The flat-panel TV industry standard that the industry is looking forward to finally has a timetable. Recently, it is reported that the "flat-panel TV energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" will be officially implemented on December 1 this year, and the unsuccessful tablet will face delisting. According to relevant tests, up to 14.5% of LCD TVs on the market have not reached the new entry barrier. Relevant people in the industry said that according to the law of the premature price plunging of the air-conditioning energy efficiency label, TV will also have the same price reduction period as the air conditioner, which will be in the next three months.

Flat-panel TVs will be labeled with energy efficiency labels

It is reported that the energy efficiency standard was released on June 30, 2010. From July to November, it is the buffer period before the implementation of energy efficiency standards. Currently, the energy efficiency standard has been used for energy conservation certification, and the specific implementation rules for energy efficiency will be on December 1. Released on the day, the products will be labeled with energy efficiency labels.

It is understood that similar to the energy efficiency labeling of air-conditioning products, the flat-panel TV energy efficiency label will include the manufacturer's name, product specification model, energy efficiency rating, energy efficiency index, passive standby power, and the national energy standard number based on energy efficiency. The energy efficiency rating is divided into three levels. The energy efficiency indexes of the three levels of LCD TV are 1.4, 1.0 and 0.6, respectively, and the energy efficiency indexes of the three levels of plasma TV are 1.2, 1.0 and 0.6 respectively. The first-level product is the target value of energy-saving products, which is equivalent to the highest energy-saving level of similar products in the current market; the second-level is the evaluation level of energy-saving products, which should be higher than the average level of the product market; the third-level is the market access level, which is mainly used to eliminate the market. High energy-consuming products.

A major feature of this energy efficiency standard is that the energy efficiency indicators of the two products are specified according to the difference between the LCD TV and the plasma TV. In addition to the energy efficiency index assessment under working conditions, in order to be consistent with international standards, the standby energy consumption of flat-panel TVs is simultaneously limited.

It is worth mentioning that according to the test results of the National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, if this energy efficiency standard is adopted, the LCD TV of the energy efficiency level on the market is only 2.4%, and the proportion of the second level is 10.8%. The level accounted for 72.3%, and 14.5% of LCD TVs did not meet the standard. This also means that 14.5% of LCD TVs will face delisting.

Energy efficiency rating needs to be popularized

In the past few days, the reporter has visited some large-scale home appliance stores with the concept of TV energy efficiency rating. When asked about the relevant shopping guides, the reporter found that most of the brand TV's shopping guides are very vague on the concept of energy efficiency labeling. Most of the answers already have 3C. Certification. ”

"Consumers' concept of energy-saving TV is still relatively vague. In addition to brand considerations, many ordinary people still prefer the price of color TVs, and will not consider power consumption." Xiao Chen, a mall promoter in Xi'an North Street, told reporters.

Ms. Hao, who lives in the eastern suburbs, said in an interview that the main thing is to look at the brand and size. "I haven't heard of any energy efficiency rating of color TV. Besides, we don't know much about these. It's just looking at what the look and price are, and the concept is still very vague."

In the interview, the reporter found that consumers are now relatively aware of the energy-saving awareness of air conditioners and refrigerators, but the concept of energy-saving on color TVs is very vague.

LED will become the mainstream of the market

In fact, although the "flat-panel TV energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" standard has been released more than a month, but because of the delay in the official implementation date, both the store and the manufacturer seem to have not been concerned about and understand the standard.

The relevant person in charge of Hisense Xi'an Marketing Department said that the official "flat-panel TV energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" has not been released yet, so there will be no action for the time being.

It is undeniable that, under the direct drive of new energy efficiency standards, store and color TV manufacturers are on the one hand to eliminate the old flat panels with high energy consumption, on the other hand, they are also exploring a lot of new energy-saving products, among which the brightness is higher and the functions are more advanced. Color TV is undoubtedly the new favorite of major businesses this year.

Konka Xi'an Marketing Manager said that the focus of the second half of the promotion is the National Day, and LED TV must be the dominant, so the traditional LCD TV price cuts are also reasonable.

Guomei Taibai South Road store manager Han said in an interview that the current LED TV price has gradually entered a reasonable civilian segment, because the current traditional LCD and LED LCD TV prices are not particularly large, the same size price difference of 20-30% Small size is even less obvious. From the current sales volume of the store, LEDs are becoming more and more obvious in the second half of the year.

A color TV manufacturer that did not want to be named believes that the market leading position of the National Day LED TV will definitely be stronger this year. This is a mainstream trend. In other words, if manufacturers can't digest the inventory of traditional LCD TVs in advance, they may face a passive situation during the peak season.

Flat-panel TVs will face a big price cut

Reporters learned in Gome and other home appliance stores that flat-panel TVs may face a large-scale price cut promotion as the date of the energy efficiency standard approaches. The products promoted will not only be concentrated in the flat-panel TV products that will be eliminated. Low-energy products such as LEDs will gradually reduce the production cost due to the maturity of domestic product technology, and will also increase the price with the tide, and rely on the price and joint venture brand. Competing against each other.

The relevant person in charge of Xi'an Gome told reporters that the same as before the promulgation of the energy efficiency rating of air conditioners, the announcement of the color energy efficiency level will inevitably lead to the targeted clearance and processing of various manufacturers, which will also help the delisting of old products and the release of new products. . At the same time, the standard is used to promote the energy-saving work of flat-panel TVs. For high-energy-consuming home appliances such as air conditioners and color TVs, the introduction of this energy consumption standard will help color TV manufacturers to make energy-efficient input-output ratios more reasonable.

According to industry sources, the market share of LED color TVs will account for about 50% in the second half of the year. As it becomes a popular product, low-price promotions have become a necessary marketing tool. The industry expects that in the months before the implementation of the new energy efficiency of the tablet, it will definitely usher in the price cut of flat-panel TVs. Because of the low number of low-level products left in the previous period, manufacturers will use low prices to digest inventory. As of the 11th Golden Week, the entire color TV market will be a melee between local and foreign capital, new and old products, old stocks and new stocks.

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