Do you still remember Sergio Canavero, the Italian neurosurgeon who planned to perform the world’s first human “sweeping head” surgery next year? After recruiting volunteers who agreed to change heads, the professor has just announced his virtual reality. The system hopes to allow the patient to adapt to the new body that he will replace in the future, and this experience through virtual reality can help the patient adapt to various possible psychological changes.

Professor Sergio Canavero has already decided to perform head replacement surgery for Valery Spiridonov volunteers next year, and Valery Spiridonov, an educational software company operator from Russia, suffers from rare spinal muscular atrophy.

According to Prof. Sergio Canavero, the entire procedure for head replacement surgery is very complicated. Spiridonov's head will be operated in an environment between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius, and this temperature will allow him to survive the brain death for the time being. And Spiridonov's brain will continue to connect to the new body through silicone tube arteries and veins. Then Spiridonov's head will be transplanted to a new body.

In order to smoothly cut Spiridonov's spinal cord, Professor Sergio Canavero will use a diamond cutter that costs as much as $200,000, with a minimum cutting accuracy of 1 micron. After this part of the operation is completed, the entire transplant process must be outside the city within one hour, when the blood will re-flow in Spiridonov's brain and body, in theory, will slowly return to normal body temperature.

In the preparation of the surgery, an American biotechnology company called Inventum Bioengineering created a new virtual reality system to help Spiridonov adapt to the new body in the future. After changing the new body, Spiridonov will experience the feeling of walking with the body for the first time. The specific details of the current VR experience are not yet clear, but Spiridonov will begin using the system several months before surgery.

"We will provide the world's first patients undergoing head replacement surgery through the virtual reality technology to adapt to the new body," said Alexander Pavlovcik, CEO of Inventum.

At present, Professor Canavero has stated that he has successfully performed tests on monkeys and dogs and has also successfully connected the spinal cords on which rats were severed. In addition, another co-participant participant in the surgery, the surgeon Ren Xiaoping from Harbin Medical University, also began experimenting on 1,000 experimental rats.

However, many experts in the scientific community expressed their concern about the world’s first “replacement technique”. Everyone believes that the probability of successful operation is very low. There are even people who worry that Spiridonov will have problems with mental disorders that have never existed in human history. .

"I will not allow this surgery to be performed in the United States," said Hunt Batjer, president of the American Neurosurgeons Association. “I think there is nothing worse than death.” So Professor Canavero is still looking for a country that can carry out this “sweeping surgery”. At present, the United Kingdom and China are the most likely locations.

Whether or not this virtual reality platform can help Spiridonov to adapt to the new body is actually a postscript. After all, the premise is that it will only be possible to adapt to the new body after successful surgery.


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