One of the world's largest consumer electronics exhibitions, the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin, was launched on September 3rd. Toshiba presented a full line of LED-backlit LCD TVs at the show.

REGZA's WL series is Toshiba's first 3D TV product line, which is available in 40, 46, and 55-inch models (shown above). The series is equipped with LED backlight, 7 million to 1 contrast ratio, 3D and up-conversion technology, and a random distribution of active grating glasses. The series also supports DLNA digital home networking capabilities, Windows 7 system, using Toshiba's Toshiba Media Controller media control software, making streaming media playback as simple as file drag and drop operations.


Toshiba REGZA-WL series LCD TV

In addition, Toshiba also demonstrated high-end VL series LED-backlit LCD TVs, mid-range REGZA 42SL738 HDTVs, and small-size side-lit LED backlight SL738 series LCD TVs from 9 inches to 32 inches.

It is understood that the new product is also equipped with 200Hz motion technology, ultra-thin body, DVB-T tuner, support BBC streaming media. It will be officially listed in October.

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