LED magic to create a water cube 72 change

With the world-famous Beijing Olympics opening, the water cube of the swimming event has won the attention of the world with its unpredictable and dazzling image. Not only can we see the blue-filled bricks filled with bubbles, but we can also see the colorful fish swimming leisurely in the water, and even see the waves ripple around the circle. When the Olympics opens, the Water Cube will also simulate the burning flame, the colorful fireworks, the dragon symbol of the Chinese nation, and the welcome of the people of the world. On this special day, the reporters of Gaogong Online have the honor to interview Shanghai Guangmaoda Art. Mr. Li Yingyuan from Lighting Landscape Engineering Company. It was they who completed the final lighting decoration project of the Water Cube. They lit up the Water Cube and they were perfect for the Water Cube.

As we all know, the lighting standards for Olympic venues are very high, and most of the projects are occupied by large foreign companies such as Philips and GE. Why is Guangmao Company able to defeat big foreign companies such as Philips and GE and win the landscape lighting project of Water Cube? Mr. Li Yingyuan, manager of lighting and lighting department of Shanghai Guangmaoda Landscape Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. is very calm and uses six words to summarize: Well designed and good technology.

In terms of design, foreign aesthetics tend to be static, and Guangmaoda's dynamic landscape design is more in line with the aesthetic habits of Chinese people. Dynamic landscape is still a difficult point in system control. Companies such as Philips are still using traditional stage lighting control systems, and Guangmao has begun to use advanced Ethernet control systems. Another business of Guangmao Company is robots. Manager Li Yingyuan is also a dual professional background in semiconductor undergraduate and information science and engineering at Shandong University. In terms of technology, Guangmao has an unparalleled advantage.

Li Yingyuan said that the Water Cube is a square box, a lot of water molecules and bubbles. The design of the building itself is to express the characteristics of water. It is quiet, delicate, peaceful and introverted, and echoes the masculine of the main venue bird's nest. The design of the light is to change the form, texture and change of water through the change of light and color, so that the water is visualized and artistic. Secondly, the Water Cube is one of the main venues of the Olympic Games. The design of the lighting needs to reflect the same world of the Olympic Games and the spirit of the same dream, such as the opening of the fireworks, dragons and fireworks.

The concept of art design is only a start. Due to the large-scale adoption of ETFE materials in the Water Cube building, its trendy bubble installation has brought many technical problems to the landscape lighting project. The use of ETFT materials is still the first in China. The shape and size are completely irregular bubbles. How light is projected on this material will produce texture and no experience at all. Manager Li Yingyuan said that he was a bit helpless: ETFE needs light transmission, but it can't be too light! Therefore, ETFE outer film has a density uneven plating point. These plating points block the sunlight that is directly in the hall, and also block the landscape lights installed inside. Guangmaoda has done a lot of experiments for this purpose and has specially produced patented lamps that can be adjusted in three dimensions.

In the choice of light source, the engineers first thought of the LED light source, and only the LED light source can meet the desired effect of Party A. While traditional light sources contain heat and radiant light, ETFE will be baked, and long-term baking will shorten the life of ETFE materials. Only the LED light source does not emit infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, and is a green light source. The LEDs are rich in color and the light distribution is easy to control, which is suitable for the changing image. And LED light source is more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps, and more in line with the theme of the Green Olympics.

Of course, the architects initially did not have much budget for landscape lighting. After Guangmaoda came up with this plan, it exceeded the architect's budget for landscape lighting. Because LED light source is still an emerging light source in China, the price is still relatively high. LED is 60% more energy efficient than ordinary lamps, which is very cost-effective in the long run. Later, after repeated demonstrations and persuasion, Party A gradually became tempted. The LED semiconductor landscape lighting scheme was later selected as an important research topic of the National 863 Program.

The water cube's cloth lamp has strict requirements, and the lamp is basically invisible during the day, and does not affect the facade of the building, and the night does not affect the interior. In the end, the engineers decided to use the internal light to illuminate the LED luminaires underneath the membrane and then illuminate the membrane upwards. The direction of the light is interlaced with the line of sight of the person, and one can only see the light that is evenly distributed and the light source is not visible.

Installation and construction also made Guangmao's engineers and construction workers quite a bit of a week: the lights were installed under the air pillow frame, and the frame was fixed on the skeleton of the steel structure. At the beginning of the building, the lighting was basically not considered. The air pillows were installed, the building had no scaffolding, and the scaffolding could not be built. The ETFE material was not dirty or afraid of sharp objects. The installation of the light is ultimately carried out by means of rock climbing, and the difficulty can be imagined.

Finally, Manager Li Yingyuan proudly said: The Water Cube project can be said to be a world-class LED art lighting landscape project. The national leaders have come to inspect, and sincerely invite Gaogong Online reporters: If you have the opportunity, you must go and see. Really worth seeing!

Shanghai Guangmaoda Art Lighting Landscape Engineering Company Technical Director: Li Yingyuan Master

Li Yingyuan graduated from Shandong University with a dual academic background in the Department of Physics and the Master of Information Science and Engineering. In 2004, he joined Guangmaoda Lighting Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. and successfully hosted the Olympic Water Cube Art Lighting Landscape Project, the Olympic Bird's Nest Shaped Light Design and Engineering, and the Shanghai F1 Racing Waterscape Square Art Lighting Landscape Engineering Design.

The technical design of Water Cube Art Lighting, hosted by Mr. Li Yingyuan, defeated world-famous companies such as Philips and made great contributions to the independent design of world-class LED art lighting landscapes.

Shanghai Guangmaoda Art Lighting Landscape Engineering Company Profile

Founded in 1996, the company has been established for more than ten years to create first-class art lighting scenes for China's most important construction projects. It has first-class advantages in art lighting landscape design, high-tech R&D and manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The lighting landscape of Shanghai South Railway Station Square, the overall art lighting landscape of Shanghai Pudong Cadre College, the art lighting landscape of Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Super Media Performance Square (Century Square), the Hangzhou New Lakeside Art Scene, and the lighting landscape of Nanjing New City Building have been successfully built. And the world's largest LED distributed control lighting landscape Beijing Olympic Water Cube lighting landscape.

Dr. Wei Weimin, CEO of the company, is one of the editors of the Ministry of Construction's “Design Standards for Urban Night Lighting.” In 1998, Dr. Wei Weimin was the youngest of the twelve technology entrepreneurs who was invited to attend the luncheon of President Clinton, 2001. Awarded the International Leadership Award for Educational Robotics by Trinity College.

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