Good value friends, I came again, do not lie to eat do not cheat, earn some gold coins over the weekend. Today, my colleague bought a computer. I would have liked to check if there was an introduction in “Aunt Zhang”. The result was not found. The computer itself is not a high-end product or faith recharge. My impression of the Acer brand remains in 1989. In front of Acer Sapphire, I remember that there were five girls in the class who had five of them in the class. Don't talk nonsense. Take a look at a computer with a cool name - Shadow Knight 3 (it's already the third generation, Forgive me for not paying attention to this, my computer is still 4 years ago)

First put on the purchase link

Acer (acer) Shadow Knight 3 VX5 15.6 inch gaming notebook (i5-7300HQ 8G 1T+128G SSD GTX1050 2G alone significant Win10 backlit keyboard) 5599 yuan Jingdong direct link

Colleague 5399 bought, it seems that the low price is 4999.

An outer package

Kraft paper box, top right note.

A seal.

On the other hand, the upper left energy label.

Open, there is a black cardboard box, another seal.

The first eye

Open the black cardboard box, the computer is firmly fixed in the middle of the "bubble", the brown box on the right is the power supply, and there is a warranty card.

The power is very small, probably about 1/4 of the weight of the alienware17.

The computer is also wrapped in a plastic wrap and the internal force is suede to further prevent scratches.

Paper products on this three.

Three computer parts

This side is a metal brushed material, black and red with visual impact really pretty.

There is still a layer of plastic film protection between the screen keyboards, paper instructions to use the power to activate the battery for the first time.

The screen and the main part of the shaft are a silver polished metal shaft.

Personally, I think the best way to look at the "ass". Red outlet, a little sports car exhaust feeling.

Under the computer, it seems that it is not particularly convenient to replace the memory. (I used the lego motor to block the need to block)
The first boot, black background, big green acer letters.

Because it is a game book, the keyboard WASD uses colors to distinguish it from other keys. (Why not QWER)

Three lights, moderate brightness is not dazzling.

The right port is one USB TYPE-C, two USB 3.0, one HDMI, and network cable.

The left interface is even simpler, power, usb, memory card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack.

Let's take a look at the plastic part in the red part of the “Ass.” Silver and black are metal. When I look at it together, I think that the red color is metal and paint it.

Here you can vaguely see the English words “Dubi” in the top right, saying that what these sound effects or Speaker brand certifications are now standard.

Light up to see the brightness of the keyboard, note that the circle around the touchpad is not the light, paint color.

Finally, put the process of starting WINDOWS10 for the first time and ignore the right hand of colleagues.

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