India's largest LED display manufacturer MIC Electronics (MIC) announced on the 27th that the company's board of directors has agreed to invest 1.25 billion rupees (about 121 million yuan) to buy 20 million shares of the company and 30 million convertible preferred shares certificate.

As the domestic core supplier of large-screen LED display, Liard will complete the acquisition through its wholly-owned subsidiary Liard (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

The product areas covered by MIC are mainly LED displays, LED lighting, communications and electronics. MIC has always been a leader in the field of "True Color LED Displays". It is the development and application of LED display products, a pioneer in telecommunications software and IT services, and communications. It is the only company in India that has RDSO certification.

About Film Covered Wire

    Glass-fiber covered polyester film covered rectangular copper (aluminium) wire .includings Glass-fiber Polyimide Film Covered  Flat Copper Wire, Glass-fiber Polyimide Film Covered  Flat Aluminium Wire, Glass-fiber Polyester Film Covered  flat Copper Wire , Glass-fiber Polyester Film Covered  flat Aluminium Wire, Glass-fiber Covered  flat Copper wire, Glass-fiber Covered  flat Aluminium wire.

Packaging of Products

30/50/150 kg wooden spool

 Application: medium and large electrical motor and transformer windings

Film Covered Wire


Film Covered Wire

Aluminium Wire,Film Covered Wire,Polyimide Film Covered Copper Wire,Film Covered Flat Wire


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