On June 24th, the leading manufacturer of LED optoelectronic industry in the world, Yiguang Electronics Co., Ltd. will display a full range of LED products such as lighting, backlight, flash, display and infrared components in 2015 LED EXPO, including many In the new season, Yiguang expects to meet the needs of all customers in one purchase with a complete and comprehensive product portfolio.

New lighting XI2016W size compact, ultra-wide-angle <br> <br> Given the small size of the Korean market demand for lighting products, in addition to have been very loved by the public of the 2835 series (0.2 & 0.5W), this season's new series XI2016W, It is the best new choice. It is the concentration of 2835 to reduce the overall package size. With the advantage of super wide angle, the number of used light is reduced under the same light, the overall lamp cost is reduced, and the price advantage is better. The 5630HE series (0.2W) has a luminous efficacy of 180lm/W, and the cool white 5700K color temperature can reach 190lm/W. The high lumen output makes the number of LED parts effectively synchronized, and the whole lamp is more energy-saving. It is suitable for lamps and xenon lamps. And other applications. The new UV LED for special applications has 365, 385 and 405nm wavelengths, and the illumination angle is 30°-120°. It is suitable for different fields of application, such as industrial PCB board colloid curing, exposure machine light source, printing machine ink drying. Various types of disinfection, counterfeit pens, nail curing and human body dryers. Compared with traditional mercury lamps, the use of UV LEDs has the advantages of more power saving and reaction speed, and is a new special application with potential in the future.

Diverse backlighting package, presenting the most natural and bright screen color <br> <br> billion light but also provide various patterns Package (Topview / Sideview) backlighting, 3004,3006 and 3010 series are all emitted light emitting side designed to meet the For small and medium-sized devices such as mobile phones, tablets, monitors and notebook computers, the 4020 and 7020 series are suitable for side-lit backlight TVs. The Everlight backlight products have the advantages of low power consumption, high color gamut (High NTSC) and ultra-high brightness. Applications such as cell phones/TVs present the most natural and bright screen colors.

The flash light series ELCU03 good effect, according to high <br> <br> for the flash market, the introduction of a variety of products to choose high school low-end handsets, which ELCU03 and ELCH08 most attention, ELCU03 new series of modular design, has been The secondary optical light is collected, so that the optical lens can be used without redesigning, which can effectively avoid the error generated during the assembly process, and does not require additional design of the lens, thereby improving the overall light efficiency and stability, and the illumination is more uniform. The ELCH08 is an existing component product that is ideal for many flash applications due to its high brightness and cost-effectiveness.

New anti-reflective screen HNB353 series, most durable <br> <br> new HNB353 series 3.5x3.5x2.8mm size, with high contrast effect, because the surface has a matte anti-reflective ability, its high quality and durability being applied to The demand for outdoor billboards. In addition, Yiguang's original 18-035 (0.5x0.5mm), 18-039B (0.8mm x 0.8mm) and 18-038 (1.0mm x 1.0mm) are still available, with high brightness and long life. The characteristics of energy saving and fast response are applicable to P1 below, P1.2-P1.6 and P1.6-P2.5, and are widely used in indoor full-color display specifications, so that customers can choose according to their needs.

Most diverse, extensive application components <br> <br> LED display at the focus of Everlight LED vehicle, comprising a high-power LED exterior vehicle headlight light sources, four crystal, crystal five series package. Through rigorous and leading key technologies, the polycrystalline is controlled at a very small pitch, allowing the optics to approach a single point source, improving the optical front of the headlights and providing clearer cut-off lines, improving the road surface compared to standard halogen bulbs. Visibility, in line with headlights, daytime lights, fog lights application requirements. A range of infrared products will also be on display, such as IRM, ALS (Environmental Light Sensor), PLT (Photo Link), IR/PT/PD LED and Coupler, for a wide range of applications, for infrared remote control and automatic adjustment of screen backlight, plastic Optical fiber signal transmission, TV power control, home vacuum cleaner, automatic sweeper induction and so on. A variety of Coupler can also meet a variety of industrial control panel requirements, including power supply, electricity meters, communications equipment, UPS, solar energy and other applications. Combining its ability to develop and manufacture a diverse range of LED packages, Everlight expects to provide a high-quality service that exceeds customer expectations with a one-stop, all-in-one solution.

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Booth: Hall 3 E01

Period: June 23 - 26, 2015

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