Looking at the current electronics market, there are a large variety of high-performance and high-performance electronic products. Because of this, the operating methods have become more complicated. In terms of TV boxes alone, the nested module design is powerful, but it is too cumbersome for middle-aged and old users. When children go out to work hard, the most mournful thing in mind is the elderly in the family. How can we make old people watch TV at home easily and happily? The Xiao Bian brought us a TV set-top box for the elderly - an orange box .

Orange box J1 comprehensive evaluation

For parents, there are only vague concepts on the Internet, online chat, and online on-demand. After getting a smart TV box, they couldn't learn the correct method quickly and accurately. Gradually weakened memory is also the first enemy that hinders them from accepting new things. So how can we make them quickly accept this new thing and enjoy the process? The problem is not with parents but with smart devices.

Orange box front photo

As a network set-top box designed specifically for parents, the starting point of the design must be for the old people to better grasp and use its diverse functions, and at this point, the orange box is undoubtedly outstanding. Whether it is from simple and convenient interactive interface, or intimate and complete functional design, the J1 orange box reflects the real appeal of the old people when using smart devices, and it is well reflected in the functional modules. This is also a matter of course. Become the main reason for old people home entertainment weapon.

So what exactly is the J1 configuration of the orange box? The following TV home Xiaobian has provided detailed evaluation and introduction for everyone from appearance, configuration and function modules.


The orange bean box has a large red outer packaging, and the black Chinese characters on the red background match the paper-cut dolls of the Chinese style. The sense of nationalism is full, and the overall warmth is warm and warm.

Orange Box J1 Package Drawing

The four sides of the box briefly introduce the basic information of the orange beans box, including design ideas, product information, WeChat two-dimensional code and product LOGO. The clear upper right corner of the box is marked by the love of iQIYI, with its own overall tone.

Orange Box J1 Package Drawing

The orange bean box is made of transparent material. The milky white body and arc shape design are in line with the parents' aesthetic habits. The simple but not simple design concept makes it both beautiful and practical.

Orange Box J1 Front View

The bottom four corners are provided with non-slip mats, which are more convenient for future use. Two rows of cooling holes are designed to take into account the overall aesthetics of the design while also reducing the possibility of internal hardware damage due to overheating of the equipment.

Orange box J1 back vents and mat

Remote control button design is large, using soft rubber material, regardless of size, or touch the touch, give a very comfortable feeling, and a simple 12-key design, on the basis of the normal remote control to reduce unnecessary The buttons are even easier for parents to use even if they are not looking closely.

Orange Box J1 Remote Control

In addition to setting up the traditional HDMI high-definition interface and the traditional AV interface, the orange bean box in the interface design also supports the wired and wireless network connection, and the choice of the Xpress connection is more humane.

Orange Box J1 Interface Design

The transparent and detailed design with its warm and gentle overall temperament can be fully integrated with the home, low-key and beautiful.

Orange Box J1 Accessories Family Portrait

On the whole, the design of the orange beans box is very careful from the perspective of parents, regardless of appearance, color, and interface design.

Configuration articles

The orange box J1 uses an ARM quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.3GHZ. The graphics processor is an ARM Mali-400MP2 GPU and supports OpenGL ES1.1/2.0. With 1GB DDR3 memory and 8G flash memory. Supports 2.4G wifi, 802.11a/b/g/n.

Front view of orange bean box J1

Although compared with the same type of smart TV box on the market, the J1 does not show too many advantages in hardware configuration, but it supports the latest H.265 and HD 1080P video output in video decoding. Advanced decoding effects can completely restore the authenticity of the video, and can provide users with extremely vivid video scenes.

Front view of orange bean box J1

Orange Box J1 is equipped with Android 4.4 system, flexible Android system so that it can freely download and install the massive software applications of the current TV market, and in the follow-up evaluation of Xiao Bian, we will also understand that the orange box matches the smartphone. There will also be many features to experience.

Boot Configuration

After understanding the hardware configuration, let's formally enter the J1 box. In the initial boot, the first thing that catches your eye is the boot interface of the orange box. “Bold press the remote control, the box is stronger than the stone.” The red typing is clear and straightforward, and the picture is simple and neat.

Orange beans box J1 boot interface

Since the new machine does not have network settings, we need to connect to the current network before we can really start using it. In the network setting dialog box that pops up after the startup screen, select the confirmation option to directly enter the network connection page.

Orange beans box J1 boot network settings

The system has wired, wireless, broadband connection and other three network connection methods. If you do not connect a network cable, it will jump to the wireless configuration page. Under this page, the orange box J1 will search for nearby wireless networks that can be connected and recommend them according to the signal strength from high to low.

Orange Box J1 Wireless Network Settings

After selecting the network, enter at least 8 digits of the network connection password on the page soft keyboard via the remote control, and click the remote control return button to close the interface soft keyboard, and click the OK button to complete the connection.

Orange Box J1 Wireless Network Settings

Orange Box J1 Wireless Network Settings

However, after some boxes have reached this stage, the system may prompt the box to be updated. After the user only needs to update, he can use the J1 box.

UI interface

As a TV box specially designed for the elderly, the orange box J1 can be said to be a kung fu. From the interface point of view, the orange bean box J1 adopts a clear three-plate design, application, and setting three pages covering the full performance and system configuration of the orange box J1.

Orange Box J1 display

In color matching, J1 did not use strong contrasting colors, but chose a more peaceful and warm visual style. Large icons and text are very convenient for the old people. Convenient controls, clear and easy-to-understand function divisions all reflect the strong sincerity of J1.


Set up five modules for family sharing, television channels, movie push, weather forecast, and living services. Local time and weather conditions are available in the upper right corner. Click on the remote control menu button, the screen will pop up the local weather conditions, including the weather and temperature conditions in the past two days, and the strength of the day's air quality.

Orange Box J1 Menu Bar Weather Module Display

The weather setting of the orange box J1 has the function of adding a custom city. Parents are concerned about the distance. The custom-added city function of the orange box enables them to view the weather conditions of their children's city at home. Convenience.

Orange Bean Box Weather Management Custom Add City

Orange Bean Box Weather Management Custom Add City

The lower right corner has an add-in application option. After the user downloads and installs an application, we can freely set whether or not to add a shortcut in the My Apps tab of the application page.

Orange Box J1 display

Just one-click settings make it appear directly in the lower position.

Application page design

In the application page, J1 has set up four major modules, namely the application market, my application, U disk devices and games. In the application market module, the J1 box contained a large number of TV application resources. The contents involved entertainment video, leisure sports, sports health, and racing sports.

Orange bean box J1 application module display

In my application, the user can click on the down arrow key on the remote control to call up the application management of the J1 box, either uninstalling the application or adding a shortcut function.

Orange Box J1 Software Uninstall

Orange Box J1 Add Application Shortcuts

Orange bean box J1 application shortcut display

In the application installation or view the file, we will use the U disk device options of the application page. After inserting the U disk, the storage device will be displayed in the upper right corner of the page. At this point, you can enter the U disk device options, view the U disk Video and documents within.

Orange box J1 insert U disk status display

Of course, as the trend of the current television box living room entertainment, video games have gradually become one of the essential leisure methods for users, and it is no exception for the elderly users.

Orange bean box J1 game application recommended display

Orange box J1 third-party game market recommended

The orange box was designed as a TV box designed specifically for parents. It has been optimized in terms of game type design. After weakening the complex action fighting game, the proportion of chess games that the old man loves has been strengthened, and grape games have been added. Hall , Marshmallow Game Hall and other popular TV game application markets are currently recommended to meet the needs of all users of the game.

Setup page design

In the setup page, the J1 orange box will divide the functions into four major modules: wireless configuration, display area, system information, and more settings. Wireless configuration is used to make the most basic wireless network settings.

Orange bean box J1 set module display

The display area is used to adjust the display ratio of the TV screen. If the home TV cannot display the complete TV screen after connecting the orange box J1, the user can use the “up” and “down” keys of the remote controller to adjust the zoom ratio until the scope is suitable. , you can press "back" key to apply settings and return.

Orange bean box J1 display area adjustment

Orange box J1 system information query

The system information module displays the most basic device information for the user. The content is divided into device number, MAC address, software version, current IP address, current network status, and storage status.

Orange box J1 system settings interface

Orange bean box J1 network detection interface

Orange box J1 resolution adjustment interface

Orange Box J1 Wireless Hotspot Open Comments

Orange bean box J1 restore factory settings interface

Compared to the first three modules on the settings page, the "More Settings" module is more like a family portrait. It includes all the system setting options for J1, including wired configuration, broadband dialing, display area, network speed, and system. Information, wireless configuration, resolution, system upgrades, wireless hotspots, and factory restoration.

Video resources

When choosing a box, whether or not to include comprehensive video resources is often the topic most concerned by many users. In this respect, the J1 box of the Beanie Box was very good. The orange bean box J1 is authorized by GITV, and cooperates with iqiyi and a number of mainstream video service providers to provide massive licensed high-definition video content, including the latest movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animations, etc., without leaving home. Enjoy the most popular movies and TV shows, updated daily.

Orange Box J1 TV channel interface display

Orange Box J1 GITV Home Showcase

Orange Box J1 GITV Resource Display

Orange Box J1 movie resource list interface display

Video effect display:

Orange Box J1 TV Play Show

Orange Box J1 TV Play Show

Orange Box J1 Movie Player Show

Orange Box J1 Movie Player Show

For the current old people, the usual favorite is to watch some healthy health programs. Therefore, in the classification of video resources, the Orange Box J1 specifically added the “healthy and healthy” special recommendation module to satisfy users. Demand for such resources.

Orange Box J1 Special Resource Showcase

In addition, J1 has also specially prepared popular program recommendations such as Opera Peking Opera, comic dialogue, talk show, plaza leisure, Puff column, emotional mediation, and documentary decryption, through a variety of programs to solve old people’s lives. The emptiness is lonely.

Feature Features

After using the orange box J1, the surprise of Xiaobian was its intimate remote help function. Whether it is remote photos, video sharing, or remote software installation, it can be easily implemented by relying on mobile phone WeChat binding. This is a very convenient and interactive way for the elderly at home and the children working outside. The following Xiao Bian will give you a detailed introduction.

Orange bean box J1 WeChat binding interface display

First of all, in order to realize the remote help function of the orange box J1, we first need to bind the box and the smart phone, and the operation is very simple. Just follow the “Guangdong Box” WeChat public number with your mobile phone, and enter the “Home Sharing Circle” interface binding code in the settings or scan the QR code at the bottom of the screen to complete the binding. For the elderly to better understand the binding steps, the orange bean box J1 also has a help button. After clicking, the box automatically plays the help animation and teaches you step by step step by step. It is clear and simple.

Orange Bean Box J1 WeChat Binding Step

Orange bean box J1 WeChat binding success page display

For security reasons, the WeChat binding code for the J1 box of the orange bean box is changed every half hour. If the user wants to untie the WeChat, just click untie in the binding interface and select the micro signal that needs to be untied.

Photo/video sharing

After binding the orange box J1, when the user wants to share one or more photos, only the orange box WeChat public number, click on the "photo sharing" option at the bottom of the screen, select the photo you want to share with your family and click Send it. The same video resources. When new share resources come along, there will be updates in the “Shared with family” or “Video push” module.

Orange Box J1 Photo Sharing Showcase

Orange Box J1 Video Sharing Display

When multiple photos are shared, the TV will pop up and scroll to play, and when back, the Family Sharing Circle module will also scroll through the pictures. Similarly, these images will be screensavers for users to enjoy after the orange box is in standby mode.

Orange Bean Box J1 Photo Delete Method

If the user wants to delete a picture, just enter the home sharing circle. When the picture is played, click the remote control OK button to delete the picture.

Orange Box J1 "Home" key display

Use the remote control home button in any interface to enter the home sharing circle. This is one of the convenience service features of the orange bean box.

Remote software installation

In addition to the conventional methods such as U disk installation and application market installation, the remote installation of the software is also a very useful feature. The user needs to find the “help family” option under the Wechat public number of the orange box and select “Install software” in the popup options to select the remote application installation in the software application recommended in the orange box.

Orange Box J1 Software Remote Installation Method Display

However, from now on, there are not many application softwares that have been opened for remote installation. It is hoped that vendors will gradually open more applications that can be installed remotely to facilitate users' more diversified experience requirements.

Xiao Bian summary

The above is the evaluation of the performance of the orange box J1 brought by TV family Xiaobian. Although it does not show the outstanding advantages compared with the same type of television equipment, it can fully meet the current needs of the elderly. All your needs. From the overall point of view, regardless of the soft and gentle appearance of the orange box J1, the quiet and gentle interface, the remote control with a large button, and the remote assistance function featured in the case, it is reflected in the process of designing TV boxes suitable for parents. Very sincere. This kind of true attitude from the heart to express the old people's use of television equipment, it is precisely to make it the most direct reason for the choice of many users. Interested users are welcome to continue to pay attention to TV home, we will bring you more information about J1.

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