Recently, the first installation of the LED fishing light experiment ship was completed. The test plan will be carried out in Wuhu and the test ship installation test will be completed.

Traditional fishlights use tungsten wire, halogen bulbs or high-pressure mercury lamps, and the wavelength penetration is low. It is necessary to increase the power to increase the penetration of water, but when the wattage is too strong, it will consume too much power. This not only causes waste of energy, but also damages the fishermen's skin diseases and catches, and increases the operating cost of fishing boats.

To this end, the successful university and Ocean University have developed high-brightness LED lamps to replace the traditional fish-fishing lamps, and develop marine and submarine fish-lighting lamps through LED light-receiving lens design, lamp light-shaped configuration method, and uniform temperature cooling technology. High efficiency LED fish collection.

If the Wuhu experiment can be successful, it will open up the application industry of the marine LED industry.

3D Acrylic Lights

Plastic technology is the use of thermoplastic polymer materials has the property of state variable, namely with sticky flow under certain conditions, and the characteristics of temperature and recoverable solid, and use the appropriate method and special tools inkjet, according to the requirements on the sticky flow condition into form, for the design and then curing at room temperature. This drip molding process is applied to lamp strings and can be used for many shapes. This type of lamp can be placed outdoors and has an IP44 waterproof rating, which can be made 3D design. The color of light can be white, warm white , colorful, pink, etc. The design can be customized.

3D Acrylic Lights

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