related, divided into two parts: appearance and screen performance

Full surface

Vivo Xplay6 uses a quadric surface with a left and right hyperboloids + upper and lower surfaces or a full-surface screen, which is the most direct highlight of this cell phone. Unlike 2.5D glass, 2.5D only needs to be polished on the edge. The curved surface needs to be bent by heating, and the hot bending is only the first step of the entire process. The process difficulty of surface control is mainly controlled by the tolerance. This difficulty is far from being expressed by 2.5D processing. From the huge shipment of vivo and the actual appearance that Xplay6 sees in its hands, the control of production technology in the vivo is very scary.

The curvature of the Xplay6's curved surfaces on both sides is larger than that of the former flagship Xplay5, which makes the arc surface look better visually. The upper and lower edges do not participate in the display. The arc is much smaller, but the surface is not 2.5D. There is a U-rail joint between the screen cover and the middle frame, and no joints are visible in the seams.

The most direct result of the curved screen is the change of the display effect, so that the mobile phone screen has more visual experience.

Only the functions of the surface display part are still relatively single, which is mainly to display information; the side pull menu cannot be exhaled without being awakened. All the hyperboloids in the market seem to be like this, and it is estimated that they are all working hard to develop the expansion function to better use the surface part.

At present, from the point of view of the system's native settings, the function of the curved screen and the individualized options are: First, the screen-out clock. In addition to the conventional display on the front of the screen, another display method is to display the time on the upper right side of the curved screen. Date battery power and other information, the two forms of each form of the display time span of up to 18 hours, if you want to always have the surface part of the show screen clock, 18 hours enough to meet the demand.

The other is the shortcut menu for surface exhalation. After the screen is awakened, the shortcut menu can be exhaled. The exhalation position can be seen from the first picture, and the left and right sides can be selected from 5 fixed positions from top to bottom. Satisfy the need for exhalation locations for different sizes and operating habits.

As for the brilliance of the call, I feel that even if the original factory is good, the third party can certainly achieve it.

The default function stops here, of course, simply from the visual effects, nature is good.

As the angular contact area increases, the risk of banding naturally increases, and vivo releases the panel directly with a “3D curved surface protective film”. This film is almost completely covered. Only one hole below the home button is missing. Also close enough, after all, the total surface of the film to their own difficulty is still relatively large.

The last cover of this dark horizontal line is not a scratch where the focal plane is located.

Antenna arrangement, physical buttons unilateral distribution, audio interface data interface speaker hole concentrated at the bottom, only one at the top of the wheat opening. The overall appearance of no slot, under the cover of the entire surface of the light, the entire mobile phone technology is not silent in the silent struggle points. Only blame the entire surface for being too radiant. There is only one thing I don’t like very much. It’s the color of the rose gold. I’m not too picky about it.

5.5" 2K Super AMOLED

The information that can be obtained from this phrase is 5.5 inches - actual 5.46 inches, large screen, resolution 2K, so that the pixel density is absolutely enough, the delicateness of the picture is certainly guaranteed. Super AMOLED stands for rich, vibrant colors, not to mention the user’s personal preference for the color of the mobile phone screen. At least one eye looks very intuitive and the color of the screen is so beautiful.

The color management of Android system has been making new attempts, but if it is really required, the functional integrity of this color management is definitely not enough for users who have such requirements. In addition, AMOLED itself has more intense colors. In the actual daily use process, we have always seen the saturation of the screen color.

A reference system that came to mind - since Win and MAC are currently unable to support desktop color management, the visual effects of AMOLEDs are probably similar to the background color of desktop icons on win or mac on the wide-gamut screen "in AdobeRGB mode". Win's own picture viewer also does not support color management, so the effect class is similar to the win-view photo viewer on the wide color gamut screen.

Not in a hurry, wood has a wide color gamut of wood useful over AMOLED screen is also all right, 咱 here to do a little trick to restore the visual experience. The picture that Aunt Tom's family is most familiar with, Auntie's logo, and the screenshot of Aunt's app interface. One remains as it is. One specifies a wrong configuration file. "It's not simply increasing the saturation but specifying an incorrect one. The configuration file is then converted to a configuration file that fits all screens.” Then it is combined into a GIF as shown below. Using the GIF chart with very good color, the differences can also be clearly seen.

The grapevine claims that Apple has booked 40% of Samsung's AMOLED production capacity. Maybe the next generation of Apple's mobile phones will be like this.

When the iPhone and Xplay6 are used interchangeably during the experience, each time you switch to Xplay6 is an eye wow, this picture is too cool. Then use Xplay6 alone from morning till night and you won't feel that this color will be boring. AMOLED really excels at delighting the eye for visual pleasure.

In order to make full use of this advantage, Vivo's official lock screen replacement is more careful, as long as the network, it will push a new lock screen map to the phone, and classification, there is a holiday festival, a map for each category every day . Looking at this half-monthly view, Vivian selected pictures are more beautiful, landscape-like geography class has a lot of national geographic maps, in no way inferior to the special standby screen app inside the popular desktop map, and these selected maps more Can reflect the advantages of AMOLED in color performance. Randomly pick a few to make an approximate display.

With these plans, I have abandoned the most beloved Azerbaijan screensaver. To comfort myself, I put Ahmadien on the edge to take a photo. There are so delicate and intimate daily pictures to push. .

Visual-related and then add a video playback, color part is not repeated, see a system comes with a player screenshot

The player interface is concise, easy to operate, and supports a wide range of video formats. At present, there are no files that cannot be played. One more is to support PIP split-screen playback, and it can be placed anywhere on the screen.

With regard to the experience of watching the screen on the left and right surfaces, sometimes the curved surface will make the screen visually narrow, and some special images will slightly affect the overall sense of the screen. For example, when watching the streaming video on the oil pipe in full screen. "The screenshots are different from the actual visual effects, just to mention it."

About the appearance and the screen, probably purple sauce friends.

Listen - Support DSD hard solution

Reference official copy: Xplay is the sound quality of the vivo mobile phone family, playing ES9038 a new generation of DAC decoding chip customized with ESS, with the casual passenger put OPA1622, to achieve a hard solution DSD format on mobile phones, and strategic cooperation with QQ music, turn Massive sound source.

Mobile phone support hard solution DSD should be LG before Xplay6, Xplay6 looks like it is the only open hard solution DSD mobile phone. Put the Sony ZX100 next to the original 3500 to buy, as a specialized midrange player he can not support hard solution DSD, but this is more than a little rogue, not a product of time. And it's not that without DSD, you can't give good playback performance. But things always come directly to mind.

From the beginning there is a mobile phone main music function there is a discussion - there is no need to go HIFI phone, in fact, some of the HIFI is impractical, but everyone is so talk about it so to say it. With the continuous iteration of mobile phones, the superposition of various functions, the use of mobile phones as portable music players is not controversial. Long tail theory tells us that there are always a certain number of users who hope that the mobile phone can have better music playback performance. Then Xplay6 comes with a hard solution DSD. The DSD format's theoretically high sampling rate can bring more complete details and a more clean sound, isn't it just a representative leap forward with a qualitative leap? If you really want to go online, I can say that vivo did not promote circuit design, the use of electrolytic capacitors and other purifying originals. To have a better sense of hearing, to have output equipment, etc., he only supported hard solutions. To achieve the hardware preparation, this is also a unilateral necessary preparation.

Further refinement of some of the analysis, when using a mobile phone as a front-end, coupled with the limitations of mobile phone storage capacity "in fact, 128G capacity is not small," the use of the scene is certainly not the right to use the Xplay6 in the living room connected to the HIFI Suite to enjoy music, More is used in the mobile scene, the sound source is more likely to be the FLAC format that is already the highest sound quality in the streaming media. The DSD hard solution does not seem to be just needed.

Then why should DSD hard solution, personally feel that the first one is the heart of the meter in the bag is not panic, and the audio format support from the previous configuration upgrade will inevitably come to the DSD hard solution support;

In addition, this is vivo's own flagship of the year, as a horn on the hardware configuration, a vertical sign tells everyone that high-end mobile phones can do this, so I also mentioned the beginning of vivo's dedication to high-end, this is not only to achieve "Yes," it also achieved the first domestic brand. This record is still very beautiful.

Another point, Xplay6's data interface is currently the most common interface microUSB, so if you really want to play an external touch is not troublesome.

All the listening sensations described below are based on Xplay6 with the original headset XE680.

The reason for this collocation is relatively simple and brutal. First of all, I did not regard it as a professional player. Second, the headset is included in the total price, not a free delivery. Third, there is a dedicated Xplay6 player software. XE680 collocation configuration file, such a combination should be able to better reflect in the existing conditions vivo want to express the most easily realized to the user's sense of hearing.

This seems more reasonable. If I try to listen with other better headphones, users who don't have such a pair of headphones will not be able to experience the feeling of hearing.

After the BBE mode is turned on, the sound quality is improved significantly. The effect is similar to that of the Sony player that turns on the "alcohol tone" mode. The audition process BBE opens all the way.

According to the familiar music in recent months to comprehend the sense of hearing - I am a musical omnivorous animal, but the sound source is 24bit but not all.

The first is low frequency and the impression is deeper. Good control, transient performance is more prominent, sense of volume and dive are, there is a little bit heavy turbidity, some head. I'm just like that type of low frequency that destroys all the strange audiences. Some of the "destroyed" ones are saying it. In other words, this low frequency performance is more suitable for listening to pop, such as metal punk Jpop and the like.

What makes the color more attractive in the triple-frequency is the IF and vocal concentration area. The resolution is good, the sound is not obvious, and it is relatively slightly biased towards restoration. The texture male voice is especially textured. For example, if the female voice is transcribed, for example, the TOP20 female transcript inside Eva Cassidy's Over the Rainbow is very comfortable. But changing to Agnes's music changed the style immediately, becoming somewhat erratic, or somewhat loose and unsturdy.

There is a kind of strange feeling in high frequencies, and it is not clear what kind of bias is in the end. It is erratic, empty but sometimes extra-thick. This strange sensation may be caused by the sound of the sound. This sound may also be the way in which vivo wants to intervene to compensate for the weak areas of the XE680. It is still a bit of a requirement that some can't hold it.

Overall, the original EX680 is more suitable for listening to the epidemic. It has a certain obstructing effect on the environmental sound. As a street match, it can feed the ears. But don't be afraid to listen to New Age when you're out on the street.

Photo - dual camera and firmware are the highlights

1200W + 500W + dual color temperature LED + a set of excellent shooting firmware + excellent quality performance, optical image stabilization effect law-abiding. This is the feeling of using the entire camera.

First look at a video - the content for the rapid resolution of the shooting interface. So I will save a lot of screenshots with text to illustrate the characteristics of the shooting firmware, you can put more photos to see the actual performance of this camera

Dual Camera - includes first shot after focusing

No more nonsense, intuitive effect as shown below

The mobile phone camera is still unable to change the aperture "is there any volume production yet", so this visual appearance seems to be changing the aperture size to change the effect of the scene depth is actually obtained by algorithm simulation, two cameras a collection of pictures Color Information and Screen Composition Another 500W camera captures the depth of field information so that two kinds of information are stored in one picture and can be selected later. This effect is similar to that achieved by the previous light field camera, except that the two cameras collect data before A single camera shoots more than one synthetic light field map faster and more accurately and with higher success rates.

The practical meaning of this kind of collocation is not that you can play on a photo after you have taken it. Instead, you can get a "blur effect" like a large-aperture camera lens directly through a mobile phone. Xplay6's blurring effect is within 2 meters. It's not impossible to achieve it beyond 2 meters. It's just that effect is too fake. However, in other words, even if a large-aperture lens with a 35-mm angle of view is selected in the full-frame SLR with a focal point of 2 meters, if the aperture receives F2.0, the blur effect will be much weaker.

The left side is a dual camera mode, and the right side is a normal mode.

Like these small scenes, Xplay6's dual camera mode can be said to be hand-to-hand, and it immediately gives you a feeling.

Then dig a little harder to see if vivo is adequately prepared

The focus of this picture is on the small circular light box on the right. It is about 6 meters beyond me. It is beyond the range of 2 meters. You can see that there are obvious blurred parts in the picture, but this blur is not consistent with the law of depth of field. However, it's pretty good to see what rules it controls.

The two figures are a group. The figure below shows the normal mode. The picture above shows the dual camera mode.

Because the building is too far away from me, the double camera mode is impossible to get any decent effect, so the back focus is placed on the row of perforated lights underneath the bridge rails in front of me to see the blur effect in the distance. There are still a few things. To this day, one of the biggest features has not yet been discovered. This is something that needs to be mastered. It can be seen in the following group.

The lamppost on the left side of these two graphs is less than 2 meters away from me, which is in line with the conditions. In the normal mode, the double-shot mode is shown in the figure above, but the obvious difference between the brightness and darkness is obvious. My focus is on the light part of the lamp post, which means that the reference point for metering is the bright part of the lamp post.

In this way, it can be seen that even if the metering point is selected in the normal mode, the system algorithm will still take care of the global exposure.

After selecting the focus point in the dual camera mode, the exposure reference of the entire screen is based on the exposure of the selected part. This is logically reasonable. Why?

The purpose of selecting the focus point is to make the alternative part clear in order to highlight this part, and then the blurring around the dual camera is more to highlight this part, so the exposure of this part must be accurate. If you think from this idea, then this algorithm is problematic. It is only when we use it that we have to make reasonable use of our hearts.

Even though the double shots are good, they cannot be greedy. The effect is straightforward. We still have to look at the overall quality of the camera.


The two-dimensional image of the imaging system is based on a camera's resolution, color reproduction capability, latitude, white balance exposure combination algorithm, and the engineer's understanding of photography and use of the camera for the public. The grasp of the appeal. It's complicated.

This is a photo with HDR effect turned on. The following figure shows a 100% screenshot of the dark part "followed by a worth of 600 pixels horizontal pixel 1:1 interception." HDR mode through the algorithm to reduce the screen light than the bright part of the highlights suppress the highlights to retain more details, if you do not master the easy to use excessive force, can be seen from the figure, the dark part is brighter after the brighter colors, is a little Some sharpen excessively. When the HDR is turned off, there is no such sharpening phenomenon. The overall control is not bad.

The two maps are a comparison of HDR on and off. The bright part of the side near the sun in the upper right corner is darkened, the details of the floating clouds are more abundant, and the dark parts under the corners are brighter and more colorful. The light is not exaggerated in its own picture, and the overall performance is not bad.

In the complex light of the room, especially in the picture below to participate in a friend's wedding shoot this picture, the color temperature of different light sources in the picture are different, the color temperature of the Xplay6 in the picture is very good control, can accurately restore the color of each part of the picture.

The light ratio of this picture is already relatively large. The brightness of several mushroom lamps on the light show is very different from the brightness on the back wall. The exposure is based on the mushroom lamp. At this time, the picture on the back wall remains pure and does not appear. Color noise, noise control is also ideal.

From these two views of light to the larger ones, the advantages of noise suppression in the shadows are fully reflected and they are doing very well.

The two pictures on the two pictures are shot in the equivalent macro mode controlled by the focus control in the professional mode. The following picture shows the double camera mode. In addition to the difference in blur, there is no obvious difference in the image quality of the strawberry flower parts. Vivo can be seen The balance between the different modes of the camera does a good job, but also partially confirms the idea of ​​integrating the different modes mentioned in the copy.

This picture was taken in the co-pilot position. The glare control of the headlights across the road is very good. It is easy to see the inclination of the front windshield.

Figure 1 shows the direct shooting of "shoot and shoot" in normal mode. The exposure combination in Figure 2 is the "professional mode" shown in Figure 3, and the ISO is controlled manually at 50. The exposure time is extended to 2 seconds. It is very simple. With one operation, the picture can be significantly improved, and the full control of the camera by the professional mode brings great convenience to the shooting.

Of course, if in order to reflect the idea of ​​vivo adjustment - mode integration is ready to shoot, I can focus on the left side of the building in the normal mode, it is also able to achieve the same exposure combination to get the effect of Figure II . Here is mainly to demonstrate the advantages of the professional model, which can only be considered a small knife. For example, achieving long-explosive professional mode will have obvious advantages.

Panorama stitching, This dark tone is due to the left-to-right shooting, the brighter left, and the beginning of the metering is based on the left side, so the more to the right, the lower the brightness. This has the advantage that it is very convenient for later processing, such as processing through Snapseed, to get good results.

In portrait mode, the left picture shows the front camera self portrait, and the right picture shows the rear main camera portrait mode. I always feel that the portrait mode is not related to photography. Just like people do, women like it. This mode is successful. .

The quickest way to please the family during the Spring Festival is to photograph everyone with the portraiture mode.

Speaking of self-timer has a more fun experience, my personal offline photography course mobile photography part of the first class limited to 40 people to register, the results were all women, when it was really happy or happy. Then I talked a lot more than the self-timer. Finally I was asked, "Why don't you teach yourself how old you are?"

"Ah?! If I want to teach myself, I'm sure you're better than me. I won't shoot myself. I want you to teach me and I'll give you 5 cents each." There was a laugh in the classroom.

The experience of the vivo Xplay6 camera part basically covers all common requirements. As a flagship mobile phone, the performance of this camera is fully qualified and excellent. The operation interface is simple and efficient, and considerate. Including some of the content mentioned in the video screen that is not mentioned in the picture, overall, it is an excellent camera + firmware combination.

Vivo has positioned Xplay6 as camera&music. This camera is not defective.

In addition to ID, Camera & Music

It is the system and interaction. The interactive interface in vivo can be said to be more thorough in appleization. The styles and icons include some low-level interactions that are very appleized. With good learning, there will always be problems. Of course, there are a lot of voices that are plagiarism. Without his own style, this personally feels really unimportant. Users do not complain, that is good. Android is a feature that many Apple can not achieve, such as double-click wake-up, rogue OTG these more practical features.

The experience has been written for a long time. Here are some of the more important reports.

First of all, Snapdragon 820+6G memory, running the above certainly do not have to worry about not enough, to hand so many days, has always been a matter of course, sometimes feel too sensitive but to bring some misuse.

Fingerprint recognition speed and accuracy can be described with lightning speed.

Twin engine flash charge, 9V2A fast charge, 4000mAh battery charge to 95% for almost an hour and a half, running in power-saving mode does not feel a significant decline in performance, of course, no need for practical power-saving mode, and now is almost everywhere Rechargeable, just like WiFi is everywhere. There is absolutely no problem with using one day normally.

The background controls and optimizations detect that a background with high power consumption will notify the request processing in the pull-down menu.

The USB debugging mode is called separately. After the USB is connected to the computer, it is not necessary to go to the developer mode to adjust the connection mode. In fact, there is no developer mode in the menu. As long as the USB connection is successful, it is directly displayed in the menu for selection. Convenient. OTG is listed separately and is easy to operate.

Smart keeps the screen bright and fun, detecting head movements through the front camera, keeping the screen bright and not automatically shutting down when the screen looks at the screen. I did a small experiment. The phone was on the front and the head was twisted to look elsewhere. The screen darkened after 1 minute of “set time for automatic blanking out.” At this time, I turned my head and looked at the screen. The screen immediately returned to normal brightness. It's fun and practical.

I couldn't help but ran a minute to see if the cell phone in my hand was in a row. It was quite a pleasure to see. In addition to the apple, the front ones were all 821.

One system upgrade and one failure. There is no problem with the system upgrade. The screenshot on the right is an attempt to use the “desktop desktop” that comes with the system. I didn’t expect a click prompt to load the file. Then I can't move it on this screen, whether it is forcibly shutting down or using the volume keys. There is no way to fix it with the power button and enter recovery mode to fix it. It has been on this screen. Later, when the driver has moved, pull the menu to pull it out and enter the settings. Put “System Settings” in the side pull menu and then click to enter the system settings. Turn off the scene-based desktop and solve this problem. An episode throughout the entire experience.

Finally replace the text with a few pictures

In fact, there are still some contents that were not released in the graphic and were taken in the initial video.

Summing up - You also call the party. "Summary" is also a subtitle.

Finally gave an account of the experience of Xviv6, vivo's flagship mobile phone of the year.

In the previous analysis of the market's text mentioned that "no short-board hardware configuration is perfect and the mobile phone will surely grow from scratch", this Xplay6 is basically a phone with no obvious shortcomings, ID, technology, Accessories, camera quality, music features, system optimization, storage space, battery capacity power control, etc. As a flagship model to hit the high-end market, nothing can be particularly picky.

Of course, afterwards, "The homogenization of hardware configuration will certainly become more and more obvious, and gradual deployment will become unimportant." It is not easy to make differentiation under this premise, and the test of a company’s comprehensive ability is ongoing all the time. I have always believed that the final form of the Internet is a monopoly, at least the current trend of development is like this. In the mobile phone industry, manufacturers' bargaining power in the supply chain is the most important thing. This determines that I can get the hardware I want and you can't get it or your price is much higher than me and I have no control over you. Feelings of good personality is also good, who can make money to live nourishing is the king. The main theme of 2017 was profitability. Several brand spokespersons have publicly stated that this is a major trend.

The market structure can be thought of as forming a "market pattern that I am waning."

Vivo hit the high end of 2016 in the same year the Zhuangshi broken wrist self-proclaimed its own star product semi-annual flagship Xplay5 radical in the same year released the second high-end flagship Xplay6, this high-end dedication, in fact, is laid in these years two or four five-five cities channel It is time for the increase in the volume of shipments to continue to increase. Crazy counterattack on the online market and the first-tier urban big city user market. Xplay5 is the first double-curved surface in China, and Xplay6 has made a full surface. The first DSD hardware solution in China supports it. If I were a PM in vivo, I was also thrilled.

OK, this summary is more subjective, but also for entertainment only, in front of so much to see, Xplay6 in the end how, each must have their own mind an account.

As the saying goes, "People laugh at me so crazy, I laugh at others and don't wear it." The concept of the brand in addition to the accumulation of our own long-term use, there are still many of the rest are instilled in the imperceptibly unconsciously chosen because of their own preferences. This year’s New Year saw a physicist and scientist “following people in the wild” in the brainwashing “What do you think you think is really what you think?”. This section seems to be pulling away, but in order to respond to the title, I hurriedly took a hard look.

In addition, how the company itself has nothing to do with us, as long as we provide us with quality and relatively cost-effective worth buying products, then this is a good company, this product is a good product. Companies that do not make money are irresponsible companies, and they cannot provide a good product for a long period of time.

Finish the work.

Personal physical reasons caused delays in the submission of reports, thanks to the care of Xiaobian. At the beginning of the new year, I wish all the friends of the new year a new harvest and make great strides.

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Pressure Thermometer

Pressure Gauge Thermometer,Boiler Tanks In Tanks,Vapor Pressure Thermometer,Air Pressure Thermometer

ZHOUSHAN JIAERLING METER CO.,LTD , https://www.zsjrlmeter.com

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