After four years of research and development by Taiwan Institute of Industrial Engineering, the LED lighting brightening film was officially launched. This technology uses pure geometric optics and is completely non-diffusing particle blending. Special microstructural treatment on pure transparent and recyclable polymer materials requires only a thin film (0.1mm-0.5mm) of the optical film to solve the problem of LED highlight glare and projection light shift.

The name of the product, ITRI has been officially registered as "Focal Diffuser", and has applied for relevant patents, and is expected to provide relevant domestic and foreign manufacturers to accelerate the speed of LED lighting promotion.

Since the single-point LED light source has a small divergence angle, after the brightness is enhanced by the LED illumination, the distribution of the entire light field is changed, and the divergence angle is enlarged to achieve the effect of supporting and homogenizing the LED light sources.

In the use of the LED lighting brightening film attached to the front of the lamp housing, the point light source of the LED can be converted into a surface light source. The LED lamp achieves the effects of anti-glare, extinction, and brightness increase.

The brightness enhancement effect can be up to 1.2 times to 2 times depending on the space ratio, and the light source utilization rate is over 90%. While having a brightening effect, the number of LEDs used and the need to reduce the heat dissipation load can be reduced, thereby achieving the purpose of lightening the lamps.

Of course, this bright film can also be applied to other light sources with high brightness and glare, but the characteristic effect for LED single-point high-brightness light source is the best. Due to the ease of assembly, it will be widely used in LED lighting of point sources in the future.

At present, ITRI has established an application and development alliance model for Focal Diffuser product technology promotion, to discuss technical applications and authorized objects, to provide member manufacturers, technical consultation, testing services, application recommendations and quantitative FD diaphragm sample diaphragms. Or it is to set up a new venture to cooperate with manufacturers to produce, and hope to expand the market of LED lighting together and accelerate the popularization of LED lighting.

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