In the expectation of everyone, the annual Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2008 is coming soon, and the Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit held in the same period will once again become the focus of the industry. The 2008 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit Forum was jointly organized by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Yangguang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and was supported by the China Lighting Society. It has become one of the largest and most important international lighting forums in China. Everyone is concerned about what kind of gift will be presented to the industry in 2008 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit Forum. What are the experts who attended this time? What is the theme of this year? After the organizers and the organizers were intensively preparing, the forum work was settled one by one.

On the basis of the successful holding of the forum for three sessions, the forum closely follows the development hotspot of the lighting industry and discusses the theme of planning, design, implementation and management of urban lighting. It is encouraging to see that we have invited three leaders, Alain Guilhot, LDP's Andre Tammes and Graham Phoenix, who started the lighting project in Lyon, France and the UK. Lyon, France and the British Edenberg are the first and even the world's first overall urban lighting planning project in Europe. Their speeches will be explored from a macro perspective of urban lighting planning to explore the industry's development trends. For the forum to add landscape lighting and architectural lighting, please come to Mr. Zhou Xuewang, Director of SOM Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liang Qindong, Senior Assistant Director/Project Director of Yidao (Beijing), and representatives from government departments. Mr. Shao Zhishan gave a lecture on the construction, maintenance and investment direction of urban lighting management. Yu Ting Architect, the keynote speaker of the previous forum, believed that this increased the weight of the forum and promoted further cooperation in lighting and related fields, which is expected by most people in the industry. The theme of this forum is from the details to the overall and overall, focusing on the coordination of light and the surrounding environment, emphasizing the rational use of light, and grasping the lighting design from the perspective of lighting management.

Mr. Zhou Xuewang (USA)

the speech topic:
Architectural designer's requirements for lighting design

self introduction:
Director of China, SOM Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

With more than 21 years of experience, Mr. Chiow extends his broad portfolio of building, urban planning and project management capabilities to a variety of project types, including integrated development projects, offices, hotels, retail, residential, convention centers and institutions. Participated in Beijing Wantong New World, Hong Kong Lamma Island, Hong Kong Southeast Kowloon Development Project, Shanghai Chongming Island Master Plan, Shanghai Huangpu District Master Plan, Istanbul Marin City, Lenovo Rongke Information Park Office Phase I, Harbin Hongda Commercial Plaza Conceptual design of the hotel complex project (5,000 square meters), A1 Building (50,000 square meters) in Xinyi District, Taipei, Roxas multi-purpose development project in Manila, Philippines (280,000 square meters), Phillip Square Building (90,000 square meters) in Montreal, Canada, Honolulu, Hawaii Ala Moana Center Retail Entertainment Plaza (20,000 square meters) and many other projects.

Mr. Zhou Xuewang will also combine his SOM and lighting designers to discuss his thoughts and expectations on lighting design and how to achieve goals together in the process of cooperation.

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