With the development of electronic technology, automobiles have gradually become an extension of the home entertainment and office environment. Originally independent consumer and communication applications have emerged as new integrated applications after entering the automotive electronics arena. In addition to high-definition/high-fidelity content playback and digital TV, car navigation, car navigation (GSM/GPRS), information connection, short-distance communication (DSRC) and high-end data links High Level Datalink Control (HDLC) and so on have gradually become an important part of the system. The TelemaTIcs system combines the functions of GPS, GSM/GPRS, DSRC and traffic information digital broadcasting to provide real-time traffic navigation, avoiding congested sections and determining the best driving routes, providing vehicle status diagnostics. Variety of value-added services such as lost car search, reserved parking spaces, electronic tolls (ETC) and emergency calls.

Car entertainment system

The trend and analysis of the pre-installed in-vehicle system, the two most fundamental questions raised from the user's point of view, that is, what function does the system have and how is it used? The grading standard is for the objective and experience experience of two large blocks, the quantity, quality and user experience of the parity function. The objective part scores the system from five dimensions, namely basic hardware, basic software, entertainment functions, navigation, mobile office and call center. These five dimensions are divided into 64 small items for scoring, in addition to one extra point. The item is used to encourage product innovation. The experience is divided into four dimensions: product appearance and process level, control experience, interpersonal interaction design, support and expansion. These four dimensions are divided into 24 sub-items.

After systematic evaluation, the current status of pre-installed vehicle-mounted interactive systems at present is as follows:

1. Hardware competition has not yet been put on the agenda.

2. There is still a big gap between the running speed and the mobile phone.

3, the display screen is more than seven inches.

4, the system software is mainly vce, Android system begins to enter the car.

5. Information output is still in its infancy.

6. The proportion of equipped manual call centers is not high.

Based on the current status of in-vehicle interactive systems, we believe that in the future, the development of in-vehicle interactive systems will have the following trends:

1, the arrival of hardware competition, hardware directly affects the user experience, car companies will work harder on the hardware.

2. Interactive design will become more and more human. Future car machines will gradually explore a model that suits their environment.

3. The display size will be further increased.

4, the proportion of Android system car will further increase, Xiaomi, Huawei, Ali and other companies put the car on the agenda, they are using Android system.

5. The interconnection information function will be more abundant.

6. The ratio of call center to one-click rescue will increase.

7, more car control class features will appear.

There are the following points regarding the status quo of experience development:

1. The industrial level of vehicle-mounted interactive systems is relatively high.

2. The individual differences in interface switching speed and smoothness are relatively large.

3, the function of the app is generally not upgradeable.

4. Most of the navigation uses Gaode and NavInfo.

5. The mobile phone interconnection function has not been popularized.

6, Android system operation experience is better.

Under the experience of these parts, we deduce that the future car networking products will be transformed from the application level to the service level. The changes are reflected in:

1. The interactive experience is improved and the service ecological chain is more convenient.

2. The car network will break through the brand and become more open, forming a unified standard and service.

3. The interaction between the vehicle and the person, the car and the car, and the communication between the vehicle and the object are upgraded.

1. Multi-function in-vehicle infotainment system solution based on Rockchip PX5

The Rockchip PX5-based in-vehicle infotainment system can realize basic car entertainment and car navigation functions. It can also be used as a rear view of the car front-mounted system, supporting 2s HD reversing image display and 10s quick start. In addition, the program also uses WiFi interconnection technology to support mobile phone WiFi push, and also uses Bluetooth technology to implement Bluetooth voice call.

Functional block diagram

Multi-function in-vehicle infotainment system solution based on Rockchip PX5

Functional description

1 can be applied to the rear view of the front loading system of the car, supporting fast start and fast reversing

2 support 2s HD reversing image display, 10s quick start

3 car navigation, playing DVD and other car entertainment

4 mobile phone WiFi push, and reverse control

5 Bluetooth BC6, Bluetooth voice call can be realized

Important feature

1 high performance 64-bit eight-core A53 platform, G6110 GPU

2 integrated 8 megapixel ISP, powerful audio and video processing capabilities, H.264 up to HP level 5.2: 4Kx2K@30fps (4096x2304), MPEG-4 up to ASP level 5 : 1080p@60fps (1920x1088)

3 deep custom Android 6.0 system, running 40,000+

4 support FHD Panel, ADAS algorithm, support seamless switching between Android mobile phone and car

5 configured GPS, WIFI, BT, 4G communication module

2, TOSHIBA car audio and video system solutions

(1) Car audio and video system

External interface functions are becoming more and more important today's car audio systems, as MP3/MP4 players and mobile phones have become popular ways to enjoy music.

Toshiba offers IC needs and integrated circuits to meet the basic functions of this market to enhance radio and CD players.

Car audio and video system

(2) Block diagram of car audio and video system (USB no CD system)

The audio application of the TMPM32BC2DFG microcontroller provides USB connectivity and system control, and uses DSP to decode audio data in a variety of audio compression formats.

The TMPM32BC2DFG contains only all the necessary audio mechanisms for implementing the CD mechanism.

(3) Block diagram of car audio and video system (USB+CD system)

A CD-based sound system can be easily upgraded to a USB+ CD sound system using Toshiba's CD servo processor. Toshiba also offers a CD servo processor and provides shock resistance.

Car audio and video system block diagram

(3) Block diagram of car audio and video system (wireless Bluetooth + USB system)

Bluetooth audio and hands-free phone calling can be achieved by adding the Bluetooth Host Controller Interface (HCI) IC to the USB audio system.

Car audio and video system block diagram

(4) Block diagram of car audio and video system (wireless Bluetooth + USB + CD system)

Bluetooth audio and speakerphone calling can be achieved by adding the Bluetooth Host Controller Interface (HCI) IC to the USB+ CD audio system.

Car audio and video system block diagram

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