On November 28, 2016, Beijing- Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) and CommSolid joined forces at the 2016 Vodafone Innovation Day event (TIonpark/en/events) to use the Keysight E7515A UXM Base Station Emulator and Wireless Test The instrument successfully demonstrated the complete NB-IoT connection test solution. Establishing a Cat-NB1 device link is the result of a successful collaboration between Keysight and CommSolid. As an innovative wireless tester, Keysight UXM is the first to demonstrate connectivity to NB-IoT compliant devices.

Matthias Weiss, General Manager of CommSolid, said: "NB-IoT is designed to take advantage of simplified, lower-cost hardware for long-term transmission of small amounts of data over larger coverage. Therefore, NB-IoT modules must be very reliable and capable of Ultra-low power operation for long battery life. In addition, a cell contains up to 200,000 devices and its RF design performance must ensure network lifetime. NB-IoT will be the first step into the 5G network era."

SaTIsh Dhanasekaran, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless Business Unit of Keysight Technologies, said: “We are very pleased to work with CommSolid to achieve this important milestone. Reliable inter-machine communication enables the IoT to be deployed in multiple industries. Technology will be at the forefront of the development of the Internet of Things, providing simplified design and test solutions to drive the deployment of the Internet of Things."

The UXM network simulation platform enables designers to simulate the real world in the lab, optimizing key performance indicators for IoT design, such as power consumption, RF performance, and interoperability.

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Modern tools are a necessary guarantee for the development of 5G communication technologies, and they can help engineers easily explore new signals, scenarios and topologies. Keysight's 5G solutions provide deeper insights as standards evolve. In terms of design and testing, Keysight supports industry leaders in continuing to innovate in new technologies and existing technologies, turning design ideas into practical products. For more information on Keysight's 5G design, test and measurement solutions, please visit G.

About CommSolid

CommSolid is a premier cellular IP company dedicated to providing advanced ultra low power solutions for the growing IoT market. There is an urgent need for a highly optimized, easy-to-integrate communication solution that meets the narrowband IoT standard, allowing each sensor to connect directly to the Internet. Once integrated into the customer's integrated circuit (IC), CommSolid's baseband intellectual property (IP) will modernize smart applications and bring many improvements to our lives, such as healthcare, smart homes, transportation logistics systems or Industrial applications. With more than a decade of expertise in the wireless communications business, CommSolid has an edge in handling high-capacity and ultra-high-integration low-power solutions. For more information on the company, please visit:

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Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) helps customers bring breakthrough electronic products and systems to market faster and at lower cost. From design to simulation to prototyping verification, production testing, and optimization in the network, Keysight offers a full range of electronic signal testing and analysis solutions. Our customers span the global communications, Internet infrastructure, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor and general-purpose electronic terminal markets. In fiscal 2016, Keysight’s revenue reached $2.9 billion. For more information, please visit.

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