The latest solution is supported by Nuance, which can realize remote control of voice functions at a lower cost through a single-chip software and hardware solution

Beijing, September 23, 2013- Recently, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of the latest ZigBee® RF4CE ™ and Bluetooth® Smart voice function remote control development kit, which will bring more advanced control and consumer applications to advanced Voice characteristics. With the strong support of Nuance Communications, a leading provider of voice and language solutions, TI ’s latest remote control solution can achieve the high-quality voice recognition function supported by Nuance Dragon TV within a limited bandwidth without any distortion of sound quality or effect on the effect . TV and set-top boxes (STB) currently provide more advanced services, while remote control of voice functions can provide another method of user control. The high performance and low power consumption of TI solutions enable advanced consumer applications such as voice commands, hands-free search navigation, and user identification for customized user interfaces. In addition, because it supports lower cost and higher flexibility than existing voice function remote control technology, TI RF4CE and Bluetooth Smart remote control solutions can realize remote control applications based on embedded and Internet, or cloud technology.

Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance Mobile, pointed out: "Voice is changing the TV remote control experience, bringing new simplicity and instant access to content, programs and special reports. This is the traditional way of remote control and program guide navigation. Difficult to do. TI RF4CE and Bluetooth Smart remote control solutions, with the strong support of Nuance Dragon TV, can not only bring connected TV to life, but also create a wonderful participation experience. "

TI ’s voice-enabled remote control solution is based on a single-chip SoC (respectively used for ZigBee RF4CE or Bluetooth low energy CC2533 or CC2541), requiring only an external ADC (no external DSP required) for manufacturers to reduce Costly voice compression function. This voice-enabled remote control product uses TI's royalty-free RemoTI ™ RF4CE protocol stack and BLE-Stack ™ software. TI provides manufacturers with complete RF4CE and Bluetooth Smart remote control products, including simple button remote control, advanced remote control with pointing technology, and now voice control.

Voice function remote control solutions are gaining strong momentum through remote control manufacturers. The RF4CE solution will be demonstrated at the 2013 International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in RAI Amsterdam from September 13 to 17, 2013. Exhibitors include:

o Philips: Booth 1.A81 in Hall 1 (supports Nuance Dragon TV);

o SMK: Located in Hall 4. Booth 4.C78.


TI voice function remote control kit is now available for experienced customers.

RF4CE voice function remote control kit and software are now available. Bluetooth Smart voice function remote control products will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

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2. Usage

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