The 4th Suzhou International Green Lighting Exhibition was held on September 3rd at the Suzhou International Expo Center. The exhibition brought together more than 600 manufacturers from 28 countries and the world's latest energy-saving technologies and environmental protection products. BYD Lighting brought a variety of products to the high-profile appearance at the exhibition. Its booth area is 258 square meters, which is the largest in this exhibition. This fully demonstrates the confidence and determination of BYD to show its talents in the LED lighting industry. Based on the concept of “health, low carbon and technology”, BYD Lighting is committed to building a benchmark brand in the LED lighting industry and has become the biggest black horse in this exhibition.

BYD creates a unique industry development model

The stunning appearance of BYD Lighting at this exhibition is undoubtedly a high-profile announcement that BYD has officially entered the LED lighting industry. Some people may feel suddenly, how suddenly BYD jumped from the car to the LED lighting industry? In fact, for BYD, entering the industry is a deliberate result, more like a natural development. In addition to the glorious development prospects of the entire industry, BYD naturally has its full reasons, the accumulation of professional technology, the infiltration of high-related industries, and strong financial backing are all unique advantages of BYD. At the same time, vertical integration has always been a magic weapon that BYD is proud of. BYD inherits the successful model of the original industry and creates a unique LED lighting development model.

At present, most of the structure of China's LED industry development is concentrated in the packaging and downstream applications, and there are not many companies that master LED core chip technology. BYD has a strong epitaxial wafer research and development team. It has mastered the core technology of LED epitaxial process and supporting packaging, circuit, optics, heat dissipation and machine component technology. The industry not only involves epitaxial growth, chip packaging, but also enters the application field of lighting products. The completeness of the industrial chain provides a solid foundation for the continued development and technological innovation of BYD Lighting, which is difficult for other companies to have. It can be predicted that the advantages of BYD lighting products will be fully reflected in the cost control and technical strength, consumers can use healthy LED lighting products at a lower cost.

BYD Lighting launched the first round of investment projects

BYD participated in the Suzhou International Lighting Exhibition with the largest area of ​​the audience. In addition to announcing its entry into the LED industry, BYD also officially launched the first round of investment projects for BYD Lighting. The BYD booth is located in the center of the A4 pavilion. The overall design is simple and smooth, with green as the main tone. It is simple and not simple, which has caused many visitors to stop and visit. The BYD staff also gave the visitors detailed answers. It is understood that BYD Lighting Investment Project has won the favor of many dealers with its high-quality products, perfect product line and excellent performance in various aspects. Some have signed an intention cooperation agreement directly at the scene. BYD said that the follow-up BYD LED lighting products will be sold to the market through gradually established sales outlets. BYD Lighting adheres to the customer-oriented, will continue to reduce costs and improve quality, determined to promote the promotion of the fourth generation of lighting and more consumers can contribute to the use of healthy lighting.

BYD opens the era of LED healthy low carbon lighting

With the gradual improvement of people's quality of life requirements, health has become an important issue. BYD put forward the concept of healthy life +, -, ×, and ÷: "-" is a waste, "+" is green, "÷" is a pollution, and "X" is healthy. Promote new lifestyles and healthy living habits, and promote green housing, green travel, and green living. As an indispensable part of modern life, BYD has paid full attention to lighting health and proposed BYD's “light health” concept: only mercury-free, UV-free, strobo-free lighting is truly healthy lighting, and previous generations Lighting products simply cannot meet the standards of true health.

BYD LED Lighting promotes healthy low carbon and environmental protection. The products have passed many authoritative certifications, including EU Energy Efficiency Certification (ERP), American Market Compulsory Certification (FCC), EU National Compulsory Certification (CE), and China Market Compulsory Certification (3C). ), US and North American product safety certification (UL), international electrical certification (CB), etc., it is worth mentioning that BYD LED products have passed the IEC/EN62471 standard, bio-health safety test certification, and the result is a non-hazard exemption. The level indicates that the product is in full compliance with the health standards; and the demanding EU energy efficiency certification ERP, and the highest energy efficiency level of the A grade, indicating that the product is very energy efficient. BYD LED lighting products are healthy, environmentally friendly, low-carbon fashion, durable and energy-saving, to meet consumer demand.

It is worth mentioning that BYD Lighting is exhibiting a full range of LED lighting products, and there are no other types of energy-saving lamps. BYD is determined to enter the lighting industry with the highest health standards, and make unremitting efforts to promote the promotion of healthy low-carbon lighting!

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