Recently, the annual output of 3,000 tons of polysilicon project of Ledian Tianwei Silicon Industry Technology Co., Ltd. located in Gaoxin District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province officially broke ground, adding new impetus to the development of polysilicon industry in Leshan City. According to the construction progress, the project will produce the first batch of products in November 2009.

In addition, this year's Leshan City Emei Semiconductor Materials Factory 500 tons expansion project, Dongqi Group 1500 tons, Leshan Yongxiang Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. 1000 tons of new projects will be completed and put into production, Yongxiang Silicon Industry in Leshan Wutongqiao District, 3000 tons The construction of the 6,000-ton project in Weiwei County is also about to start construction.

Realizing the industrial production of polysilicon can fill the gap of raw materials for solar energy applications and promote the popularization of new energy sources. Leshan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jiang Xiaoting said that this year Leshan City will fully promote the polysilicon and solar photovoltaic industry No. 1 project, plans to invest 6 billion yuan, and strive to form an annual output of 4,500 tons of polysilicon, 45,000 tons of trichlorosilane, 150 tons of monocrystalline silicon, The production capacity of 50 tons of silicon wafers and 30 billion electronic components.

In the interview, the reporter found that most of the polysilicon projects under construction and proposed in Sichuan Province are located in the Chengdu-Leshan line. Leshan is also the main construction base of polysilicon, and Sichuan has quietly become the province with the largest polysilicon production in China. Behind the industrious polysilicon industry, an industrial chain with polysilicon industry as the main body is gradually formed in Leshan.

In 1964, the National Specialized Silicon Research 338 research moved to Emei, renamed Emei Semiconductor Materials Factory, with an annual production capacity of 803 kg of polysilicon and 200 kg of monocrystalline silicon, becoming the leading enterprise in domestic polysilicon production. However, entering the 21st century, as the polysilicon market has risen and the domestic polysilicon projects have been launched, Leshan's polysilicon production has been lagging behind for a long time.

It is not enough to just focus on the project. It is necessary to put down the effort to industrial development, and rely on the industry for overall development. In January 2005, the Leshan Municipal Committee held a special meeting, arguing that the development of polysilicon production and other advantageous industries is insufficient and the stamina is insufficient. The crux of the problem lies in the unreasonable industrial structure. Power + industrial silicon + liquid chlorine → polysilicon → monocrystalline silicon → silicon wafer →Solar photovoltaic products and electronic components, behind this silicon-based industrial chain with polysilicon as the mainstay, are associated with a large number of integrated industries with high added value and great development potential, such as electronic materials, metallurgical building materials, salt and phosphorus chemicals, and clean energy. If the polysilicon industry falls, the consequences are unimaginable.

At the end of June 2006, after long-term negotiation and negotiation, Leshan City and Dongfang Steam Turbine Factory officially cooperated on the development of solar photovoltaic industry project, which marked the beginning of Leshan City's sewing polysilicon industrial chain. In the first phase, Dongqi injected 600 million yuan into Leshan to start the construction of 500 tons of polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, silicon wafers and other related projects. At the same time, it started the construction of solar photovoltaic industry projects matching the 500 tons of polysilicon projects. The semiconductor material factory was subsequently revitalized. Subsequently, Jiangsu Nantong and Leshan City enterprises joined forces to form Jiayang Electronics to produce solar photovoltaic (battery); in January 2007, the annual production of 5,000 tons of trichlorosilane production line in Yongxiang Resin Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation; February 2007, Tongtong Wei Group invested 3 billion yuan to enter the solar photovoltaic industry, the first phase of 1,000 tons of polysilicon project officially launched

According to reports, by the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the production of polysilicon in Leshan City will reach 15,000 tons. By then, the industrial chain with polysilicon as the core will be more mature, and the wealth generated by each link in the chain will multiply and increase layer by layer; The related machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, materials and the science, technology and technology on which they are based will be invested and developed.

From an annual output of 803 kg to 15,000 tons, the Leshan polysilicon industry chain is constantly expanding. The development of the silicon material industry should be rationally arranged according to the characteristics of the industry, and it is most feasible to establish an industrial base in a region with a certain production scale. According to Jiang Xiaoting, secretary of the Leshan Municipal Party Committee, in addition to the heavyweight silicon material production enterprises such as Emei Semiconductor Materials Factory and Xinguang Silicon Industry Co., Leshan has successively introduced famous large enterprises such as Dongqi, Tongwei and Tianwei to develop the silicon material industry. By 2007, polysilicon produced by Leshan had accounted for 70% of national production. Coupled with decades of polysilicon production technology, rich salt and phosphorus chemical advantages and energy advantages, the conditions for the construction of an international industrialization base in Leshan City have matured.

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